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The Frankenstein Summer, by Catherine Bush
The Pumphouse Strikes Back
Monday, May 14, 2012
Went to see this Friday night at the Legion Theatre in Catersville and had a great time. With this lighthearted romp about the inspiration for Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, The Pumphouse has gotten back in our good graces after the last few shows we've seen there failed to impress (It's All In the Timing, Extremities, Til Beth Do Us Part, Bad Dates). There's not much to this show as far as substance or high stakes for the characters, but somehow the performers pushed the show up a notch (in spite of the material).

Our only real complaint was the mix of accents. Three of the actors had fairly impressive British accents (Mike Davis as Lord Byron, Morgan McCrary as Mary Shelley and William Brooks as Dr. Polidori). These three actors also had the most well defined characters and were the standouts among the cast. Adam Kelley (Percy Shelley) and Jen Garrett (Claire Clairemont) delivered non-regional American accents and Michael Harris (Fletcher) came across as being a southern American working for Lord Byron in Geneva. A weird little mixed bag of accents. This small complaint aside, all the actors took their roles seriously and it came through on stage. It's a quick paced show and some clever wording creates the humor.

Thought the humor could have been played up a little more with some slamming doors for the many entrances and exits of the cast.

Stick around for the curtain call as you will be treated to a couple of hilarious sight gags by the cast. All in all, its a very enjoyable show from a tight cast who look like they're having a great time on stage.

Put this one on your to do list.

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