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Romeo and Juliet, by William Shakespeare
Huzzah! for the cast of "Romeo and Juliet"
Saturday, February 23, 2013
My 13-year old daughter, her 13-year-old friend and I saw "Romeo and Juliet" presented by the fabulously talented cast at the New American Shakespeare Tavern on the evening of February 22. First and foremost, the space is so incredibly gorgeous and the atmosphere certainly sets the mood to view any Shakespearean-era show. The staff and volunteers are professional yet warm and inviting, and the food/drink menu is pretty nice as well.

We had already eaten dinner prior to the show, but we couldn't resist dessert and drinks. The apple crisp with ice-cream is very yummy!

The show earned a well-deserved "5" from me because it was, quite simply, beautifully and creatively crafted. Jake West ("Romeo") and Margaret Flock ("Juliet") both delivered praise-worthy performances and held their own among their cast of well-versed professionals. The duo has a groovy chemistry; these are actors mature for their ages in certain respects, but the innocence of their youth still shines a good way! Supporting cast members were consistently solid without a single exception.

Of special note are the following: J. Tony Brown as both "Lord Montague" and "Peter" displays quite an array of talents as he portrays "Lord Montague" with a solemn, gentle strength then perfects a comedic lisp that will no doubt crack you up as simple-minded, lovable "Peter." Tiffany Porter's "Nurse" is hysterical, yet believable. She hits it out of the park at every turn. "Friar John," portrayed by Daniel Parvis, emits warmth and charm, and is so very sympathetic as a character you just "get" in every imaginable way.

Thanks to the cast, crew, staff and volunteers for serving up quite a magical evening. We will certainly be back soon!

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