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August: Osage County, by Tracy Letts
Poignant Emotional Journey
Friday, November 17, 2017
The first thing noticed was the set design. It has some of the classic Lionheart elements, but used in such an educated and creative manner. It feels as if we are transported into the home of Beverly and Violet and serves many different elaborate purposes of the show. The direction is expert at navigating the many actors in each scene in and out fluidly with natural movements and logical progression. That is NO easy feat. The incredible directing continues with little nuances of character, dynamic, and blocking. There was not a single weak link in this cast. Brian Jones and Amy Szymanski brought something unexpected yet incredibly refreshing to their characters. I have a devoted adoration of this script and loved their interpretations of the characters. Jeff LeCraw brought life to a character that takes quite the courage to execute. In my humble opinion, the standouts in this were Sarah Tracy and Rebecca Knoff. Sarah channels Barbaras edge, grit, and humanity in a way that is so befitting. I was shocked to find out she is not yet a veteran actor! Her delivery was exceptional. She said things in a cutting and swift way to pierce your very heartstrings. You could feel her tumultuous inner struggles, and her deep emotional wounds. Rebecca Knoff playing Violet was scary good. Her disposition brought out the intricacies of the character, without losing the relationships that are so important in the script. Watching Rebecca on stage was like watching a famous artist create a masterpiece. She created an elaborate life of a character who is much unlike her own self. Her rage was captivating; her love was palpable; her confusion was heartbreaking. Each new emotion of Violet translated emotionally to the audience until you couldnt help but find yourself feeling whatever Violet is feeling in that moment; wanting to help her, and wanting to scream at her all simultaneously. What an incredible performance and show. One of the best plays I have ever had the pleasure of attending.

Laughter on the 23rd Floor, by Neil Simon
Monday, November 6, 2017
Hilarity ensues! Max Prince (Jerry Knoff) is a ticking-time bomb of humor and unexpected antics. The entire cast of writers are quick witted, smart, and hilarious. Bridger Trent is a true standout as the newest addition to the writing team. The lighting effects were perfect for accentuating monologues. Paul Milliken and Brittany Walker have quirky chemistry on point. Loren Collins delights as an anxiety ridden hypochondriac. The costumes and props were perfect. The blocking and direction is superb, and that is saying a lot with a cast as large as this script demands. Another incredible Lionheart show.

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