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Sleepwalkers, by Jorge Ignacio Cortinas
Lovely and Moving
Saturday, April 27, 2002
Could it be that it reminded me of Brecht because the political moments seemed so organic, and then almost playful when they come out of the mouth of the twelve year old? I think I thought also of Italian films like Miracle in Rome, because it seemed realistic and poetic at the same time. This play has huge heart. I was intrigued throughout, and enjoyed the way the story moved forward by degrees, not jumps. I was crying at the end, which surprised me because I thought it was cold at first. I didn't like the set (looks like a parking lot) and thought the director did a poor job of focusing our attention on the details. Special kudos due to Spohia Salguero and Nick Bixby. The older actors didn't trust the script and kept trying to force a naturalism that I thought flattened the strange and pretty moments of disconnect in the script. I hope the Alliance is doing what it can to get the right audience for this show, I don't think it's what their subscribers expect. Might the Universities be a place to get audience for this? Or the Art School? The alternative music scene? A play I wish I had writen. I am so happy I got to see it.

Proof, by David Auburn
Parade of Cliches
Friday, April 26, 2002
Ouch. Here come the cliches. 1. Genius = madness. 2. All we do is reducible to our family squables. 3. A play, like an Aesop fable, should have a moral. Turn on any TV movie of the week for the same dribble. Beautiful work by the actor who played the father, in fact they were all good. Very competent set. But this sort of well intentioned, vaguely liberal, feel good writing is killing American theatre. Pleasant enough if you can get discount tickets, don't pay full price.

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