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Pippin, by Roger O. Hirson and Stephen Schwartz
A Breath of Fresh Air (4.5)
Sunday, February 22, 2004
Some people would say that Pippin has been 'done-to-death' but I urge you to see this excellent fresh version of Pippin at Onstage Atlanta. While the tempo of the opening number was a bit slow for my personal taste, I was glad to see non-typical costume design and staging for this production. The casting is terrific. I especially enjoyed Jeffery Brown as the King. The Lead Player, Eric Catania was great(whom I also enjoyed in the concert of Ragtime), as was Daniel Hilton as Pippin. The ensemble was well cast overall. The choreography was a bit stiff, but it may be that the dance numbers were cut down to match the ability of the cast. It always makes a difference when your music is live and Onstage Atlanta has put together a terrific ensemble. The set design is also very effective and worked well for the show. All together, Pippin is a lot of fun, and fun was had by all at Onstage Atlanta!

Ruthless: The Musical, by Joel Paley
Tina Denmark: she ain't Annie Warbucks!
Saturday, June 29, 2002
Don't be afraid that this is a 'kid' show. While this production aggressively promotes the 'little girl' aspect of the show, this is NOT a show for children. What a HOOT! The music is great (singable songs), actors are wonderful, costumes and set are also the best I've seen at Onstage for a long time. Both kids have great comic timing and are enjoyable. And while they appear to be angelic children, their characters are off the charts. The opening monologue with George Deavours is worth the price of admission alone! This is something you must not miss. I plan to see it again.

A Man for All Seasons
by Robert Bolt
The New American Shakespeare Tavern
A Man for All Seasons
by Robert Bolt
The New American Shakespeare Tavern
Christmas Canteen 2018
by Brandon O’Dell
Aurora Theatre
Daddy Long Legs
by John Caird (book) and Paul Gordon (songs)
The Legacy Theatre
It is Beginning to Look A Lot Like Murder
by Ryan Girard
Agathas: A Taste of Mystery
Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook
by Allison Gregory
Georgia Ensemble Theatre
Midnight at the Masquerade
by The Murder Mystery Company
The Murder Mystery Company in Atlanta
Sanders Family Christmas
by Connie Ray and Alan Bailey
Main Street Theatre Tucker

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