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Steel Magnolias, by
Monday, February 3, 2003
This theater has made such improvements in so many aspects. Their musicals are top-notch, the children's theater is very popular, and the quality of the plays gets better with each production. Since I live in Cobb County, I often attend performances at Cobb Venues. But I rarely review, an oversight for which I will try to make amends.
I will admit the "interest" that this play has stemmed on this website is stimulating. If it gets more people in the seats, so much the better. But be warned--the play is much different than the movie that everybody is so familiar with.
The play is one stationary set, and all the action is in that one arena. The sight lines were good from where I sat. The sound was fine except when the heater turned on. The set looked well-constructed and believable. It did not shake when doors were slammed, a definite plus.
There are only six characters in the play, a large divergance from the movie. I think the story was much better without the extra characters and scenes. The actresses had to bring the men in their lives into the audiences minds with their words. They succeeded well, because I feel that I would know Drum, Jackson, Lloyd, Bunky, and all the rest if I met them at a party.
The play was wonderful! All the actresses did a very credible job in bringing their characters to life. Each character displayed all the emotions proper to her scene. And, boy, they ran the gamut! The characters all meshed and intermeshed with each other effortlessly.
I am going to try and go back again before it closes. It is not often that I see something more than once--but I will make an exception in this case. Great job, ladies!!

Dial "M" for Murder, by Fredrick Knott
Do Not Miss This
Wednesday, January 29, 2003
One of the most enjoyable theater outings I have had in a while. The whole evening was wonderful. Please see this fine production.

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