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Big Love, by Charles Mee
Big Heart
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Thanks to the OUT OF HAND company for actually doing what their mission statement says.They are the most adventurous Atlanta company creating new work since the hey days of the Southern Theater Conspiracy.Although i was not a fan of their VD show in a bar or even the brilliantly realized freak show at 7Stages, their INDESCRETIONS/30 BELOW and now BIG LOVE constitute the most substantive body of work of the past 2 years by an Atlanta Company.

The Tempest, by William Shakespeare
adult theater strikes again
Thursday, October 23, 2003
Thanks to the Shakespeare Festival for doing a production that does not condescend to the audience.Although this company puts the best actors in the southeast on stage year after year the style of their productions,as with much of classical theater around here,tend toward the pandering or over conceptualizing,as much of their recent summer work did.
The Tempest they did 6 years ago was a kitchy mess.In this production it is provocative to see so many roles played by women, the casting of playing Propero as a women is almost atradtion now ( I saw a underrealized version with Vannessa Redgrave playing Prospero at the New Globe in London 2 years ago).The company understood the story and with actors as consistently great as Jan Akers and Chris Einsweiler guiding us it was one of the better Shakespears in a while. I did agree with Curt inthe CL that we should abondon producing Shakespeare for year and go after the rich other literature of the period.Of couse i SAY that and at this moment i'm enjoying producing MIDSUMMER NIGHTS DREAM.........
(we are such stuff as dreams are made on)
ps- never miss a jon lugwig show-the one true genious in town....

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