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KCAR Old Time Radio Troupe, by
Great Show
Sunday, January 21, 2007
This is a family friendly fun evening out. I am too young to remember radio in it's hay day, but KCAR brings it to life. The music is outstanding and the adaptations of the radio shows brought tears to the eyes of many of the patrons sitting around me who remember those days.It is well worth the price of the ticket to be entertained in such a delightful way. Good job!

On Golden Pond, by Ernest Thompson
Visit Golden Pond
Monday, March 7, 2005
I will state in the beginning, the movie version of this play is not one of my favorites. No disrespect to Henry Fonda or Katerine Hepburn but it just didn't do it for me. I found it rather sad and depressing and slow. So, when I saw CATCo was going to produce this gem in our town, I was a bit hesitant. However, being a CATCo fan, I knew I would be surprised and I was. It is a great presentation, starting with the sets, the musical background, and of course, the acting. Don Hawkins brings Norman Thayer Jr. to life with a wry, albeit cranky edge, that is hilarious. Playing against him is Jan Grimshaw's Ethel who portrays the caring, can't-live-with-him-can't-live-without-him wife of 48 years and she fields his sarcasm with a flair all her own. Lee Anthony does a superlative job as Charlie, the jolly, take life as it comes, letter carrier.
One of the plays most comical moments (and surprisingly, there are many) is between Norman and Billy Ray Sr. (Brian Twomey). They have a battle of wits and when all is said and done, the 'bottom line" is that Norman wins. Admirable performances are also turned in by Linda Thompson as Chelsea (Norman and Ethel's estranged daughter) and Billy Ray Jr. (Nicholas Hoerrmann). The relationship that developes between the 13 year old Billy Ray Jr. and Norman is realistic and warm.
Chris Goldston did a wonderful job with his directing debut. I highly recommend this show as a must see. Put your pre-exisiting notions aside and have a fun evening "On Golden Pond". The tickets are a bit pricey, I'll admit, but it's worth every penny.

Sound of Music, by Rodgers & Hammerstein
The Cumming Hills Are Alive!
Monday, August 26, 2002
This is a FANTASTIC production. It is the first musical preformed by this fledgling theater company and it couldn't be a better effort. Everything from the sets, to the music (a live orchestra), to the acting is extremely well done. Not at all what you might expect from a "community" theater (which is why, to date, the show can boast sold out and near-sold out crowds.
If you live anywhere near the Cumming area, don't miss the opportunity to see this. It is a wonderful family show. It's running one more weekend, beginning Thursday, Aug.29-Sept.1. at the Sawnee Cultural Arts Center. Make the call for tickets, you won't be sorry!

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