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Les Miserables, by Boublil & Shoenberg
Kudos where kudos are Due
Tuesday, January 20, 2004
I too went to see this production and was very pleased. The lead actors showed a skill and grace on Stage that is definitely not expected at a high School level. The production was not perfect ,therefore I did not give it a 5 but it is definitely worth seeing.The Orchestra(even though it sounds tremendous) is too loud at times and the sound had some problems during the show. Andrew Durand brought tears to my eyes and also the others around me with his rendition of "Bring Him Home" . I also enjoyed Jimi in this production, he never ceases to amaze me when he is on stage. Paige(Eponine) has the voice of an Angel.

Macbeth, by
A New View to Macbeth
Friday, October 3, 2003
I don't quite understand why this is showing Stage Door because it is not associated with that as far as I know....the show takes place at the High School and it is very captivating. As most of you know (who know me) I am not a great Shakespeare fan( yeah yeah yeah ) , but they have put an industrial twist on the show and it is full of many great performance.Also, it is only about 1 hour and 15 minutes which is GREAT. From the moment you walk in, there are touches that can intrigue and the percussion used throughout the show is fantastic. Oh course a few actors do stick out such as Macbeth( Jimi) for a high school student he shows a poise and a mastery that can boggle at times .You feel every nuance of his performance and I know he has a great future on the stage. As Lady Macbeth , Amber gives a firey and seductive performance and you see her sanity leave ( moment by momnet)as the show progresses. Oh course as MacDuff, Andrew shines...he brings a forcefullness and tenderness to the stage at the same time and you feel his pain when he discovers the fate of his family.

As Actors ourselves, as most of us are that come to this site, we know the importance of support for the Arts so lets show the rising stars of tomorrow that we support their effort.


The Geldings, by William Seebring
A "Strapping" good time.....
Monday, November 25, 2002
Cowboys....baked beans....damsels in distress...Bad guy in Black....a singing Trio...A Crazy Mother.....sounds like any western you could see on TV , but this is not your Mother's Western( pardon the pun)Jack in The Black Box brings to Atlanta a "different" look at the West as we know it and it is a Hilarious evening of theatre. I went on Friday evening and at the end the audience was applauding even after the Actors had left the stage. This is a new theatre that wants to bring different and exciting new plays to our city so lets make sure we support their efforts so they can bring works like this one to us for many more years.

Big River, by Roger Miller
Aurora Shines in Big River Production
Monday, October 15, 2001
The Aurora Theatre in Duluth is living up to its claim of being a rising force in North Georgia Regional Theatre. Their latest production , Big River, is something no one should miss.They set the mood by having a preshow musician which gets everyone involved in the moment and the minute the band begins you know you are in for a treat. Ann Carol Pence ,the Aurora's Musical Director, Brenda Porter ,Director, and Robert Egizio,Choreographer, have put together a toe tapping, knee slapping, rip roaring group of musicians and singers. There are moments of delight and time for tears and when this group of talented artists all come together on stage the roof is lifted with pure music and harmony.There are many faces you know and love involved in this cast and some wonderful surprises you may not but don't miss this chance to dip your feet in the "muddy water".

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