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43 Plays for 43 Presidents, by Bayiates, Benjamin, Gallo, Johnston, and Weinberg
good show, lots of fun, lots of energy
Thursday, November 21, 2002
for the time being i'll always point out that the "0" rating is just
intended to be "no rating offered"

this show is getting mixed reviews on this site.

one of the reviews alleges that the positive ones are written by dad's staff.

i don't know,

but...(again anonymity is unproductive and cowardly in a theatre review) someone could easily imagine that the negative ones are written for personal reasons. i would think that would be just as obvious an assumption. (let's put our names on here, first and last)

ok, now, the review:

if you go to dad's expect huge energy, huge fun, and actors working at a near basketball level. this show delivers all of that.

the structure of the piece poses a huge challenge. I took particular pleasure watching the company eat this thing alive. 43 plays in rapid fire succession could prove daunting, and far from simply "making it work" dad's almost seems to be showing off.

i think the material lets them down a little though. the cast has talents that aren't demanded here.

from my understanding of the neo-futurists (i'm ill-informed i guess) i was expecting to get bitten, but the material is mostly toothless.

it's user-friendly. not terribly provocative, but very entertaining.

you can't leave the show without a favorite bit .

Mine was Cleveland.

you can't leave without disagreeing with something
(sorry these are the rules) and
well... i like Ike.

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