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The Book of Liz, by David Sedaris and Amy Sedaris
'The Book of Liz' is Fabulous
Friday, January 13, 2006
I was fortunate enough to go see "The Book of Liz" on monday, and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The story is rather absurd, but very funny. I would highly suggest people go and see this play.

Update: I have been asked for a bit more information rather than just a general statement of satisfaction.

First off, let me apologize for the original review. I was about to fall asleep when I wrote it (excuse me if this is not the greatest review in the world, but my writing abilities have never been exceptionally good.).

The story behind the play is rather absurd as it follows Sister Elizabeth Donderstock (or Liz for short) who has run away from her life in the "Squeamish" community (Which oddly resembles an Amish community). Things start to get a bit crazy both at home and for her as her dissapearance is noticed in the community and she meets up with a "peanut" from Ukrainia (yes, Ukrania, you didn't read that wrong.) and gets a job at a restaurant (where luckily for her, they dress up like the "Squeamish").

I would like to mention a hilarious performance by Dede Bloodworth as Sister Constance Butterworth. Her ability as this character to brighten the stage and cause fits of giggles throughout the audience is rarely matched by any of the other characters.

Overall the show has a good message (though they sure take a weird route to get there), and is highly amusing to watch. I will definitely be seeing this show again.

The Foreigner, by Larry Shue
Foreigners should flock to Foreigner
Saturday, February 7, 2004
Ok, i am not rating this for the main reason of, I'M ASSOCIATED WITH KUDZU!! I HAVE DONE WORK THERE BEFORE AND HOPEFULLY WILL CONTINUE TO! now that that is out of the way, onto the meat.

I found Foreigner to be a very delightful play. i know most of the cast and crew, so seeing them portraying these roles was equally as amusing.

the set was much better than "Taylor" has said it was. as was most of the things he exaggerated. i was very amused by the entire play especially since they had little time to prepare it in the first place.

Andy Meeks and Jason playing onstage together was definently the highlight of the show. every time they were out there together, you know something is going to happen.

overall i would give it a 5, because i go there and am trying to suck up for having screwed up a while back, but i'm not rating it since some people would be offended.

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