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Closer, by Patrick Marber
Strong Show
Monday, October 1, 2001
As usual, Montica Pes' direction is strong--good use of space--her use of photographic images during scene changes is effective and she uses killer pre-show and scene change music. The cast is also extremely strong, espeically Jen Apgar and Jayson Smith, although they all could stand to lose the hit or miss English accents. The script left me disappointed. The first act is intriguing, sexy and bold. The end of the first act took my breath away. However, the second act contains more of the same, and you're left with four unlikable characters and a feeling of "what's the point?" But, overall, a very good production and one that should be supported!

A Streetcar Named Desire, by Tennesee Williams
Streetcar lacks all things subtle
Monday, June 4, 2001
I can't believe that this is the same director, directing the same author, as the PushPush production of "Glass Managerie". That production was flawless, with beautiful, quite moments and the ability to make you laugh one minute and cry the next. The Tavern's Streetcar had none of the subtle beauty of Glass Managerie. That production redefined Williams characters for me--as did Streetcar. Although, Streetcar redefined them for the worst, not the better. It's a shame the director couldn't find the same magic with this cast.

Art, by Yasmina Reza (translated by Christopher Hampton)
Lack of Direction Hurts Art
Monday, June 4, 2001
Although a good script, Art at the Alliance suffers from lack of direction. Sure, you can put Chris Kayser, Kenny Leon and Tom Key on stage together and get some funny one liners and the knowledge that you are watching three of Atlanta's finest. But, without direction (both blocking, characterization and rhythm), the play suffers and you can't help but feeling that these three could have been better served if someone had taken the time to make sure everyone was on the same page.

The set is great. The script is fine (although some points that are thrown out are more interesting than others). And maybe when done right, the script doesn't come across like three highschool kids playing the "oh yeah? well this is what I hate about you" game. I can't imagine the play has done so well if that wasn't the case.

Light Up The Sky, by Moss Hart
A delightful night of theater!
Monday, February 19, 2001
Light Up the Sky is given a bright, opulent, over-the-top (in a good way) production at the Alliance. The cast is excellent and the show is fun for all ages!

Master Class, by Terrence McNally
Divas (should) have feelngs, too
Friday, November 3, 2000
Although a fine production, this "Master Class" failed to evoke any sort of emotion from me. Kathleen McManus is a technically perfect diva--but lacked the vulnerability necessary to make me empathize with Maria Callas. Although her support cast was strong on vocal skill, it was weak on acting skill. As a result, Ms. McManus performed somewhat in a void--and the overall emotional tension and payoff was never realized.

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