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The Foreigner, by Larry Shue
My stomach hurt....(in a good way)
Tuesday, January 27, 2004
I attended this show on Saturday and although I was disappointed that "Forever Plaid" was moved to later in the season, I was excited to see this show. Wally Hinds (director and artistic director) quickly assembled some of the most talented actors in Atlanta to produce this show. Hearing the curtain speech, I understand they only had a week or so to put it together and by the product seen Saturday, you would never have known. The comedy and the interaction between these actors looked as though it was rehearsed for months.

I agree with the previous reviewer that Andy Meeks and Jason Meinhardt, two of my favorite actors in the Atlanta area, had the greatest moments together. These two have worked together in the past and I understand are friends offstage and you can tell when they are onstage together. They read each other's actions and reactions and provide side splitting hilarity throughout the show. I hope something happens for these two quickly because they deserve nothing less than stardom.

The other actors in this show were equally impressive. Jeannie Hinds was the loveable lodge owner and she had a sweetness in her delivery of the lines that made you laugh out loud and love her character to the last blackout. Brandy Rizk, who I have seen a lot recently and have yet to grow tired of her, is absolutely wonderful in her role as the ex-deb turned bitter soon-to-be minister's wife. I have seen her a lot lately and she gets better and better every show she does. If she continues, I would not be surprised if we see her on the awards shows. Matthew Cornwell and Brian Godeski are just plain nasty. Without giving away anything about the show, Brian is "too good to be true" as the minister and Matthew, well...again, nasty. Those are both compliments, by the way. And finally, Chuck Pettis as Charlie's (Jason Meinhardt) friend, Froggy LeSeur was wonderful as always. I have seen him around Atlanta in other shows and always love his style.

All in all, the show was fantastic. The set was beautiful and again, the actors made the show. The only problem was the blackouts took a little too long, but in the audience, a minute feels like an hour. However, this never once took away from the enjoyment had by all of us at this first production of the new season at Kudzu Playhouse. I cannot wait for the next few shows and will definitely be there for "Forever Plaid". Come see this show and enjoy a great laugh.

Jerry Finnegan's Sister, by Jack Neary
Very enjoyable romantic comedy!
Monday, November 17, 2003
After seeing Blood Brothers recently, I had to come see Jerry Finnegan's Sister. One of my favorite Atlanta actors, Jason Meinhardt, was performing this amazing two person show (which I understand he has done before a few years earlier) for a limited engagement at Kudzu Playhouse. I knew very little about this production, especially didn't know that it was only two actors for the entire show. I was amazed at the writing, the staging (wonderfully done by Kudzu owner, Jeannie Hinds), and most of all, the acting. I had seen Jason in many shows here at Kudzu and had also seen him at other theaters around Atlanta and have thoroughly enjoyed him in everything, especially, in MY opinion, his best in Blood Brothers. It was so much fun seeing that show, where he was evil and practically satanic in his portrayal of the Narrator and then seeing this show where he was just an average guy who I certainly identified with with his shyness around women. But I have to say that even though I have seen his fiancee (I know this because it is in the program and they have a very nice picture of the two of them in the lobby), Brandi Rizk in a few shows this season, but this has to be her break-out role. She was so cute and the definition of "girl next door". The two of them had incredible chemistry (one would hope so!)and played very well off each other. One may wonder if this was just a dramatization of Brandi and Jason's actual relationship! I cannot suggest coming to see this show more. It only is playing for one more weekend, so don't wait to come see it! I am very impressed, as I am sure most theater goers would be, that two extremely talented actors could carry an entire show and these two proved it is definitely possible! Jason's interaction with the audience is so much fun, he makes you feel that every audience member is seeing a different show than the audience from previous nights. As if you are getting a personal performance. So again, please come see this show, you will laugh hard and your heart will be touched by the relationship of these two actors/characters. Admission is cheaper ($10) because it is not on Kudzu's mainstage season, so there is no excuse not to come. So do yourself a favor and bring someone you love and come see this show and see that you are not alone when your words just don't seem to come when you are looking at the girl of your dreams!

Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell
Kudzu strikes again!
Sunday, October 26, 2003
My wife and I have been loyal patrons of this theater throughout this season. We have seen wonderful productions...some better than others, but all had something to give. Blood Brothers definitely tops them all. After reading the previous reviews, I have to say I agree with 99% of all that was said...except for the one from "vanilla". I have not reviewed a show for a while, but I could not allow that disgraceful review to destroy the ratings given to this production. How someone could think like that about this production boggles my mind. From the opening scene to the shocking closing, my eyes (and everyone else's that I could notice) were glued to the spectacular story unfolding in front of us. The lights, the actors, the music...everything about it was amazing. I would like to mention that this theater relied mainly on producing main stay comedies (except for one). They did a great job with them all, but what I admire is the leap this theater took when doing this show. The talent on the stage was awesome. I have to agree with everyone's review on Jason Meinhardt, who I have seen a lot during this season, but this, by far was his most amazing role yet. And for "soaring"...I could not picture ANYONE else playing the role of Mickey and to say he only directed so he could cast himself, is absurd. Shaun Whitley, Shelly Murphy, and the entire supporting cast deserved the roaring applause and instant standing ovation it received the night I was there and as Mrs. Hinds told me, they have received such every single night thus far. I am buying my season tickets for next season because of this show and I have talked to friends and have them already making reservations for this production. Thank you, Kudzu, for making that daring leap and please, keep up the good work...and ignore such reviews that were either written on bitterness, or ignorance.

Mr. Hobb's Vacation, by Jeannie and Wally Hinds
Second time around.....
Wednesday, March 12, 2003
My wife and I saw this production at Village Playhouses a few years ago. We loved it so much that we decided to see the revival of it put on by the same people, just different venue. We have seen a few productions here at Kudzu and have been thrilled and entertained by every show we have seen. This one is no exception! First off, the script by owners, Wally and Jeannie Hinds competes with National Lampoons. Chevy Chase would be proud to be in a show like this one! The new actors joining this cast had big shoes to fill and I think, for the most part, they did a great job, especially R.P. Foster, who took over Ron Vener, who originated the role. I was very sad to hear he had passed away after doing the show. He deserves special kudos for filling his shoes. The returning cast members all were incredible and definitely improved on all of their roles. Brink Miller, who I have seen countless times kept me laughing and Mike McRay was another standout performance. I won't give away a secret about him in this show! Jason Meinhardt, who I have seen in many shows as well, reminded me of my newlywed years with my own wife. We laughed hysterically as he and his wife (played by Joanne Garrett)argued over petty things. Mr. Meinhardt also did "double duty" as one of the three boys who come and corrupt the two daughters of Mr. Hobbs and his brother in law, Ray. With tattoos and piercings and the constant chewing on a toothpick, Jason, along with the other two boys, add to the hilarity. Overall, my wife and I agreed that the show lacked the energy of the previous production, however, we kept in mind that the show just opened and by the looks of things, it will pick up speed and be a wonderful show! Keep up the good work Kudzu!

The Dancing Princesses, by Adapted by Wally Hinds
New kind of children's show!
Tuesday, January 14, 2003
If you are like me, I take my kids to see children's shows at a variety of theaters throughout Atlanta. I have taken them to see other shows at Kudzu Playhouse and they have always enjoyed it. However, I usually find myself reading the program or just watching my kids enjoy the show. I decided to take my kids to see "Dancing Princesses" after seeing another wonderful show at this theater, "Dial 'M' for Murder". The show was packed and when the music came on (a David Bowie song), the whole audience started dancing. In fact, the whole show was scored with great classic rock tunes from Queen to War. That is what peaked my interest first. But once the show got underway, it was very apparent that this was an extremely talented and funny cast. The king (played by Jimi Kocina) stole the show, but everybody was just as good. I was then surprised to find out that the show was directed by the very same actor I saw the night before in "Dial 'M' for Murder". What can this young man NOT do? The script was funny and Mr. Meinhardt's vision for this production was extremely creative and allowed every person there to enjoy a "children's show". I think the parents and teenagers there were laughing and dancing harder than a lot of the kids there. I am definitely recommending this to anyone and I mean ANYONE who wants to see a wonderfully creative new show. Another thumbs up for Kudzu Playhouse!

Dial "M" for Murder, by Fredrick Knott
A fun thriller
Monday, January 13, 2003
On a whim, my wife and I decided to attend the recent production of Kudzu Playhouse's production of "Dial M for Murder". I was already upset for having to miss a football game, but my attitude quickly changed after seeing this show. It is one of my wife's favorite movies and I can safely say that I enjoyed seeing this stage version a lot more than sitting through the film. It was beautifully directed by R.P. Foster and the performances by these very talented actors absolutely blew me away. We came on the second night of the run and already this show proves to me and hopefully others that Atlanta has theater that can compete with the best. Two stand out performances I would like to note are those of Andrea Greico (who plays Margot, the victimized wife) and Jason Meinhardt (who plays her boyfriend, Max). I have seen both before in other shows and especially Mr. Meinhardt, who I recently saw in a show downtown at the New American Shakespeare Tavern. I have always been impressed by this young man's talent and my wife and I both agreed that it will only be a matter of time before he hits the spotlight of success. Don't get me wrong, however, the entire cast was extremely talented and kept my interest (despite checking football scores at intermission) the entire night. This is a must see production and only hope the night we came will be the lightest audience this wonderful theater will see. I can't wait until Sunday to take our youngest to their children's show!

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