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Nunsense, by Dan Groggin
cute show
Monday, July 12, 2004
I went to see this show saturday night, and I found it to be quite enjoyable. I have never seen a production of Nunsense before and I did not know what to expect. Before the show started, the actors came out to the audience and got to know us(in character of course). Each actor, or actress I should say, did a very good job. I would have to say my favorite performance was given by the actress playing Sister Amnesia. From her beautiful voice to her corky smile, I was very impressed. I have had to pleasure of working for Arianna Warner in the past, and I think she did a magnificent job directing. I overheard one of the actresses tell another after the show that they had a bad night, but I think they are being too hard on themselves. After weeks of intense rehearsals(especially in a musical), I would imagine one's voice could become a little strained. However, these girls did a great job, and I was very entertained. The only thing I am not fond of is the script,but it could just be bad flashbacks from catholic school. Great job girls, all of whom are newcomers to Kudzu, and Kudos to Adrianna for yet another great show.

The Bad Eggs, by The Bad Eggs Writers...
Alot of Laughter!
Tuesday, June 1, 2004
Like Dani, I also know the majority of these people, but since I am in no way involved with the Bad Eggs I believe it is OK to review. I had so much fun watching these actors and my stomach hurt when I left from laughing so hard. My favorite skits had to be the Charlie Brown spoof and the Lord of the Rings as well. I have always thought these actors worked well together and I was also impressed by Amber. I have only seen her in 2 shows, and I did not know she had such comedic timing. These actors put alot of time and effort into this show and it showed. Everything from the costumes to tech was impressive. I especially liked how they had voiceovers that kept the audience laughing even during blackouts. Go see the Bad Eggs, they are a very talented bunch of people!

The Odd Couple, by Neil Simon
Good Job
Monday, May 17, 2004
I gave this show a 4 because I think it is a pretty good production. I went to see it opening night, although there were some line messups, and I know this is a prop heavy show, the blackouts were a little long. However, the cast did a great job. Brink Miller was once again great playing Felix, and Brad Zuber did a wonderful job stepping in as Oscar. The rest of the cast were great too, there were a few newcomers to Kudzu that I thought were really funny, I must say that my favorite poker buddy was "Speed" played by Chris Arapogolou. I have seen his son Nick act before, and I must say the talent must run in the family. I never thought I would see Brad in his boxers! I also enjoyed the many different facial expressions given by Wally Hinds during the performance. Being an actress myself, I have to say that it is very sad that I have Never seen a production of "The Odd Couple" before, even the movie :( so I really don't have anything to compare this production to, but I will say that I had an enjoyable evening, despite getting a wisdom tooth removed that afternoon. To Brad and Brink: you are forgiven for missing our day due to closing night! :) GO see this show everyone!

Caught in the Net, by Ray Cooney
great show
Monday, February 23, 2004
according to "taylor" i should not be reviewing this show since i am affiliated with kudzu and i am good friends with some of the actors. but what does he know? i enjoyed this production very much. although i liked Caught In The Net, i think Run For Your Wife is a better show. i was delighted to see shawn o'rourke as stanley with a bigger part this time, he is my favorite character in these two shows. I have always seen Larry Farrell in more serious roles, so i was pleased to see him do a much more comedic role. i think the whole cast did a great job and i strongly suggest that anyone go see this production. I promise you will laugh out loud.

Moon Over Buffalo, by Ken Ludwig
fun to watch
Monday, February 9, 2004
I came to see this production on sunday and i very much enjoyed it. this was the first time i had been to Aurora. I must say i love this theatre. From the moment we walked in we felt very welcome by the lady at the box office(Ann Carol I believe). My fiancee and i have both performed this show at another theatre and it was interesting to watch a show that you have performed in. It was a little harder to laugh at certain times but i think that is because we already knew the script and knew what to expect. I think the set looked great and the costumes were fantastic. Tony R. did an excellent job as George his physical comedy was great. The lady playing Charlotte was fantastic as well(I believe her name is Shelly(sorry i do not have the program with me). I must say the character i laughed the hardest at was Howard,great job! Eileen was great and I loved the interaction between her and Howard. Ethel and Paul were equally as great as well. I have to be honest though, the only character i did not get was that of Roz.I am not sure how the actress was trying to play this character.However, i think all in all this was a fabulous production and i will recommend everyone i know to go and see it.Again, Great Job!!!sorry,now as i scroll down i see the cast list...

Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell
new to kudzu
Monday, October 13, 2003
i too saw this production on opening weekend,and was excited to see kudzu doing something different. the cast did a great job and i too had some favorites. Jason Meinhardt was excellent as the narrator and at times his piercing eyes made me think the "devil had my number". He gave an eerie quality to his character that at times gave me chills. Shelly Murphey was great as Ms.Johnstone, she had a genuine love for all her children even troublemaking sammy. Her pain was deeply felt and it almost made you sorry for her. The chorus was good and did a great job considering their many roles. I agree and disagree with the other reviewers,although i do think this production is definitely worth going to see.

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