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The Foreigner, by Larry Shue
Good Show - Must See to Believe
Saturday, February 7, 2004
A friend (TheatreCritic) told me to go and see this play and I am glad I did. I never review these things, but he told me about the bashing some folks have gotten on this web site and I just had to check it out. I am glad I did.

I do not know what got up "Taylor's" crawl, but it appears it died and he can't get it out. I mean, as an actor, once expects constructive criticism pertaining to his or her own craft. But my GOD! Who in their right mind deserves all of this mess?

First off, it shows real solid maturity to criticize people personally on a theatre review web site. Makes me wonder if the alleged reviewer is of legal age to wipe his own butt. Secondly, it shows real intelligence when someone expects more out of community theatre than what I saw at the Kudzu Playhouse with this production. I mean, come on folks - community theatre is where EVERYONE starts out. No magic, glitter, big budgets, or ILM special effects staffs here. Just hard working people trying to shine and have fun at what they do and hope and pray they can have the blessed opportunity to kick it up to the next level the next tme around. Some folks posting on here infer that they are expecting to see something from Mann's Chinese Theatre or at the very least, Off-Off Broadway. Granted, this ain't LA or NY, and the intellegence factor of that poster went knee-high to a grasshopper when ANY comparison is being made to such.

Thirdly, let's talk about the show for a mere moment, shall we? I guess I got so wrapped up in personal criticism I guess I forgot the real reason I am here - TO REVIEW A SHOW AND NOT JUDGE THE FOLKS ASSOCIATED WITH IT.

As TheatreCritic says somewhere on here, the show is funny - and that Ellard guy is HILLARIOUS. I could see a little more emotion from the girl in the play, and she did look a little uneasy at times with either her lines or her delivery. The slick Reverand-fella was just that - slick - although he was pretty much predictable by the second half. The lodge keeper was very funny and at times had me rolling. She was a major slab of concrete on this Trump-based endeavor - a good foundation. The "Foriegner" was pretty good, but not great. He had the concept down of what he needed to do, but sometimes there could have been a little more emotion. The other characters were pretty decent at their roles as well - and I applaud the entire cast on a job that I thought was well done.

Community theatre? Yes. Did the set look lke a lodge? Yes. It didn't have visible indoor plumbing or a look from LL Bean or anything, but it was a quaint lodge. Was the storyline decent? Very much so, and the overall delivery of this yarn was pretty good.

IMHO, there are no loosers here except those prima-donnas that have nothing better to do than to criticise individuals, their lives, threats of calling some college or something, claims of theatre-nepotism, and those that hide behind a wall of HTML, JavaScript, and a screen name. This play is worth the money, and at the every least, promotes community theatre to a step above the level of normal expectation.

And I have NEVER stepped foot in Kudzu Playhouse before this, but the play I saw will make me go and see the next production they put on.

Steel Magnolias, by
Funny Review....
Saturday, February 1, 2003
Now that last review was funny, but pretty much true in my opinion Saw this play last week, but never commented on it. It was a great show. Took my girlfriend. She cried. All of the actresses on stage did a great job.

I told all of my office staff to come and see this one. I think they are going tomorrow night....

If I were going to give a play "zeros", I would not hide behind the auspices of a fake login name - seems to me if TheatreCritic is right - someone has a grudge. Hope this does not effect this shows score or anything....

Get off it....

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