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Brigadoon, by Lerner & Lowe
Monday, June 23, 2003
WOW! I dont know what else to say this play left me speechless at the quallity of the production. It was stunning. I loved it from beginning to end. The cast was amazing! On the first number, McConachy Square, the cast lit up the stage with their professional energy. It was ELECTRIFYING! I had chills from beginning to end. One of my favorite characters was brought to life in an excelent performance by Jackie Goldston playing Meg. She had the audience laughing in their seats from the moment she was on stage. Bill Willson played Jeff Douglas even outdoing Van Johnson in the Movie. He brought hilarity and comic relief to this show! Great Job. Olivia Sloan played Fiona. No she WAS Fiona. Her amazing Soprano voice was haunting. It gave me chills and i could litsen to it for hours. Steven Cook did an amazing job as Tommy Albright. His voice was excelent and his performance was up there with Gene Kelly. Charlie Dawlrymple did an excelent job. His tenor voice was amazing. Liz Brendell did an excellent job as Jean. She lit up the stage with her enthusiastic smile and you could tell she loves to be on stage and that is a quallity i enjoy seeing in an actor. I make it a point to watch the ensemble during any musical that i see. And i can tell you that everyone did an excellent job. Roxanna Eastman-Knight did a job. Her voice was very unique and it was fun watching her. She brought her character to life proving the fact that there are no small parts only small actors. Another thing i thought was interesting was that there was a whole family in the play, (Crete Family), that was interesting to see a family doing it together. Thats what Community theater is all about. Something the family can do together. Harry Beaton was excellent. Chris Goldston made an excellent bad guy. The bagpiper was awesome! I had no idea there was going to be one and it surprised me to my delight when he started playing from the back and made his way up! Great Job. I enjoyed the usage of the stage and the costumes were very authentic. These people did an excelent job! Everyone needs to come see this play! You will enjoy it thorougly. Go to for ticket information. I can't wait to see what CATCo puts out next! This is just the kind of thing we need in this community! Again an excellent job, and if i didnt no any better i would have thought it to be proffessional!

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Last Laugh! Stand-Up Competition
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