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Art, by Yasmina Reza
Bringing it down a couple of notches...
Monday, August 18, 2003
I have seen the show ART approximately 4 times as of this writing. Including one Broadway production and the celebrated production at the Alliance. I have to admit that in seeing this production in the past and the one thing that always seemed to bother me was the aristocratic tendencies of the cast. ART was obviously written with a "higher class" society in mind. The use of playful puns and over descriptive language makes this an actors play, not for one whose vocabulary does not include words like "complicity" or "Carcassone."

Thank you to Center Stage North for taking a hard to understand script and making it understandable.

I have seen a few shows at Center Stage before, and must compliment on the set up of the theater. The set was simple, but allowed the audience to feel as though they we were not just watching, but rather sitting with these three men involved in the conversation.

Pollage, Cerio and Bigger do a wonderful job with this challenging script and dialogue. Each ones strengths added to the overall interpretation of the play. They took an affluent play and brought it down to a normal everyday, and more importantly, understandable level. As opposed to the manicured stylized effect of productions on Broadway and at the Alliance, this brought out the action of the play and made it real. It was a pleasure to watch these three men bounce off of each other.

Pollage's tantrums added a perfect life to the cranky Marc. Cerio is a master at bringing an audience right into his plight with his monologue and comedic talent. And Bigger, although somewhat flamboyant, played the comical relief of Ivan to the max. His facial expressions and body movements added just the perfect touch.

I didn't want to just watch these three interact, I wanted to hang out with them.

So Bravo! to Center Stage North, for remembering that the more we as an audience can relate to a performance, the more enjoyable it will be.


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