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Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell
Blood Brothers
Sunday, October 26, 2003
Perhaps TC should have written his comments as COMMENTS rather than a review as to not affect the ratings. Given that he did write it as a review, I am now writing a followup review as to not affect the ratings.

I must say that as TC was writing, and speaking of all of the "Best" reviews received on this web site, he failed to notice that most of the comments and reviews were given by people who were in the cast or crew of Blood Brothers (or connected with the theater in some way). Of course "andy" is going to give it a 5 if he is the director! And of course maverick is going to have a problem with soarings review if she/he was somehow connected with the show and at all of the rehearsals ("if you had seen all of the hard work" yada yada yada). Now, I am not doubting that these actors worked very hard to produce this show. I am saying that just because you work hard, and do the best that you can--that's not always enough. Sometimes the show still suffers at the hands of weak actors and/or directors. If the characters the actors have created are not beleiveable, that has nothing to do with hard work, but more to do with acting skills. If the choreography was sloppy, that has nothing to do with hard work, but more with dancing ability.

A show's review should be based on the actual show, not the hard work, or lack thereof, that is put forth.

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