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The Foreigner, by Larry Shue
Not even a" foreigner" would come and see this show
Monday, February 2, 2004
This show was put on because the theater could not get their act together for Forever Plaid. This show was thrown together at the last minute (about a week of rehersal) and it showed. The theater even knew that it was poorly put together, that's why they had to announced it at the beginning of the show. So that way if any mistakes that were made, the audience would have sympathy for them and say "but they only had a week to put it on".I say ,"this is an indication of how unorganized and unprofessionally the show was done". I have seen the show before and this was the worst version I had ever seen.

The set was boring and did not have any dimension. There scenery was merely a bunch of flats lined up in a row. It lacked any artistic quality and there were no levels to their staging. The maroon paint was simply slapped on.

And yes, the blackouts took way too loooooooooong. I think the woman who is even sitting behind me fell asleep because every time the lights would finally come up she would jump as though she had just woken up. Anybody who hasn't seen the show would've thought the show was over and it was time to go home. That's How long it took for the lights to come back up.Talk about uncomfortable silences.

Now for the actors -- my, my what can I say? I don?t know how Theaterparent and GaTallOne could even say that " Wally Hinds pulled together some of the most talented actors in Atlanta to produce the show." I'll explain:

1. GaTallOne and Theaterparent work (or shall we say are volunteers) that helped put the shows together at the Kudzu Playhouse. ( and yes I know who you are )

2. Wally Hinds grabbed the first actors he could in order to put this play on at the last minute because the Forever Plaid project was?" dead as a doornail". For crying out loud, he even put his no talent wife in the show. Is she a nice person? Yes. Can she act her way out of a paper bag? No.

3. Was there any DOUBT ( I mean really ANY DOUBT) that Jason Mienhardt would not be in this production?

Are we seeing a pattern here, folks? We've got Jason Meinhardt, Andy Meeks, and Brandy Rizk, ...Again. Are these people bad? No. Are they great? No. They're OK. But I can guarantee you that if you audition at Kudzu Playhouse(even if you were Harrison Ford) you will never, ever be cast in a show at the Kudzu Playhouse; as long as Jason Mienhardt, Andy Meeks, or Brandy Rizk are trying out. That's how ludicrous this theater is. They do not cast the best person for the part. They cast their family and people that they are friends with! Trust me -- on this. There will never be a play done at the Kudzu Playhouse without Jason Mienhardt, Andy Meeks, or Brandy Rizk them in in it or not in involved in some way shape or form. These people will never have stardom. These people will never be on an awards show. They will always be at Kudzu Playhouse. ... Forever! If there if these people are so talented, let's see them get cast in the show somewhere other than the Kudzu Playhouse.

Overall: The set is terrible. The technical aspects of the show were atrocious. And the actors, under contrary belief, DO NOT pull this show off. Do not pay $18 to see this show. Why should anybody pay $18 to see a show that was half assed thrown together at the last minute in order to save their necks and their reputations. It just shows how much this theater has respect for their patrons. This theater robbed its audience of $18 a person. This theater also cheated its audience by not producing a well put together show. This show could?ve been so much better, but considering who put it on it ,doesn?t surprise me.

Oh, by the way, Jason Mienhardt stated that he was never going to be visiting this site anymore, Nor was he ever going to read or comment on reviews anymore. This can be justified by reading the reviews and comments that he wrote for Blood Brothers. But I guess you can expect anything less from a liar. Also, Jason, the only person who I have even trashed ,has been you. I have not said anything derogatory about Mr. Meeks. I also think it?s funny that you practically begged that I don?t say anything nasty about you. And that you had to force my last comments to the back of your mind. I'm glad your therapist could help you. As far as Jason stating that he was not going to go easy on me this time, if I were to make any nasty comments, I have yet seen any proof or actions that have proved any of my statements false. I would really love to see what he thinks he can do.

Also to Brandy (a.k.a. also known as ?andy? )you will say anything to defend your fiancÚ. As far as I'm concerned, considering that he's in the show as well as yourself ,any comments that you have to say are completely invalid.

Finally, Ms. Susie Q., I have seen the show twice already. On top of that, yes I believe that people should not be allowed to review the show?s that they are in. It gives a false sense to the people who read this web site. If people are allowed to review their own show?s, then this site is nothing more than a place for actors and directors to brag about themselves. So if somebody has the right to brag about how good they are in a show or how good the show it is that they are in, I have every right to tell how terrible the show actually is. By the way, you do not have any idea who I am.

As for Gern, I have no idea who you are, but I like the idea that somebody does agree with me on at least some of these subjects.

Blood Brothers, by Willy Russell
Please see my comment attached to vanillacoolasice
Thursday, October 30, 2003
Please see my comment attached to vanilliacoolasice.

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