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Debbie Does Dallas, The Musical

a Southeastern Premiere
by Adapted by Erica Scmidt

COMPANY : Dad's Garage Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Dad's Garage Theater [WEBSITE]
ID# 1046

SHOWING : September 17, 2004 - October 23, 2004



Hot, sexy and full of… songs! How will Debbie Benton raise enough money to get to the professional cheerleader try-outs in Dallas? Hmmmm. She and her cheerleader friends will think of something. Laughs, music and dance numbers you'll never forget, this smash Off-Broadway musical-comedy turns the cult adult film classic on its ear and introduces you to a Debbie you never expected. Only at Dad's!

Directed by Kate Warner

September 17th – October 23rd, 2004
Thursday through Saturday at 8pm

Choreographer Tim Ellis
Asst. Director Anne Towns
Cast Kate Warner
Director Kate Warner
Lighting Designer Karen Parsons
Stage Manager Jennah Singleton
Roberta Jennifer L. Caldwell
Lisa Katy Carkuff
Rick Joey Ellington
Johnny/Ashley/Mr. Biddle Steven Emanuelson
Tim/Mr. Hardwick/Roustabout Z Gillespie
Debbie Kristie Krabe
Donna Mary Kraft
Mr. Greenfelt Doyle Reynolds
Tammy Tim Stoltenberg
Kevin/Hamilton/Senor Bradley Dan Triandaflo
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She had me at "OK, Bye!!"
by AC
Friday, October 29, 2004
I, for one, am glad that this show was extended so I could get a chance to see it. Fillarius must have been there on an off night, because the show I saw on Thursday was dead on hilarious.

Debbie is a high-energy, hilarious, camp adventure that had me rolling out of my seat. Everytime I thoought they had gone as far as they could, these guys went further.

The show itself is what it is - pure fun. If you go expecting to see some high-brow, message laden, theatrical piece, then what the heck are you doing at Dad's Garage?!

This cast is by far one of the best that I have seen put together on the Dad's Stage. Yes they are towards the end of the run, and some folks sounded like they were battling the flu (Damn those British Laboratories!!). But still, the cast kept me entertained.

Kristie Krabe as Debbie Benton was outstanding. I have to echo the majority of the reviews on this show, that she is truly an amazing performer. Her voice is fantastic - ranging from musical theater to operatic to rock and roll, and the innocence and naiveite that she gave to the character were spot on. And as far as the dancing goes - I thought she was one of the best movers up there.

Katy Carkuff is delicious as Lisa. She too, posesses a powerhouse voice that stops the show half-way through the show. Her ballad was definitely a highlight of the evening. And I really enjoyed seeing her in that towel.

Rounding out the girls was Jen Caldwell as Roberta, a dim and ditzy candle hopping teen, Mary Kraft as a slap happy Donna, and Tim Stoltenberg as the Puritanical Tammy - the conscience of the squad. All three shine on stage, and contribute to a tight ensemble.

Chip Loveridge (Ummm, okay) as Rick was hilarious. His jocko-dummy portrayal was great, he was fun to watch and a great dancer.

Doyle Reynolds as Mr. Greenfelt was a bit disturbing, I have to say. He was wonderfully creepy and goofy all at the same time. You had to feel sorry for him, while at the same time shudder to think about what he does in the privacy of his sportstore.

And the rest of the guys were definitely the comic highlight of the show. Z Gillespe is terrific as Mr. Hardwick, the Candle store owner, yet shines as "The Roustabout". I love random appearances by beer drinking cowboys, so I was happy. Dan Triandaflo consistently cracks me up, and was terrific as the hormone crazed footballer, the smarmy tennis player and the absolutely revolting, taco eating Senor Bradley. And Steven Emanuellson, what can be said, except that I am so happy that theaters keep finding a way to highlight this mans, umm, ass-ets...

My only complaint was that we could have used an intermission. Other than that, I was thouroughly entertained from the first moan to the climax of the show. Go and see this show!!!

Is there a new Rick? by Okely Dokely
Is Joey Ellington no longer with the cast?
New Rick by KristieKrabe
Yep, Joey has gone off to the bright lights and big city - New York. We are lucky, though to be able to have the talents of Chip Loveridge to fill in for him. He is an accomplished actor of the Adult Movie Scene, so he is teaching us A LOT!! :)

Nice rack, but still a little flat.
by thatsFillarius
Tuesday, October 26, 2004
While Dad's Garage's production of Debbie Does Dallas was consistently entertaining, I found that it did not hold up to the expectations I had going in to see a romping musical at the Garage. I'll preface this review by fully allowing that good, objective criticism is based on the merits of the production in question, and not what has come before, therefore my lackluster experience with Debbie may be unfairly based on my phenomenal experience with the last musical I saw at Dad's--namely, Bat Boy the Musical. Production-wise, D-3 could not even compete with B-2, so in all honesty, I was simply disappointed, and the exepectations I went into Debbie with were simply not met. Having gotten my backhanded slight in at Dad's for letting the property value of it's productions slide downhill (understandable in the absence of an artistic director presently), I'll move on to the juicy gossip about my date with Debbie based on her merits as a musical alone.

And that is truly where I begin. I felt that Debbie was less a musical than a comedy with songs thrown in for comedic value. That left me disappointed. If you're going to call it a musical, you've got to come correct on the production value of the musical numbers so they seem like show stoppers, or at least significant contributions to the advancement of the plot, and not just comedic sides for a laugh. Not to slight Kristie Krabe's deft vocal skills in any way (which I felt this show didn't do justice by a long shot, the girl's got chops and knows how to use them--when given half a chance with REAL songs). Also, accoustically, (is that a word?) Dad's could spend a few more bucks on its sound system, because I know that Katy Carkuff had a mic in her hand and her lips were moving, but I'll be done-by-debbie if I heard anything coming out. So...the whole musical thing didn't work for me.

Should I even mention the choreography? To be honest, the cast really looked like this is the end of a very long, extended run. Not only did I notice that Kristy seemed a step behind everyone else in most of the cheer numbers, but the ensemble's dance numbers just looked sloppy. It definitely did not look effortless on the part of the guys, and while it might be said that it was in character for the dumb jocks, what was everyone else's excuse? If you're too tired to hoof, perhaps that's a sign that it's time to put the show to bed. (I do wish I had seen the show in the initial run in order to better judge whether or not it's the choreography or the execution in question here.

In general, Debbie also went on a little long. How many sexual entendres and staged fallatio acts does it take to 'come' to the point? Especially when, due to the introduction of the characters and the exposition, I didn't really care much for any of the characters, therefore, sitting through painstakingly redundant scenarios of each girl's decline into the cess pool of self-deprication got old really fast.

The redeeming stand out of the production? Tim Stoltenberg's Tammy, hands down. If I was emotionally and comically invested in any character in the show, it was his dyked-out, deep-voiced, teen-aged incarnation of the Beverly Hillbilly's Jane Hathaway. His homliness as a woman only lended itself to his gangly, misfit characterization as the sexually confused non-barbie of the group. There were also some amusing characterizations of merit like Z Gillespie's Roustabout and Doyle Reynolds' Mr. Greenfelt, but on the whole, I'm glad there was no intermission, as I was debating whether or not I'd ride Debbie all the way to Dallas if there was indeed a halftime show.

I laughed out loud once or twice, but it was more the kind of take that happens when something so amazingly rude happens on stage that you can't believe they're doing that and you're not even in the restroom at Hooters. The audience did seem to be enjoying itself, though most of what I heard was the couple behind me that kept saying, "Oh my God!" While I'm sure the intention of Debbie was to shock with outlandish mockery and satire, and while stopping the show with a fourth-wall-breaking moralizing disclaimer before climaxing at the point of the play's unredeeming conclusion was noble, it all just fell really flat for me. Or, as one could hear me muttering as I left the theatre, "Man...Bat Boy was REALLY good!" [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
re: Katy's "microphone" by Okely Dokely
It wasn't real, as far as I can remember. I think it was just there to help set the mood of the song.
Comparisons by th8rluvr
I'm pretty sure that this has been discussed before on this site, but how the heck can you compare "Bat Boy" to "Debbie Does Dallas"?! The only thing these two shows have in common is that they were both done at Dad's Garage. But you are looking at a completely different cast, different director, different story... Sheesh, it's like comparing bananas to buffaloes (Not that I'm saying that the cheerleaders were buffaloes... okay, bad analogy!) You say that you are not comparing them, but since you went in with those "expectations" and they were not met, you still were comparing.

As far as "Production Value" I think the fact that Debbie had a canned track was one of the brilliant elements of the show. It screamed low-budget to me as are most porns. Sure the music was forgettable, but it was the lyrics in them that were truly hilarious.

And I think that you missed out on some of the brilliant moments in the choreography. The cheer where the girls were trying to think of an idea was brilliant. I think Tim Ellis did an amazing job on the choreography. (And as a side note, I think you were confusing Kristie with one of the other girls, because she was on that night!)

Lesson being, every show is different, don't if you want buffalo, go to Ted's Montana Grill, not Dad's Garage - where the bananas are...
Kristie does Dad's
by Okely Dokely
Thursday, October 14, 2004
Note: my originally intended review title was "this show rode me hard and put me back in the barn wet," but I simply could not bring myself to put a phrase like that in big bold letters on the front page of a website that anybody could access. Another one I considered was "my wad is blown." Luckily good taste prevailed.

I have a mental list of Best Theatres I've Never Worked At. It is now time to add Dad's Garage to that list. Every year (usually in the fall), it seems they do a fairly recent musical with humorously racy subject matter, i.e. Bat Boy, Cannibal: the Musical, Carrie White: the Musical; no doubt they'll be doing Avenue Q in a couple years. Aside from one time seeing TheatreSports back in 1999, this was my first Dad's Garage experience, and it was almost thoroughly enjoyable.

There was nothing even resembling a weak link in this cast. Every single person was fantastic. Kate Warner, whose Private Lives at the Aurora underwhelmed me, has assembled a cast of many whom I've seen before, but I haven't seen them do better work than the work they are doing now in Debbie. An actor I've always admired has been Dan Triandiflou. He is becoming one of those performers where I can't help but grin when he makes his first appearance, kind of like when you first see Jack Nicholson or Christopher Walken. You see him and you know you will probably get more than the doctor ordered.

A special mention needs to go to Joey Ellington. I have previously seen him in Onstage Atlanta's phenomenal The Rocky Horror Show and Southside Theatre Guild's disappointing Little Shop of Horrors. Here, he is the most effective he's ever been. I absolutely loved his solo - the song was okay, but he totally sold it, and his powerful belt voice gave me chills.

Katy Carkuff is an actress who always does a tremendous job at finding the dramatic arcs in what she does. I acted in a show with her, and have seen her in other stuff in the past, and she has a way of locking you in and involving you so much that you don't want to take your eyes off her. Thankfully, she gets a solo (my favorite song of the evening), and I will be going out to buy the cast recording because of this.

I think woahfred saw the show on an off-night, because Ms. Krabe was in fine voice when I was there. I only caught one funky-sounding high note where it sounded like she was straining a little, but it didn't last long. She made everything else look so easy and so effortless. Finally, of the people who I'd never seen before, I must give kudos to Z Gillespie and Jen Caldwell. I hope to come back to the Garage and see more of them.

The only setback is the lack of an intermission. Surely they could have built one in, and still have ample time to get ready for the subsequent improv shows. Hell, I once saw a production of Forever Plaid with an intermission built in, and it worked just fine. People were getting squirmy in their seats, and the show dipped its toe in the pool of tediousness at a couple points. But all in all, it was an evening more than well-spent, and there has not been a show in recent memory that has left me giddier than the natural high DDD gave me. Just make sure your bladder is good and empty beforehand, and take special note of the Get Wet Zone in the audience.

Go see this show!!!
by willsway
Monday, October 11, 2004
Dad's has done it again!

As with "Bat Boy" they have taken a pop culture reference and turned it on it's ear! I went in expecting to have a night of raunchy, silly, sophmoric humor (a lot of boobie jokes) and instead found myself enjoying a thougt provoking twist on the idea of "What is Porn", all while laughing my ass off.

The cast is remarkable - The ensemble really fits into their stereotypical roles, yet keeps them honest. An outstanding job was done by Kristie Krabe as Debbie. I can imagine that this was a daunting role to take for someone who is relatively new to the Atlanta scene, but she proved she has the chops to play with the big boys. I expect to see her a lot in the future.

Good job Dad's for an enjoyable evening out! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
New?! by th8rluvr
I have been enjoying Miss Krabe's performances for a few years now. If you didn't get to see her as Evelyn Nesbitt in Ragtime, or on the recent Gimme The Mike Competition on TV - you are missing out!
I agree about Kristie by Okely Dokely
I have admired her work for several years as well, and have had the priviledge to do 2 shows in a row with her. I can see how willsway might think that she's relatively new to the Atlanta scene, since she - in fact - is kinda new to the professional Atlanta theatre scene. She's done a lot of stuff in the past, but has recently landed some pretty high-profile roles, and I'm happy for her that she's getting seen by more and more people. I saw "Debbie" on Saturday night and am still coming down from the natural high. I'll review it as soon as I get around to it.
4 out of 5 Southern Baptist preachers agree...
by woahfred
Sunday, October 3, 2004
...that DEBBIE DOES DALLAS is fun for the entire family!

This was my first time seeing a show at Dad's Garage, so I wasn't really sure what it would be like. But just like McDonald's, "I'm lovin it!" This show was hands down one of the best I have seen this past year. The audience is kept laughing constantly for about 90 minutes. Along with laughing, reactions which may also occur during the course of the run include, but are not limited to: gasping, screaming, clapping, knocking over your beer and having to cover your mouth while your jaw remains completely dropped. It's filled with sick and shocking humor which is why I absolutely loved it!

The place was packed out and the show was obviously delayed a few due to the crowd. The curtain speech was brilliant. From the moment the cheerleaders step on stage they absolutely demand your full attention. The dances and choreography/routines were amazing...absolutely fantastic.

Kristie Krabe as DEBBIE tears it up on her first solo in the show. She sounded great...on her later songs she wasn't quite as strong vocally (but the canned music was extremely loud at times--yuck!) and was slightly pitchy on some tricky sounding notes. But those are just the smallest complaints compared to her entire performance. She definitely made me want to go to Dallas with her.

Katy Carkuff as the slutty LISA was incredible. I could not take my eyes off her for more than a few seconds. She looked so hot wrapped in only that towel! Carkuff's solo number was very impressive. At times, it seemed a little out of her range (the notes were pretty low though) but when she got to the good stuff, she belted it out and let us have it!

This entire cast is excellent...not a bad apple in the bunch. Every actor on the stage had a different character for every role they did (and believe me, they were funny). The guys were especially impressive. The set changes seemed to lag a little and leave everyone in black for too long, but again, just a small detail in comparison.

The reason I gave it a 4 is because of the track that was used, and the somewhat slow set changes. So if it were an option, I would really rate this show a 4.75 but I just can't give it a 5 because it wasn't absolutely perfect. Go see this show people!! You have to see it and hear it to believe it. This show is a must see for anyone age 6 and up according to the Southern Baptist Convention. OK bye! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Wow - That was so much fun!
by ccarterson
Friday, October 1, 2004
I loved this show! I will definitely be attending it again. And the bonus part is, it is only 1 1/2 hours long, so you can stay for the improv and make a night of it!!

Dad's Garage has really done it this time with Debbie Does Dallas. This show was non stop laughs from start to finish. The choreography was tight and fun to watch, and the music, while not the greatest, was sung by some amazing singers!

My particular faves were, in no particular order:

The football players - I thought Dan T. was going to have an aneurysm from the 'roid rage.
Mr. Greenfelt - Can he get any dorkier? I loved it!
The lighting and sound - Very appropriate and set scenes very well.
The tap dance - I can't say too much, you have to see it to believe it.
The moment towards the end when... well, I don't want to give it away, but let me tell you, I was freaking out for Debbie - I thought she was for real.
And speaking of Debbie, she was awesome! I loved her performance, and got to meet her after the show. A really beautiful and talented girl!

Go see this show!! I'll see you there!

We don't have to take our clothes off...
by tketchner
Wednesday, September 22, 2004
to have a good time, no, no!

Okay, this is my first time reviewing on this site, as I don't go and see musicals too often. But I am a frequent visitor to Dad's and I dropped in to see Debbie on the Monday "Pay What You Can" performance, and I loved every second of it!

Never have seeing the film (yes, really), I didn't really know what to expect. Camp, yes. Silliness, yes. Real acting, emotion and empathy for the characters, though, whoa! You caught me off guard there! I can't believe I am saying this about a musical based on porn, but, yes, I was really connected to these characters.

I loved reading the director's notes prior to the show and seeing a correlation between Debbie and some more classical works. There is a journey that is being taken, and I am convinced every step of the way.

Kristie Krabe's portrayal of Debbie was excellent. She was "in the moment" every step of the way. What a great little actress - funny, yet really engaging. This was my first time ever seeing her perform, but not the last. She has a beautiful voice as well, and a wonderful presence on stage.

Doyle Reynolds portrayal of Mr. Greenfelt was just this side of being too much. But he still managed to let us see the vulnerable side of the character and you were really cheering for him in the end.

Katy Carkuff's Lisa was not your typical "Bitchy Cheerleader" role. You could see that she had dreams too, and was just going about getting them in a different way.

The rest of the cast really rounded out well. Jen Caldwell and Mary Kraft (who I think is hysterical) really brought out the funniness of the roles they were in. And Tim Stoltenberg as Tammy was brilliant. I love seeing this guy perform. Nice legs, too... (Did I really just say that?) The dance numbers were highly entertaining to watch as well.

As for the guys, Dan Triandafalo, Steve Emmanuleson and Z Gillespe were hilarious in their various roles. Standout scenes were the candle song and the tennis court phone call scene. I was crying I was laughing so hard. As for Joey Ellington, I think he was great in getting across the goofiness of the role, but I was not blown away by his voice (I think he sounded tired). Good looking guy, though.

My only gripes were that the canned music was a bit overpowering at times. But overall the sets, lights and costumes were great. Dad's Garage is a great place to see a show, as you feel like you are hanging out at a friends. Okay, a friend's with Skin-a-Max, but you are having fun.

I would give this show a 4.5 because of those sound issues, but since you cant do that here, and I think the issues were all fixable, and I like to see the Dad's Garage at the top of the site, I'm going for a 5. Go see this show!! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Debbie Did it for Me!!!
by th8rluvr
Monday, September 20, 2004
Okay, not going to lie to you about this one - I really wanted to see some more skin, but that's just the pervert in me! That is why, I put my own needs aside in order to give a fair and honest review of the latest at Dad's Garage.

I loved it!! Debbie Does Dallas is one of the silliest, humorous, provoking and ingenious shows I have seen at Dad's in a long time. I love them for their Improv work (Best in the city, if you ask me), but I really enjoy it when they take on scripted work. Just like their production of Bat Boy, This show provided humor, fantastic voices, an interesting script, and great characters.

Kristie Krabe as Debbie Benton was absolutely amazing. I cannot believe the voice on this girl. Her energy through the whole show was focused on her one goal - getting to Dallas by any means possible. Debbie's scenes with Mr. Greenfelt (Doyle Richards) had me rolling with laughter, yet really excited for Debbie that she was working hard for her goal. Her final number brought down the house - Hysterical lyrics, great facial expressions, a costume change... This girl was working!

As for Mr. Greenfelt - easily the most ridiculous character brought to stage, and played wonderfully by Mr. Richards.

The songs in this show stand out, for that is where the intended humor lies (apparently the scene dialouge was taken directly from the movie script, which makes it unintentionally funny). The songs, however, describe in detail the "Benefits" of working in a candle store, reasons why a young hunk is with his girlfriend, and the fears and thrills of a young girl's first time. My biggest regret was that I was laughing so hard during some of the songs, that I missed some words.

The rest of the cast provided some great moments as well - particularliy Katie Carkuff with her great ballad mid show.

The set and scenery were simple yet interesting - using different levels and really splitting up Dad's small space. And the lighting was phenomenal! Every mood was captured - high school stadium, rock concert, subtle street scenes, dream sequence. And the costumes, again simple and enjoyable (but then again, it WAS 1 1/2 hours of girls in short skirts...

This show may make you a bit uncomfortable at times when they push the boundary between farce and actual graphic nature. But as it is done with tounge in cheek, it was okay by me.

This show would have gotten a 4 from me because the sound was a bit loud, but I am giving them the benefit of the doubt because it was opening night, and I am sure that will be worked out. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Oops! by th8rluvr
My apologies to Doyle REYNOLDS!! And KATY Carkuff. I was working from memory...
2 Time just got better! by th8rluvr
Got to see this one again last night at the Pay What You can and thought it was great! The musical numbers, while not the greatest tunes on the earth (can't say I was humming any of them afterwards) definitely were some of the funniest lines I have heard on stage. I'm glad I got a chance to hear what I missed the first time.

Notable performances were given by all - especially Kristie Krabe as Debbie, Katy Carkuff as Lisa and Joey Ellington (?) as Rick. The sound was definitely improved, and the cast has really eased into their roles.

Choreography was also brilliant.

This site says this show is closed, but I think they are extended until November 6th. Go see this show!


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