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Annie Get Your Gun
a Musical Comedy
by Music by Irving Berlin

ID# 1120

SHOWING : November 26, 2004 - December 18, 2004



The story revolves around Annie Oakley, a simple backwoods girl with a knack for shooting guns. Persuaded to join Buffalo Bill's traveling Wild West Show, she soon falls hopelessly in love with Frank Butler, the show's featured shooting ace. But when Annie eclipses Frank as the show's main attraction, she realizes she'll have to make some hard choices if she wants to win the man she loves.

Irving Berlinís wrote the marvelous score, and you'll recognize the timeless classics such as:

Thereís No Business Like Show Business
Doiní What Comes Naturílly
You Canít Get A Man With A Gun
Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Cast Wendy Fill Latella
Choreographer Wendy Fill Latella
Cast Kelly Marino
Music Director Kelly Marino
Cast Moira Callaghan Thornett
Director Moira Callaghan Thornett
Sets Patti Burr
Cast Rebecca Coffee
Stage Manager Rebecca Coffee
Costumes Rebecca Coffee
Cast Gayley Crockett
Costumes Suzanne Heiser
Cast Betty Lyman
Effects Murray Mann
Costumes Moira Callaghan Thornett
Sets Kelly Vandever
Set Design Rich Vandever
Costumes Anne Voller
Sets Sheryl Wentworth
Cast Wendy Fill Latella
Keyboard Wendy Fill Latella
Cast Kelly Marino
Keyboard Kelly Marino
Spoons Tom Strong
Mrs. Schuyler Adams, Cowgirl Kristen Lee Bennett
Charlie Davenport Jim Dailey
Buffalo Bill Cody Derrel Emmerson
NellieOakley, Native American Girl Rachael Figueroa
Roustabout, Waiter, Gentleman Chris Govan
Dolly Tate Kimberly Graeff
Foster Wilson, Pawnee Bill, King of Ital Jerry Harlow
Chief Sitting Bull James Jarrett
Showgirl, Mrs. Sylvia Potter-Porter Kathy Kuczka
Annie Oakley Anna Lichtenwalner
Frank Butler Bill Mahlandt
Roustabout, Running Deer, Porter, Tsar o Dave Nelson
Showgirl, Socialite Elizabeth Peterson
Winnie Tate Lydia Pitts
Little Jake Oakley Fred O. Pitts
Tommy Keeler Gabriel Rincon-Mora
Roustabout, Mac, President of France, Ge Tom Strong
Jessie Oakley, Native American Girl Amanda Tinsley
Show Girl, Socialite Corey Vandever
Roustabout, Eagle Feather, Gentleman Zack Vandever
Cow Girl, Queen Victoria, Socialite Emily Voller
Cast Jan Bernhardt
Cast Lisa Matchen
Cast Barbara McFann
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Great Show!
by houndog
Thursday, December 16, 2004
I thoroughly enjoyed this show! Certainly an ambitious undertaking for a small theater, but pulled off very well. The lead roles were well played by Anna Lichtenwalner and William Mahlandt - very believeable and enjoyable. They were supported by a great cast including Kimberly Graeff as Dolly, Derrel Emerson as Buffalo Bill and Jim Dailey as Charlie Davenport. Many others rounded out this great cast. The dancing was ambitious and perhaps beyond the ability of some of the cast.
A previous review mentioned the musicians dancing at the end - didn't happen in the production I saw. The musicians were wonderful. I believe Kelly Marino did almost all of the keyboard work, and did it brilliantly.
Ticket price is $18 (I think) - good value for this wonderful show! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Amaizing Show
by theaterreviewer2322
Sunday, December 12, 2004
This show was one of the best I have ever seen,the acting and singing were astounding. I was espacialy blown away by the chorus because they are usualy neglected by the director in most of the preformances that I have seen but they helped cary the show. Another preformance that I liked was the Dolly Tate, she was just all around mean and evil(and she is supposed to be). All I say now is Job well done. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Job well done
by Parrott65
Sunday, December 12, 2004
I had never seen a performance at ACT1 before. The theater was very cozy and the sightlines were excellent. I suppose it would've been nice to have the seats on a stadium style riser system, but it was no big deal from my viewpoint. The lighting, the sound, the costumes, and MOST ESPECIALLY the set design were well put together and really brought out the show in this small theater. The performances were wonderful and if there were any missed lines, I didn't notice. I think that the choreography was a tad on the dead side, but it didn't impact the overall performance. Notable performances were by Anna Lichtenwalner (whose facial expressions, energetic movement, and understanding of the character really impressed me), Kimberly Graeff (her performance of Dolly Tate was done in such a fabulous way, that I literally hated her character), and Jerry Harlow (who is always a delight to see). I was extremely impressed with this theater and performance. Bravo! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Want to see the show by Shadrach
I want to see this show because a friend of mine is in it, but I won't be able to since I'm currently doing a show (It's a Wonderful Life at Class Act). I'm not a ACT1 regular, but I was in "Arsenic and Old Lace" this year and I think it was one of the best shows they'd had in a while.

And since the stage is high off the floor, I don't think there's anything wrong with having all the seats on one level, you can see everything just fine.
the seats by Parrott65
The reason I brought up the seating was because there were children in front of me that had to sit on booster seats to be able to see over the adults heads. That was really my whole point to the thing.
I thoroughly agree with your review except for one part. The choreography was never dead and was quite exceptional! I have never seen a community theater dance so much. I was moved by the energy, thought, and excitement with which the dances were performed. If you cannot see how much the choreography added to this production, then maybe you have a personal issue with the choreographer or Director.

Congratulations to Ms. Latela for her fabulous choreography and congratulations to the cast for performing such difficult moves with gusto!
Huh? by Okely Dokely
Parrott65 has stuck up for me before. Time to return the favor. That's actually not the only reason I'm coming to his defense. I just feel like you might be majorly jumping the gun by assuming that he must have a personal issue with the director or choreographer just because he didn't think as highly of the choreography as others might or expect someone to. It was just one little statement that he didn't even devote a full sentence to. I will end this comment with the disclaimer that I have no personal issues with anyone involved with this theatre, having never set foot in it, and only knowing one person on staff with the theatre who I haven't talked to in more than 10 years. (but hi Lisa!)
???? by mooniemcmoonster
I love it how if someone says that there is a particular aspect of the show they don't like then "they have a personal vendetta" against someone. Jeebus, people!
by MarvinMartian
Personally, I'm grateful for the kind review. Thank you for seeing the show and giving your feedback. --One of the cast.
good god by Parrott65
I think the title of my comment says enough...
thank you marvin martian by Nettie
for knowing how to graciously accept a favorable review. It's difficult to take criticism about something so close to our hearts, but what good is a review worth if one isn't free to say what they both liked and disliked about a show? Congrats on the fact that the positive remarks in this review are glowing! The final word in parrott's review is Bravo! :)
by JasonMeinhardt
How many times have we seen something like that happen though? You give a fair review (so you thought) and someone (usually in the show) starts on you for saying something less than glowing. Its always "Thanks for the review, BUT....."
theres no business... by mark
we theatre people are sensitive creatures. include me on the list. but if saying "a tad on the dead side" in the middle of a glowing review is somehow seen as a jab at the theater or its director, then that's way too senstive. lets get real people. on with the show... (where is act1 by the way?)
location is everything... by MarvinMartian
Answer to your question, ACT1 is located in Alpharetta Presbyterian Church (180 Academy St. in Alpharetta). When the church built a new santuary several years ago they turned the old sanctuary into a theater.
marvin martian by mark
thanks. hmmmm. do you have matinees this weekend? maybe i can come but i have a show on thurs, fri 'n sat nights.
Show times by MarvinMartian
Sorry, but this weekend we only have shows on Friday and Saturday night at 7:30. This is also our last weekend of the show. Hopefully you'll be able to catch the next show (Dearly Departed) in March!
Dearly Departed by Shadrach
I heard they were doing Dearly Departed next season, but I was hoping it would be later in the season. I wanted to audition for it, but I'm already committed to 2 shows through May.


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