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See How They Run
a British Farce
by Philip King

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 1133

SHOWING : January 07, 2005 - February 12, 2005



This is a typical English farce, swift in action with rib-tickling plot. Galloping in and out of the four doors of an English Vicarage are an American actor and actress, a cockney maid who has seen too many American movies, an old maid who “touches alcohol for the first time in her life,” four men in clergy-man’s suit presenting the problem of which is , for disguised as one is an escaped prisoner, and another a sedate bishop aghast at all these goings on and the trumped up stories that are told to him

Director Jason Meinhardt
Tech Melissa Michele Goodfellow
Stage Manager Sarah Sansone
Clive Matthew Cornwell
Sergeant Philip Covin
Bishop of Lax Larry Fairall
Ida Katie Graham
Penelope Brandy Meinhardt
Man Joe Sansone
Ms.Skillon Peg Thon
Mr. Humphery Tom Thon
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"Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlace..."
by Okely Dokely
Monday, January 17, 2005
This is another 3.5-ish show.

Kudzu seems to have a soft spot for farces. They do one British farce a year, and at least one farce a year. Here they have See How They Run, which I first saw in 1992 at the age of almost 11 at the now-defunct Village Playhouses of Roswell, across the street from Kudzu. I was rehearsing for a show there that was to open immediately after SHTR closed, and I believe to this day that we didn't come close to following that act. I saw that production several times, and instantly fell in love with it. I was pleased to get to revisit it at Kudzu.

Their production was worthy, but didn't quite live up to the VPR production many moons ago. This was my first time seeing Jason Meinhardt's directorial work (as an audience member), and he is a fine director. He is also a fight choreographer, and I hate to say it, but two of the very few points in the show that slightly resemble fighting were a little disappointing and underwhelming, and I expected more from someone who specializes in fight choreography, especially since I've seen him stage better fights in the past (Moon Over Buffalo, Young King Arthur). When one character hits another with the poker from the fireplace, it didn't look real at all. The Hindses are FANTASTIC set and prop designers - surely they could have rigged up a fake fireplace poker that was made of foam or rubber, which would have allowed the actor to actually hit the other person with it. The other fight issue I had involed a punch that was a little sloppy, but this could possibly tighten itself up by the end of the run, or it is something that could have been solved by not blocking the two actors so close to the audience that you could see the fakeness of the punch. There was one more miniscule technical thing that bothered me involving a character apparently turning on the lights, but the light switch on the set was down, as if the lights were off. That could be easily solved by the stage manager making sure the position of the light switch is preset accordingly.

I realized that this script isn't the funniest, but there were lines and bits that are only moderately humorous that could get big laughs. I've seen it happen before, but not in this production. Like the title suggests, they run - but a little too fast. The lines were rushed, and I feel that more could have been done with many things. What were my favorite bits got plowed through. The set wasn't the best they've had, but it was impressive. The awkward post in the middle of the stage is always handled in a good way. I might recommend moving that blue light that they always have backstage, because I could clearly see it whenever someone opened the door to the kitchen really wide. I loved the fireplace. The "marble" looked authentic, so many kudos go to the painters of that part of the set. The performances were good, but nobody stole the show in my opinion. They were all pretty equal performance-wise, and I think they could all kick up their energy just a notch or two. Like I said before, more could be done. Yes, Jason cast his wife as the primary female character, but seeing Mrs. Meinhardt in action made me firmly believe that she earned her role fair and square. She pretty much matches the previous Penelope I saw, but I don't want to beat a dead horse about production comparisons. I loved her unfazed "that way" lines - you'll know what I'm talking about when you see the show. Matt Cornwell, who is rapidly becoming an actor I greatly respect for his chameleonicness, plays the character in the show I'd like to play if I'm ever in this. I enjoyed his take on the character, and he left no trace of any of his previous roles. Katie Graham as Ida was drastically younger than the previous Ida I saw, but it worked every bit as well as the middle-aged Ida, and I liked seeing a younger take on it. Larry Fairall made his Bishop of Lax a little too similar to the last Kudzu role I saw him play, but it still worked, and Mr. Fairall is always welcome in my book. Tom Thon, whose talent was wasted in Kudzu's recent Invisible Man, has quite a different physical build than the last Humphrey I saw, but I felt that it worked equally well. I loved the fellatio gag between Humphrey and Ms. Skillon, but it is less funny now that I know those two performers are married in real life. Incentive for you to save reading the playbill for later.

I try not to make production comparisons, but I feel like it isn't totally out of line in this case, since VPR and Kudzu are in the same league. They remind me of each other, not just because of their physical closeness to one another or the fact that it's operated by most of the same blood. If you have never seen SHTR before, and you see it at Kudzu with an enthusiastic audience, you will have a great time. If you've seen it before, and/or if you happened to be at that legendary little theatre in the round in Roswell back in the spring of 1992, this might not be your favorite production. But it is still worth checking out. I just wonder if maybe Kudzu should take it easy on the farces for a while.

Why? by mooniemcmoonster
Why is all this bull$hit under MY review? In the wise words of Mr. Rodney King "Can't we all just get along?"
are yall serious by havok777
The fact that you all actually spend time commenting back and forth on a production that absolutely noboby who's anybody will see, is a sad thing. Instead of wasting your energy talking about hack theater on this website, howabout you get up, get some lessons on the business, and at least attempt to work at a somewhat reputable theater company. This is free advice to anyone who wishes to pretend that they are an actor.
are yall serious by havok777
The fact that you all actually spend time commenting back and forth on a production that absolutely noboby who's anybody will see, is a sad thing. Instead of wasting your energy talking about hack theater on this website, howabout you get up, get some lessons on the business, and at least attempt to work at a somewhat reputable theater company. This is free advice to anyone who wishes to pretend that they are an actor.
havok by mark
kudzu isnt really all that bad. but they do monopolize the discussion. and over the past year they have ruined the reputation of this blog.
by havok777
this is something that needs to be said and i doubt that anyone has already. reality sucks and i ain't takin it back.
To havok.... by JasonMeinhardt
I love it how KUDZU is the one who ruined this site. If I can point out past reviews from other shows at other theatres, there are some pretty damn good flame wars for those other reviews, as well. Thought i'd point that out. I refuse to get into the personal attacks that have been started on the other thread, but it bugs me that people who have never reviewed once on this site can start slamming theatres because they aren't "professional", or "legit", or they are "hacks" (as you like to call them). It just bothers me that because a few people start flame wars and start attacking people personally and others defend themselves (sometimes a little TOO much), that the theater is considered the "Fall of TheaterReview". In all respects to Ryan and his site (God knows I love this site for the entertainment factor), it lost its prestige a long time ago. Partially because of the wars against Kudzu? Yes, of course. I think if "taylor" has a real problem with the people at Kudzu, and he has stated over and over again that he is a part of the "family" there, then he should take the problems he has off of this site and confront those of us he has a problem with, face to face. But that's just my few cents...
Funny, funny show...
by mooniemcmoonster
Monday, January 10, 2005
This is my very first review on TR. One of my New Years Resolutions was to go see more shows and to write about them, so that’s precisely what I am doing. I’m new at this, so please be gentle :)

Knowing the space that Kudzu has to work with I was very curious as to how they were going to pull off a show basically about doors, but once again I was very impressed that Wally and the crew were able to make it work…and make it work well. Its always fun to see how the huge column in the middle of the stage is going to be incorporated into the set design. In this case, if I didn’t already know that it was there I wouldn’t have noticed it at all.

Matthew Cornwell (Clive) was AWESOME. This is the first thing I’ve ever seen him in and I hope its not the last. I thought Tom Thon (Mr. Humphrey) and Larry Farrell (Bishop of Lax) were also extremely funny and so much fun to watch. Brandy Meinhart was lovely as the vicar’s wife. I think she’s got a nice voice, taboot (even if she was just la-la-ing…I think I just made up a word). I think she should start trying her hand at musicals :)

British farce is tricky. You want the pace to be frenzied, but at the right places. There were one or two places where lines were rushed at points where it didn’t make sense for them to be, but overall I thought the pace of the show was great. Some of the accents were a little “iffy”. I felt like there were a few times where people would go in and out of their British accent. There was an Australian accent in the mix somewhere…which left me wondering ig that was a conscious decision. There was a cockney accent that wasn’t very cockney…just sounded like mush-mouth, but cockney is a helluva hard accent to get. The one real disappointment for me in watching this show was that the character who was clearly written to steal the show did not steal the show. With facial expressions fluctuating between what seemed to be possible demon possession and this really odd, thoroughly unnatural opened-mouth gape and a very repetitive arm flinging gesture, I found that this character was not only distracting while on stage, but was also extremely annoying…and the character is not written to be annoying.

Congratulations, Jason on pulling this off. Farce is an ambitious undertaking. I had a great time and for anyone looking for a fun night out I’d highly recommend checking out “See How They Run”. If I could give this a 3.5 I would, but I can’t and I’m a hard ass (can I say that!?), so I’m giving it a 3.
moonie was here? by andy
Moonie,when were you here? we didn't see you.
Thank you by JasonMeinhardt
Moonie, thanks for the constructive review. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Not bad for opening weekend and I know this talented cast will just get tighter and will iron out some of the points you mentioned. Thanks again!
Andy!!! by mooniemcmoonster
Yeah, I was there Saturday. I was with my grandma. We were on the top row on the right facing the stage. I wanted to stop and talk to you after the show, but I had to get my grandma home. I'm going to try to make it back to the show in a few weeks :)
??? by eve
It would be nice to know exactly WHO the character you seem so bent against is.
eve by mooniemcmoonster
why? i think that its pretty obvious to anyone who would see the show (or at least saw it the night that i saw it) who it was. no need to call people out. i was just trying to give some constructive criticism and i'd hope that anyone who came to one of my shows would do the same. it wasn't a personal attack or anything...which is why i didn't specify who exactly it was, but like it said, it would hopefully be obvious to someone who saw the show that i saw.
yeah no kidding by Parrott65
What gets me is someone actually wants you to drag someone's name through the mud, just so they can have a reason to call you a jackass. That's really what this is about. Because truthfully, if they truely came to this site for constructive criticism, then they would understand that each review is of an opinion about a particular show and not someone being "bent against someone".
EXACTLY! by mooniemcmoonster
You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't. Whatever...I've said all that I need to say about the show. Everyone should go and form their own opinion. If you realize who I'm talking about fine, but if you don't then GREAT...that means that its not an issue anymore.
i liked your review moonie! by Nettie
keep writing 'em. Isn't it funny that it is easy to go aussie when you're trying to do a british accent? Cockney is fun but difficult to do. The positive stuff you said makes me wanna come see the show, and the negative? well isn't that why they call it a REVIEW? Just my two cents worth :) Anyway cool first review!
my two cents by andy
I probably shouldn't comment on a show that I am in, but I never listen to my own advice. I think your review was fair and actually mild compared to some reviews I have seen, and even some about me(we all know who I am talking about). I can understand where both people are coming from. Moonie, I think it is fine that you don't want to mention names, the only problem I can see with that, is that if it is a constructive review then maybe the information may help the actor to see what they can improve on. I know if someone was annoyed by some part of my characteristic(assuming it was under my control as the actress playing her), then I would want to know if there was something I could improve on. I think unless a review is glowing...then people can get upset but I have learned, with reviews in the past, that you can not please everyone it is just the nature of the business.
A Quasi-Pragmatist's Input by soundguy95
I'm no theater expert, but I don't understand the point of omitting the name of the person mooniemcmoonster is criticizing. Whoever is playing the part is obviously going to be aware that you're talking about them. Quite frankly, failing to mention the character/actor/actress by name sounds, well.... juvenile and conceded. If you really are trying to give constructive criticism, why the semantics? Just come right out and say whatever you want to say.... trying to maintain a level of mystery about the whole thing is idiotic.
ok ok ok... by Parrott65
Why is it idiotic? Why is it juvenile and conceded? Look, I understand your point about Moonie's review. I guess now that it has been mentioned that if Moonie had mentioned the person's name, it would've helped the actor/actress to grow in their performance. However, to directly insult the reviewer isn't going to get your point across to much of anyone. That was uncalled for....
Oi vey... by JasonMeinhardt
I tried staying out of this, but this has become ridiculous....yet again. I love each and every one of my cast members for this show. But PLEASE, for the love of Bob, stop getting upset with the reviews! The personal attacks from yore are over (for now) and these were just two people's opinions. Take them for what they are worth. Moonie and Okely saw the show, had OPINIONS and stated them on this site. That is what is for! For once, they were constructive and did not contain any personal attacks. Hell, Okely is a good friend of mine and he wasn't glowing. THAT is the sign of a truthful review. He KNOWS I read this and yet remained honest and I thank him for that. I thank Moonie as well. Guys, just let the reviews happen. Nobody bashed the show and in fact, both said they recommend it highly. Leave it at that, please. Past experience with this site shows that if you continue to complain about a review, THEN the attacks start. This time, it started against a reviewer, which I think is pitiful. I have to agree with Russ on this one. Cast: these were good reviews for a good show. Not GLOWING, but GOOD. Pat yourselves on the back for that one...I sure did. Moonie and Okely: thanks again for the constructive review. Much appreciation and to others: would love to hear more feedback. ~J~
:) by andy
and we love you Jason :)
just keep thinkin if it were me by Nettie
i'd be tenderhearted enough about being on the receiving end of the constructive criticism side of things, that if I knew it were me, I'd somewhat appreciate being listed as miss "hey you know who you are" rather than my name. (If it's a glowing comment though, please list first middle last, a few gold stars, roses, and a little sound file attached w/ applause. *grin* )

because I know I would feel that way though, I can see how someone might GIVE constructive criticism in that manner. Just as an observer, methinks t'was meant to be gentle. ok. that's all I had left ta say. :)
LOL by andy
Nettie, that was pretty funny :)
thanks :) by Nettie
*giggle* thanks!

congrats on a good review y'all break a leg!
nettie... by mooniemcmoonster
thanks :) if i had named names then i would have been accused of personally attacking said person that i've never met and most certainly have no beef with. i did mean for it to be gentle. i wanted to be as honest about my observation as possible without being cruel or making the person feel as though it was a personal attack. it wasn't meant to be "secret decoder ring" or anything of the sort.
I applaud moonie by Okely Dokely
I'm proud of her for sticking to her guns and not saying any more than she wants to about the show. I feel she has already been thorough enough. Not to accuse anyone of anything, but when comments are made asking to reveal who some constructive things were said about, on our end it looks like a cast member is wanting to know if they were the one that was singled out, and if they DID know, I wonder if the comments would stop or continue, but for different reasons this time. I don't know who she's talking about - I have a guess, but I don't know for sure. Bottom line is, why does it matter so much? It was a good review, she encouraged people to come see the show, be happy with that, to echo Jason's words.
My my by taylor
I haven't reviewed the show yet and already there seems to be a trouble. It seems to me that Moonie was being quite diplomatic. I too have to applaud her. She had a classy way of putting her review, unlike me, who is just all out brutel. I suppose that is the great thing about women, they're so much more well....nicer then men. Any the case, I've not been taking my medicine this week and can't wait to compose my review. But yes, once again Kudzu cannot take constructive advice. Once somebody starts saying how they don't like the show, they get attacked. Nobody at this theater seems to take critizism very well. Don't worry Moonie, I thought that your review was good (being nice, but good). By the way, was it any surprise that Jason cast his wife in this show? Did he really have a choice? I would of loved to have heard the argument at home if he hadn't cast her. Don't worry Moonie I'll carry those bricks for you. I am the only member of the "family" that will. Now you see me, now you don't.
yo yo yo by feather
take it. shake it. rock and roll it. hey hey hey. you go, taylor. but i do take offence that us grrls cannot be rude. hey, what about me? anywho, i havent seen this one yet, taking a month off. back to school. you know the deal. but when i do, i'll tell it like it is. like always. word.
:) by andy
knew that comment would be made, taylor, your so predictable.
See? :) by JasonMeinhardt
Now THESE are the personal attacks I was talking about. :) Thank you Taylor and feather for the examples. :) I knew I could count on you guys! Good to see you back and thank you for a great laugh this morning. It was an ironic laugh, but one nonetheless! :)
Hmmm.. a question by DyingArt
I saw the show last week and after reading all your reviews and comments I beg to ask this question/thought. Being that I am merely a theater goer (seems there are alot of actors here) I don't understand how you call it constructive critism when you don't offer the actors some idea of how to improve their performances. I would venture to say that it is not enough to merely say I liked this character and not this... but to offer all the actors what, in your mind, they could do to make the performance enjoyable to you. You as actors must be careful in your eagerness to point out mistakes as your art is a dying one. Theater will never be the form of expression it once was. I pose this question to you all... why is it that I as a theater goer find myself going to the theater more to be amused by petty shennanigans than to be challenged to be a greater person/society? That is the true meaning of art(in my mind). It is not something to entertain me for the evening... it is something to stir my soul. Just my own thoughts, take them or leave them. I would like to thank you for yours as well. May Dyonisis smile on you all.
Thank you by JasonMeinhardt
DyingArt...unfortunately what you say is true. It started dying WAY before my time and its rare nowadays to attend ANY theatre that challenges...even B-way, West End, etc. Its a shame. What happened to the days where Astronauts get up, salute, and walk out of a production (Hair)? Theatre has become pure entertainment and is a way for people to forget their lives for 2 hours. I still think its a powerful art however. Your argument about what is a constructive review has been the argument on this site for a while. I completely agree with you, but it remains what it is. Occassionally you get a good one and I believe the two on this show were up there. But I have a feeling, we are about to see a couple that will show what this site has really (and unfortunately) become. Thanks for your comment, Art.
to answer your question by andy
I agree with you...while I do respect peoples opinions and thoughts about my(and I can only speak for myself)performance, I would like feedback on things I can work on. I think as and actor, you can never stop growing. I love performing, bad or good reviews, and I will continue to perform as long as I am cast...regardless of who cast me...Without theatergoers as yourself, we would have noone to perform for. I do it because it is my passion, my art, my being. Those are the kind of people you, the theatergoer, go to see. I can speak for my fellow cast mates, that the majority of us do this because it is not just our hobby but our life. And with out it, and with out you (the audience) we would not be living as our true selves. I know this was a little deep, but I hope it answered your question, at least on my end.
by taylor
I am as predictable as you are, Jason. I knew that you cast your own wife without any hesitation. If you had not, THEN I would have been surprised. Matter a fact, would anyone be surprised that you and Brandy WOULDN'T get in a Kudzu show that you auditioned for? And yes the art at Kudzu is dying. Did anyone see the Invisable Man??
pay attention by andy
your not very perceptive taylor. Jason did not call you predictable I did! and dyingart said theatre was dying not Kudzu. Read through the comments again before you make anymore.
by taylor
No, no. If it comes from you it comes from Jason. You are married and are both treated as one. As far as "Dying arts" comment; it's funny that this comment was posted for a Kudzu show. Because of that I interpeted it as though the art at Kudzu was dying. And after witnessing the past couple of shows at Kudzu I think that the "dying art" comments were an appropriate post for this venue.
by andy
I don't disagree with you about Invisible Man, but I do think you have alot to learn about relationships. Yes Jason and I are married but despite what you think, we do have our own lives and opinions.
aw shoot by Nettie
andy some things aren't even worth being dignified with an answer. It's just feeding someone hungry to argue about anything regarding kudzu. taylor why take a personal issue to a public website? I'm sorry you've had a bad experience with kudzu but I don't understand how this solves anything?
by taylor
Who said that I was after anyone? Maybe I'm just a mean horrible person who likes to hide in the corner, suck his thumb, and hide behind false names and false freindships. Or perhaps I just like getting a rise out of people. Or maybe, just maybe, I call it like I see it. Maybe when I smell crap I call it out. Maybe when I see over egotistical people pat themselves on the back it bothers me alittle. Or maybe it's the fact that nobody at Kudzu can take critizism very well. I should know, I see them practcually every day. I see how many they treat people that do not agree with the "Core" group, and I think it's disgusting. It's either the "Kudzu's" way or the highway. If you disagree with any of them you'll get your head cut off or blackballed in some way. So maybe after hanging out with them for a long time now made me realize that I don't really like the way they treat certain people. I just like giving them a taste of their own medicine.
Don't leave the....ah Screw it!! by Larry Hagman's Liver
That's not all you suck!!!!!! Boo-yah!!! Score one for the liver!!!! You CAN NOT leave the door that open when you use "thumb" and suck in the same sentence.
bitter by andy
wow, as my good friend Tyler (not taylor) would say, "bitter, party of one your table is ready". Taylor, you should write for a soap opera...wait...I hear violin music playing.
To Taylor by tylers
Taylor... Tyler here(the one Brandy speaks of) I would just like to say (knowing full well that in doing this I will be blasted right along the rest of them when you review the show) that you are sadly mistaken about the Kudzu. I just moved here a few months ago from NYC and tring to be a "real" actor. Sadly it is because of people/personalities much as yours that I left NYC. The only thing that I can say about the people at Kudzu is this. It has been a honor to work will all of them. In the short amount of time that I have been involved they have been nothing but welcoming and warm to me. From the child actors all the way up to Wally and Jeanie themselves. If you have such a problem with the way things are run there then I personally invite you as newly appointed Master of Properties of the theater to our "Friends of Kudzu" meeting. If you are around the theater as much as you say you are then you have seen the postings for the time and date. I would also invite you to speak with me face to face. If you have this many concerns than surly I as a new staff member of the theater should hear them. Beyond that I think there is nothing else we can offer you other than to say PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD GO SEE THEATER SOMEWHERE ELSE!!! I don't really want patrons such as yourself. You sir/madam are exactly the type of person that Dyingart was speaking of. YOU AND THOSE LIKE YOU will be the death of art. As I said if you would like to talk about the issues and are man/woman enough to do it face to face you know where to find me.
tyler by taylor
Exactley, your a new commer. You haven't been around as long as I have. Don't worry about falling on your butt in NY. Lots of people go to NY and fall on their butts. Besides, if you had actually "made it" in NY, do you really think that you still would of moved down here and be part of the Kudzu family? Of course not. You here in GA because you couldn't make it in NY. And besides, in NY your a little fish in a big pond. Here at Kudzu very one is a big fish in a small pond. Not alot of competion. Don't give me that "I left NY because it's all politics. The people are just so mean and unjust to me", crap. Guess what? It's all politics down here too. Let's face it, you left NY because you didn't make it. If you had, you would have never moved here. How's about that for some honest logic. At least I can admit that I am a yellowed bellied bastard that's just hell bent getting people's panties in a wad. By the way, have you seen a review on here that hasn't been made by a Kudzu family member for a Kudzu show. That's what I thought. How do you know that I am not a "friend of Kudzu" already? Let's talk about that 5 year plan shall we?
by andy
I haven't known tyler that long, but I do know that the reason he moved down here was because of an amazing job offer. What I do think is funny is how you pretend to not know how to spell. And to Tyler, I think it is amazing what you are doing for Wally and Jeannie and Kudzu.
Oh Taylor how shall I live!! by tylers
You got me Taylor!!! Oh I think I will just throw myself out my office window... Well maybe not. As Andy said you really do have no idea why I moved here. And as far as you "5 year plan" comment is concerned for those of us that have real jobs in the business world its either put up or shut up. You can talk the talk my friend but do you have the guts to walk the walk? Somehow I think the answer is no. In my world there are 2 options. 1.Your a part of the problem or 2. Your a part of the solution. Now which one would you like to be?? Why not make the effort to change things?? Offer you advice and wisdom?? Is that to frightening for a ... how did you say it... "Yellow bellied bastard?" I wish I could go on but upon further thought you really are beneath me.
by andy
close tyler, it's yellowed you forgot the ed :)
Ya know by tylers
Andy could you really imagine being an adult and being ok with, even gloating about being that pathetic?
by andy
I may be childish at times (in a good youthful way), sometimes irresponsible, a little controling as Taylor once said, but I am not mean, and certainly not pathetic. Tyler, are you going to come see the Vagina Monologues? (off topic)
Hagman? by andy
who is Larry Hagmans liver? are you related to Boozy McLiverdamage? heheh
The Liver us from....Ah Screw it!!!! by Larry Hagman's Liver
Larry Hagman's liver is a close friend of Sandy Duncan's eye, Sonny Bono's tree, JFK Jr.'s airplane, Bo Diaz's satellite dish, Mama Cass's Ham Sandwich, and Rick James's hot crack pipe. He is VERY unsavory, and he loves offering commnetary on Tina Yothers.
by taylor
that's it? That's all you have? I do believe that it's very brave of you (being a new kid on the block) to figt this up hill (more like mountain) for Kudzu. The point is that moving the theater has been on the agenda for quite sometime. Before you even came along. And just like everything at Kudzu, it gets talked to death about and then disappears. In the begining, everyone gets hyped up about it then it dies. There is no follow through or motivation. You have quite a job ahead of you. It's hard to keep those people moving. Jeanie and Wally have been wanting to get out of that building for nearly 2 years now (ever since their lease expired). But nothing REALLY gets done. Maybe talked about, maybe someone even visits a site or two, but nothing ever really gets done. I have given my thoughts and my advice, but all they have done is listen. You want to talk about all talk and no action. It's been going on for about 2 years. But if you are looking to place blame on me, you better start blaming everyone that has been at Kudzu for the past 2-3 years. Because these things have been talked about for a long time.

I find it funny that you now say you left NY for a better job here in GA. I thought it was because you didn't like the people there? So which is it?
boozy? by andy
boozy is that you? disguised as larry?
It's LIVER TIME!!!!!!!!!!! Believe it!!!!! by Larry Hagman's Liver
The liver is also a dear friend of Dexter Manley's books...they go WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back
Well why don't you do something then? by tylers
As I said it is easy to talk the talk and not walk the walk. What have you done to make the Kudzu what you would like to see?? As for myself I am involved. If you are there as much as you claim to be then you would know that. Also as far as job/acting are concerned. Yes I was unhappy with the acting scene in NYC, when a better offer came along I took it. I still just can't imagine being as two faced a person as you must be... don't you ever get tired of lying to people?? Is not enough to be a coward but a lying one at that? I will say once again, if you have all these ideas about the kudzu and what should be happening with it you by your own admission have been there for over 2yrs. Why haven't you done something?
AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Parrott65
I just got home from an audition and wanted to sit down to some nice comforting TheaterReview. How foolish I have been. This is absolutely AMAZING!!! I didn't realize that you folks could get this wound up about a theater. What is the deal with Kudzu? Are they REALLY that bad or are some of you just upset because you didn't get cast or staffed? Let's face it, Kudzu is selling tickets. Jason is still being allowed to direct shows. People are still coming to audition there. So, it must not be THAT bad....
parrott, by andy
Parrott, there are some people (taylor) that are bitter about something. Kudzu is NOT a bad theatre and they put on great productions. Sure, like any theatre, they have had a couple of not so great shows, but you learn from that and try and do better. Not only is Jason still directing shows and performing in them, but he was also recently named associate artistic director at Kudzu. So obviously he must be doing something right. The only bad thing about Kudzu is the people that try their hardest to tear it down. I would hate to think that one person could cause anyone to think it was a bad theatre.
On top of my soapbox by wandering thespian
My perspective is that both camps are right and wrong. I've seen some great shows at Kudzu, like Nunsense. And I've seen some disasters there too, like the Invisible Man. What theater bats 100%? On the other hand, the theater is run by two very nice people who are loyal to a fault. This breeds one hell of a cliquish environment. Other theaters have their cliques too, but they undergo natural purges every few years. Kudzu, to their credit, has never experienced any major upheaval. The unintended result is a theater that welcomes complacency and depends on familiarity.
Kudzu is not a bad theatre. But it's not that great either. It is made up of good people. But it is always the same people. Like a broken phonographic record, Kudzu isn’t really going anywhere or contributing anything. Really, is there anything wrong with this? No. But I argue that theater is an art form, and good art comes from conflict. And there is no conflict or art coming from Kudzu.
thanks! by mooniemcmoonster
thanks, wandering_thespian!!!

aka sr. mary amnesia :) hehehehe
disagree by andy
Whether you are someone I know in disguise, or just a patron, I disagree with you. Yes Wally and Jeannie are VERY nice people, and I do agree that they can be loyal to a fault. While they are trying to run a business, their most important goal is to provide a place where adults and kids alike can have a place to go. A second "home" if you will. They are one of the only (and maybe the only) community theatre in Atlanta that offers childrens theatre as well as main stage shows. The whole theory that Kudzu is "cliquish" leads me to believe that the people that make those comments are having bad flashbacks from highschool. Is it important to run a good business and produce good shows? of course. However, when you are a non-profit theatre, it is important to have as many volunteers as possible which is what they are working on. As for having the same actors, just as any other theatre, they audition people. I would like to remind people that Kudzu does hire different directors from all over to direct shows. THOSE directors do the casting. I have been cast in several shows at Kudzu by MANY different directors, but there have also been alot of new and VERY talented actors cast as well. I agree that some shows are FAR better than others, but like I said before, you learn from that. I think it is AMAZING what Wally and Jeannie do for people at that theatre, whether you are a frequent actor, volunteer, or patron, or even a newcomer. I don't think people give them enough credit or the theatre enough credit. It is easy to point out the bad. I believe more people should realize the GOOD things they do for the people, and community.
Calling foul!!! by th8rluvr
On so many things...

- Taylor, you are sad. You need to get over whatever it is that Kudzu did to slight you and MOVE ON!

-Kudzu folks, just ignore these stupid posts by these childish writers, and maybe they will go away.

-Andy, it rocks that you have pride in Kudzu, but you may have offended many theater companies with the statement, "They [Kudzu]are one of the only (and maybe the only) community theatre in Atlanta that offers childrens theatre as well as main stage shows."

Off the top of my head I can name Abracadabra at Onstage Atlanta, Big Top Theater, The Learning Library @ Aurora, Cobb Playhouse & Little General Playhouse, Dad's Garage, Freddie Hendricks Youth Ensembel, Holly Theater, Newnan Theater Co., PushPush. Also there's GMT and Alliance.

So there, can we please get back to the reviewing. (Since this site is

by andy
which is why I said (maybe the only). I know these theatres put one childrens shows, but do they have "childrens theatre"? meaning on a regular basis? not being sarcastic, curious, because I don't know.
Andy by wandering thespian
I think Kudzu is good. Not great. Not bad. Just good. There is nothing wrong with that. Just don't believe that Kudzu is pushing the envelope and contributing cutting-edge theater. Meanwhile, I am guessing that you are involved deeply in their program. No problem with that either. Just know that I'm offering an opinion from an outsider looking in. Someone who sees a few of the shows, but who participates artistically elsewhere.
by andy
I respect your opinion. The great thing about Kudzu is that there are ALOT of people that care about them that are in the process of doing things to better the theatre and help the owners out.Hopefully all the hard work will pay off!
as for children's theatre... by mooniemcmoonster
The Holly has an active children's theatre program as does the Towne Lake Players. I think there are quite a few in Atlanta that have very active children's theatre programs, but I'm not a child (well, I suppose that's debateable, but not age-wise anyway) nor do I have children so I don't really keep up with all that.
I think this goes to show by taylor
I find it humorous that Brandy didn't know of any other kids theatre in Atlanta. This just goes to show that she doesn't get in any other theatre besides Kudzu.
To Wandering Thes by taylor
I can tell you haow all this started, If you go back to the begining and read my comments on Blood Brothers you will see how I was attacked for my comments about the reviews. I ended up using Jason as an exsample. That's all, just an exsample. Will, people took it as a direct attack against him. It's like email....sometimes what you write, people misinterpet. Any the case, I started to get attacked for my comments. I desided instead of being attacked...I became the attacker and started calling out Jason as well as anything Kudzu that I knew was the truth. As you can see my VERY 1st comment I never attacked anybody (which is under vannillacoolasice review(aka the blood brother review)) Kudzu has a problem with critizism and opinions, especially the bad ones. Like I said before several other times, Kudzu is not bad but not great. The problem with Kudzu is their direction and their organization. For instance the theatre has wanted to move for the past 2 years, but nobody does anything about it. So when we see the two people that SHOULD be doing something about, NOT doing something about it becomes tiresome. If you want to know why Kudzu has problems, all you have to do is look at it's leaders (the core people) and ask "Why?" Ask THEM why they haven't moved yet. If they were succeeding why haven't they moved yet? If the theatre is doing so great why have their not been any new improvements for a long time? If they have all these people at their fingertips, why are they not there to help. I can answer that: Because they are tired of the crap. The clique, the laziness, the stories, the dreams, the promises, the "I don't knows", the waiting for the last mintue to get everything done, having to come on opening day to help build or paint because it's not finished yet, the unorganization. They're are several other things. I thought maybe...just maybe after I disappered things would get better; that they would go out of their way to prove me wrong; that they would try harder...but no. And now that things aren't going so hot (once again waiting till the last minute) they form a support group. A "club" in order to get Kudzu back on their feet. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. All I know is that Kudzu has sucked alot of my life out of me because I try to help them, I have put my hopes into them and all we get in return is empty promises. I really am trying not to walk out that door. But I do have to say I hold no punches, and I will always state my opinion HONESTLY. And I will always answer honestly when questioned about what I think about Kudzu and it's leaders.
To MArk by taylor
I would never attack you in any way. You always seem genuine. I liked you in Forever Plaid. My only problem is that I believe that sometimes you grade on a curve because you know the people in the show. Sometimes you can be TOO nice. Just to remind you, remember who defended you when people thought you were me. I don't see how anyone could think that you could be me. I stood up for you. I may hide behind my name, but I will not let somebody take the rap for what I say.
Rebekah by taylor
I actually thought that Nunsense was a fairly desent show. Even Mark commented on that. Not only that but it was very refreshing to see new people on stage for once. (thank god Brandy can't sing or I would have had to endure another night of torture) I thouh you were good though.
That's all folks by taylor
I think that's all I have for this evening. Good night Gracie.
by Okely Dokely
Thanks for the kind words, taylor. You are right - I am sometimes (not too often, though)too lenient in my reviews, either because I don't want to hurt the feelings of friends, am trying to give everything the benefit of the doubt, or a combination of both. And yes, I also did take note that you defended me when everyone thought I was you. I took notice that you did it both as taylor and as your real self, and thanks.

If I have to muzzle myself, this is the last thing I am saying regarding SHTR, as even I - as someone who has been involved with Kudzu - am getting a headache at reading all this. Back to what this site's really about, which reminds me, I still need to write about Big Top's production of Fools, which I saw this past weekend.
Thanks Oakley by wandering thespian
Thanks Oakley, for coming to see FOOLs. We really need the support of our community. Just remember to be as kind to us in your review as you have been to Kudzu. :)
"vannillacoolasice" by mooniemcmoonster
BWAHAHAHAHAHA! That's you!? That's the best/worst movie ever made. "Ditch the zero and get with a hero."
no moonie by taylor
I am not vannilliacoolasice. What I said was, my first comment was under a review made by vanillacoolasice. After I put my comment, that is when I was attacked.
oh! by mooniemcmoonster
it would help if i could read :) i just recently discovered the old blood brothers drama. glad that was before my time, but it sure dose make for an entertaining read!
by andy
taylor, not that I have to defend myself, but I haven't done shows at other theaters because I haven't auditioned for them. And your right about ONE thing, I can't sing!! As for the "childrens theatre", I am only commenting on what I read in the newspaper about Kudzu a while back. Sorry if I read wrong, didn't mean to offend any other theatre!
HI! by Nicky Pogs
See See How They Run!
by Ellexim
Saturday, January 8, 2005
Yes, I know there are two "see"s as the title!
Well, since I am affiliated, I cannot really give it an official rating. But, if I were, it would be a four, with no biased-ness. First, all of the actors did a great job, and the timing of the cues was quite good!(Even though it was the first show!) Jason also did a wonderful job directing, and it made all of the chaos flow smoothly(haha.) I will see it again! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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