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The Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer

a Children's Theater
by Jimmy Carter

COMPANY : Alliance Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Woodruff Art Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 1148

SHOWING : January 06, 2005 - January 30, 2005



Former President Jimmy Carter tells the story of a sea monster who's not as monstrous as he seems.

Director Sharisa Whatley
Dramaturg Freddie Ashley
Sea Dweller Jay Sherffeid Brown
Scenic Designer Kathryn Conley
Stage Manager Colleen Janich
Composer and Sound Designer Thom Jenkins
Snoog Costume Designer Susan E. Mickey
Asst. Stage Manager Alicia Quirk
Costume Designer English Toole
Jer/Jeremy Scott Beale
Understudy for Jimbo and Hugo Charlie Burnett
Hugo/Sea Dweller Clifton Guterman
Snoog/Dad Bart Hansard
Mom/Lifeguard/Sea Dweller Ellen McQueen
Jer/Jeremy Zachary Solomon
Jimbo/Sea Dweller Justin Welborn
Danielle/Sea Dweller Sharisa Whatley
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I Wasn't Scared
by Dedalus
Friday, January 21, 2005
Hello. My name is Julia Rudy and last Sunday, my Daddy took me to the big Theatre to see a play. I’m four years old. It was funny because we parked far away and walked to a theatre which wasn’t the right one so we went back and ended up at the really big theatre close to where we parked anyway. I think it’s funny when Daddy rolls his eyes and sighs like that. I liked it because it was a nice day and I got to ride on his shoulders.

Anyway, when we got there, we had to wait a long time because Daddy had to stand at the door and take people’s tickets. I was going to help. I even got to wear a big button that Daddy says tells everyone that I’m an Usher. I really don’t know what an Usher is, but it doesn’t matter because I got to crayon with another girl my age. She was really pretty, and she’s my friend, now, even though I don’t know what her name is or where she lives. We got to sit beside each other. That was my favorite part.

The stage was really blue, and I was hoping Ariel would visit. I got to see Ariel last week when Mommy and Daddy took me to the big Disney Park that we had to ride in the car all day to get to. Mommy let me wear my Snow White costume and everyone smiled at me and pointed to me. It’s good to be a Princess. I think Princesses are the best thing in the world, especially when Barbie is a Princess. My favorites are Swan Lake and Rapunzel and Erika and Annaliese and Nutcracker. Mommy says I can be Rapunzel next Halloween which comes soon after my birthday. Daddy likes to play with the monsters before Halloween. He’s not scary – he’s just a doofus. Daddy taught me that word. Mommy says it means “Daddy.”

The play we saw last Sunday didn’t have any Princesses, but it did have a little boy and a Daddy and a Sea Monster that didn’t scare me at all, even though I crawled on Daddy’s lap when it came out and pretended to be scared. My new friend cried a little and really hugged her Mommy. But it was okay, because the Sea Monster didn’t eat people. He was a Snoogle-Fleejer named Snoog and he looked and talked like the boy’s Daddy. Snoogle-Fleejers aren’t scary at all. Snoog ended up helping the boy’s Mommy who was sick. He found some gold at the bottom of the sea that paid for the Mommy’s operation. The boy then saved Snoog when the bad man wanted to shoot him.

I really liked this play because it was bright and pretty with a lot of neat sea creatures and boys and girls and my favorite part was the Daddy. I wish my Daddy was neat like him. I’m joking. I do like my Daddy even when he’s a doofus. There were some parts of the play I didn’t understand and they made me squirm in my chair a little. It sounded like a lot of other kids like me were squirming too. But it was still almost as much fun as watching Barbie pretend to be Princess. And I still liked it, even if Ariel wasn’t in it. I have to go now. Daddy promises me he’s going to buy a book with Snoog and I can’t wait. I like it when Daddy and Mommy read to me. Goodbye and I hope to talk with you really soon.

-- Julia Rudy (c/o

Daddy’s Postscript – I thought Bart Hansard, Clifton Guterman, and Justin Wllborn did their usual good work, and Zachary Solomon was very good as the boy Jeremy. The puppetry was fun and imaginative, but the “Snoog” costume struck me as too immobile and fake-looking. Obviously, the kids disagreed with me, as they found him very frightening at first look. In any case, this was a good show for the 5-10 year old set, short (65 minutes) and colorful. And it wasn’t painful for the adults.

-- Brad Rudy
the 3 rating by Okely Dokely
Is that Julia's rating or Doofus's rating?
The Rating by Dedalus
It's the Doofus's. Julia would have given it a 5, but she's at that age where everything she sees on stage is absolutely positively the best thing in the world (for now). A three to me is about average -- nothing terribly wrong, but not very memorable, either. The only criticisms I really have are the really fake-looking Snoog costume (the feet didn't even move -- the AJC was dead on when they called it a "float.") and some of the pacing in the Mom scenes. I had pretty much forgotten it by the time we got home. But Julia's still talking about it, so, that should give parents a clue ....

-- Doofalus


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