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Sister Amnesia's Country Western Nunsense Jamboree
a Musical Comedy
by Dan Goggin

COMPANY : Holly Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Buisson Arts Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 1199

SHOWING : April 15, 2005 - April 30, 2005



In Nunsense, we discovered that Sister Amnesia (who's real name is Sister Mary Paul) had once been in a singing contest in Nashville because she always wanted to be a country singer. In Nunsense 2: The Sequel, Reverend Mother decides that Sister Amnesia's talent should not be ignored and secures a recording contract for her.
Now, in our "spin off" show, Sister Amnesia's Country Western Nunsense Jamboree, Sister Mary Paul (aka Amnesia) has had her dream realized. She has recorded her first album entitled "I Could've Gone to Nashville" and this show is the result of her recording success.

Director Colleen Quigley
Sister Wilhelm Gloria Szokoly
Sister Robert Anne Valerie West
Sister Amnesia Rebekah Williams
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What a hootnanny!
by Holly Ghost
Monday, May 2, 2005
I have sat in the back and watched the Holly Theatre's productions for a long time. Finally, I feel the need to start voicing my opinions on their efforts. Granted I don't get to see much other theatre (I follow the Holly wherever it goes), but I enjoy the Holly's shows immensely.

At any rate, Sister Amnesia's Country Western Nunsense Jamboree is an exciting continuation of the Nunsense series. Though the script itself is weaker than the original, in my opinion, this one dances along with a fun country theme that leaves one laughing until it hurts.

Colleen Quigley's direction was rather simple (it was quite a small stage), and the influences from Hee-Haw and the Grand Ole' Opry were easily visible. The staging for the dialogue between songs seemed more natural that the staging of the actual music, but that may have been intentional as it is supposed to be a traveling music revue of sorts. There were a few glitches in the music, but when Sister Robert Anne stopped the show to make "Brother Nick" start over, it became a cute and quite funny way to fix said problem.

The cast as a whole worked well together. Nathan Gerrells was a little unsure at times, and I felt like he backed off a bit on some of the higher notes, but his voice has that purity of innocence that sometimes is lost after a singer goes on to bigger and better things. Overall, he was very good, especially being the only male in the whole cast. Suzanne Higgins was good, as is expected from her. Her younger sounding voice added a degree of variety to the chorus, not overpowering, but a nice counter to some of the more classical voices in the show. Gloria Szokoly brought a warmth and maturity to the show that made you smile whenever she appeared on stage. And her voice is beautiful! I could listen to her sing anything... *happy sigh* Rebekah Williams was relatively new to the Holly, having only recently appeared on the scene in Man of LaMancha last month, but her portrayal of Amnesia was top notch. I do wish she had been more puzzled by some of the jokes and such, but her vacant stare in some of the scenes are positively hysterical.

The whole cast was great, but Valerie West as Robert Anne was simply stellar. Her voice soared in her solos, specifically in her song about Sister Rose Francis, the notes floating out of her mouth effortlessly. The song is awe inspiring and at the same time modest in its content. Bravo! I cannot wait to hear her again and again at the Holly.

The show was not the best the Holly has offered, but certainly on par if not a birdie (to use golf lingo). And knowing what the show (and its cast and crew) has gone through during the production process, it is quite a pretty gem. I look forward to Crimes of the Heart next month, and Joseph after that. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
It's good to see a Holly ghost haunting us by Okely Dokely
Since I've done a show at the Holly and the population of Dahlonega is about 17, we probably know each other. I'm glad the Holly is getting reviewed by somebody other than me for a change. I'd be interested to hear your takes on some of their past shows (a common misconception people have about this site is that you can't review something that's already closed, which isn't true), especially their Radio Hour, which I'm still in mourning that I didn't get to see. The Holly is one of the most professional community theatres I've ever worked at. Thanks again for reviewing and keep it coming.
hehehe... by mooniemcmoonster
the holly ghost! i love it!!!!! thanks for your review! the buisson is an awkward venue for a musical such as this one, imo. it made for a pretty interesting run. you should come an see it when again once it moves up to black bear. i think you'll find its going to be a completely different animal.

rebekah the amnesiac.
wahoo! by starlighht
Thank you so much for your review Holly Ghost, you sound as if you know us all in the show very well. I hope you will continue to review our shows at the theatre.


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