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COMPANY : North Spings High School Drama Department
VENUE : North Springs High School Auditorium [WEBSITE]
ID# 1201

SHOWING : March 11, 2005 - March 20, 2005



Soundboard Operator Brittany Bland
Asst. Sound Board Op. Shane Dillon
Asst. Electrician/ Prop Manager/ Stage B Maureen Downs
Floor Crew Robyn El Torro
Floor Crew Andrew Gude
Lights/ Asst. Design/ Master Electrician Gracie Hansen
Asst. Stage Manager Yasmin Hooman
Floor Crew Jen Krider
Floor Crew/ Follow Spot Op. Charlie Lockridge
Stage Manager Lauren Miller
Asst. Sound Board Op. Cody Richardson
Floor Crew/ Follow Spot Op. Zach Rosing
Soundboard Op. Brett Thomas
Costume Design Kellie Tomlinson
Costume Design Melissa Tyler
Asst. Board Op. Kristen Wolf
Velma Kelly Paige Anderson
Company Megumi Arasaki
Dance ensemble Hannah Avram
Company/Roxie Hart US Christina Belknap
Fred Casely William Brookshire
Company/Jury/Foreman/Swing Aaron Brown
Company Rebecca Bruder
Company Melissa Cohen
Dance ensemble/Cell Block US Kaitlyn Conner
Dance ensemble Nicole Convis
Dance ensemble Samantha Ehrlich
BIlly Flynn Alex Engquist
Hunyak O'Sullivan Eryn
Company Kevin Feinberg
Dance ensemble/Reporter Kayla Victoria Fikis
Mama Morton Erica Fletcher
Amos Hart Max Flick
Company Melody Flynn
Mama Morton Ivy Franzetta
Roxie Hart Stephanie Friedman
Mary Sunshine Jana Fruchtman
Company Melissa Michele Goodfellow
Annie Ashley Gorman
Company Samantha Herndon
Company/Velma US Sarah Jones
Company Erics Juergensen
Dane ensemble Alexandra Kustin
Company/Amos Hart US Caleb Lawton
Company Robby Letzler
Company Jamie Link
Company Michael Macias
Company Kaleigh Malloy
Company Rico Mangual
Go to hell Kitty Sarah May
Company Noah Miller
Harry/Company Jonathan Moss
Harrison/Fogarty US Harper Nick
Clerk David Olson
Dance ensemble Lindsay Quinones
Fogarty/Billy Flynn US Brian Rooney
Company Francisco Santamaria
Liz Rebekah Siwy
Dance ensemble Krista Slavik
Aaron/Judge Dustin Smith
Dance ensemble Marie Socha
Mona Stephanie Solmson
Dance ensemble Lizzie Speaker
Company Daniel Squire
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Better than MOST community theater...let alone High School
by KariHess
Tuesday, March 15, 2005
I have attended quite a few shows @ Canton, Onstage, Kudzu, Dad's, etc. and have to say the current run of CHICAGO @ North Springs IS very well done.

I would even go so far as to say that it surpasses most community theater...I never thought that I would say that of a High School production even one @ a Performing Arts Magnet school. The direction of Steve Young (Sky Flims) was excellent...I have also seen INTO THE WOODS and LES MISERABLES @ NSHS and while they had a few standout performers the shows themselves were merely ok. One can only wonder what heights they could have reached with a real director. CHICAGO is on another the way I saw GA Perimeter's version last year and it was not even close to this production.

Paige Anderson as Velma was incredible. She is able to express the strength and edge of Velma while still being vunerable and desperate. I have always considered Velma to be likeable even in her nastiness...I also saw the Broadway Tour when it was @ the Fox and thought that Brenda Braxton played Velma way too vunerable it made her come across as weak. The stage comes alive when Paige is on it. Her voice is rich and inviting.

Stephanie Friedman was equally strong..which she needed to be so that she wasn't overpowered by Paige. Stephanie is a wonderful actor who understands the performance is in the details..the facial expressions the attitude and the inflection. She also commands the stage and has great comedic timing. I love love love...I am My Own Best Friend & We Both Reached For the Gun. The girls have great chemistry together and sound wonderful together.

The entire show was well cast.

Well worth the $10 @ the door verses community theater of $12-$20...I don't mind paying for local theater...just don't want to feel cheated..and you won't if you go see CHICAGO.

Go see this show!
by o5what
Sunday, March 13, 2005
The production is great! I was surprised by the caliber of the students and the quality of the production. This is a must-see production; they did a great job with it!

Paige Anderson is amazing as Velma Kelly, as is Stephanie Friedman is her role as Roxie Hart. The pair work well together and I expect to see both of them go far in the theater world. Max Flick is just as wonderful in the role as loveable Amos. Alex Enquist is also good as Billy Flinn, but his singing is at times a little strained (but he is still impressive!).

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the production, from a singing, acting, and tech perspective. Definitely go see this. The show even has a website, very impressive for a high school production,, then click on the pop-up or the button in the lower left. Directions to the school are on there, too. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Sorry, but its a little obvious... by Bob05
...that you are either students or fans of the actors and the show. :) Not trying to start a fight, just thought it was a little funny that the reviews included websites.
Jerk.... by sulax2007
Bob, sorry but obviously ur a jerk. not trying to start a fight or nething. nothing personal
Wow... by Bob05
I knew that would happen. All I'm saying is that you were obviously a student/friend of North Springs. I didn't attack you or put you down. I just said because of the website advertisement, that you were involved somehow somewhere. No offense intended. I guess being a jerk is just in my nature. :)
lol by mark
what's funny is sulax2007 says "the stage manager was very good" in his review. how in the heck would a true audiance member know that?
Exactly my point! by Bob05
It wasn't meant to offend. Just pointing it out that it made me laugh. Thank you mark, for seeing that. :)
An Explanation by o5what
I am a student at North Springs, but am not connected to the production in any way. While the mere fact that I attend the same school may make me bias, I tried to be very objective in my posting. Please go see the show and judge it for yourself.

Also, about the website, I WAS impressed that the school pulled it together to get something up. I used the website myself to find out showtimes, so I provided it in an effort to allow it to be useful to others in the same way. I haven't heard of a previous show with a website at North Springs and don't have much experience with websites for other school productions, so I was and am impressed that this show has one.

I stand by the fact that the show is amazing and I hope you get a chance to see it and realize this as well.

Not trying to make anyone mad, just trying to put a stop to hearsay and put the board back on the track of focusing on the show rather than petty arguments. Thanks for reading this, and please don't be offended if I was too frank.
To o5what... by Bob05
I completely see where you're coming from. Again, I wasn't attacking. It was more of a funny thing to me and like mark said, the mention of how wonderful the stage manager was made me laugh as well. I have no doubt that this show is as good as you say. I had the opportunity to see a production at North Springs a couple of years ago and was very impressed with the quality, both technical and artistic. I live a little far away to see this production, but I will definitely try my best.
by sulax2007
Saturday, March 12, 2005
When I went to this play I was expecting a flop but instead when i went to see it, it was comparable to Broadway's Chicago. The acting was great and the tech direction was amazing. The stage manager was very good and she looked like she knew what she was doing. The set was amazing with all the lights and the lights really set off the entire show. I encourage everyone to go see it. If you are look for the times go to [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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