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Back to Methuselah (Part I & II)
a Epic Play
by George Bernard Shaw

COMPANY : Theatre Emory [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Mary Gray Munroe Theater [WEBSITE]
ID# 140

SHOWING : October 11, 2000 - November 04, 2000



Directed by Tim Ocel. How long would one have to live to be mature enough to be capable of creating a truly wise and just society? In search of solutions for injustice and human folly, the action of Shaw's play spans time from the Garden of Eden to post WWI Britain through 31,920 AD. This rarely produced, epic play will be presented in two parts in alternate performances.

Director - Act 4 Michael Evenden
Director - Acts 1, 2, 3, 5 Tim Ocel
Stage Manager - Acts 1, 2, 3 Margo Kuhne
Rehearsal Stage Mgr. - Act 5 Margo Kuhne
Stage Manager - Acts 4, 5 Julie A. Richardson
Asst. Stage Manager - Acts 1, 2, 3 Amy Rosenberg
Rehearsal Asst. Stage Mgr. - Act 5 Amy Rosenberg
Maiden Brittany Abbass
Ecrasia Marcy Amell
Franklyn Barnabas John Ammerman
Confucius John Ammerman
Cain Matt Arth
Napoleon Matt Arth
Ghost of Cain Matt Arth
Chloe Elizabeth Benson
Maiden Laine Binder
Zoo Brenda Bynum
Youth Henry J. Costa III
Strephon Brian Crawford
George Bernard Shaw Stuart Culpepper
The Elderly Gentleman Stuart Culpepper
The Newly-Born Taylor Dooley
Youth Daniel Duello
the Woman Rachel Garner
Parlor Maid Lauren Gunderson
Minister of Health Betty Hart
Lilith Betty Hart
Youth Alex Henderson
The She-Ancient Elisa Hurt
Mrs. Lutestring Elisa Hurt
Mr. Lubin Chris Kayser
Burge-Lubin Chris Kayser
The He-Ancient Chris Kayser
Zozim Andrew Kearns
Mr. Joyce Burge Tom Key
Eve Maia Knispel
Female Figure Maia Knispel
Ghost of Eve Maia Knispel
Maid Sarah Kordsmeier
Acts John Lannamann
Mr. Haslam Harold M. Leaver
Archbishop of York Harold M. Leaver
Arjillax Harold M. Leaver
The Envoy's Wife Angie Ogden
Maiden Stephanie A. Ogden
Adam Travis Sentell
Male Figure Travis Sentell
Ghost of Adam Travis Sentell
Maiden Nicole Sheres
Conrad Barnabas Kim Shipley
Barnabas Kim Shipley
Pygmalion Kim Shipley
Maiden Carson L. Sieving
Savvy Karson St. John
Serpent Heather Starkel
Woman's Voice Heather Starkel
Ghost of Serpent Heather Starkel
The Envoy Michael Terrazas
The Oracle Widdi Turner
Martellus Steven Westdahl
The Envoy's Daughter Amanda Lee Williams
Youth Seung Yi
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The Experts Say...

Atlanta Journal Constitution
by Kathy Janich
October 20, 2000
Kathy sez that Theater Emory's wonderful epic "Methuselah" is "one for the ages." She calls the 6 1/2 hours, 2-part play "heady and delightful" and says it's "intellectually invigorating theater." John Ammerman, Kim M. Shipley, Elisa Hurt, Heather Starkel, Rachel Garner, Chris Kayser, Tom Key and Stuart Culpepper all receive praise. Tim Ocel directs with "care, intelligence and affection."

Southern Voice
by Jim Farmer
October 18, 2000
Jim sez that "Methuselah" is "very thought-provoking and has lots of memorable images and dialogue. Best, it offers a dream cast-Chris Kayser, Tom Key, Stuart Culpepper, Brenda Bynum and
dozens others." He suggests that, if you can only see one of the two parts, stick to Part I.


Historical on many levels
by theaterbug
Friday, November 10, 2000
To my eternal sorrow, I only saw Part I of this play. Had Part II not been sold out, I would certainly have seen that as well. The script is fantastic... funny and fascinating. I can't believe it's not done more often in spite of its' length.

Act one was the weakest of the three I saw, though performed by actors with potential. Very enjoyable.

Acts two and three were simply phenomenal. There was not a weak performance in the bunch, from the parlor maid (Lauren Gunderson) to veteran Chris Kayser.

Never has four hours gone by so quickly. If I DO live to be 300, I doubt I shall ever see this play done as well again. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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