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Charley’s Aunt

a Farce
by Brandon Thomas

COMPANY : Theatre in the Square [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre in the Square [WEBSITE]
ID# 1468

SHOWING : January 18, 2006 - February 26, 2006



The world-famous farce that has moved millions to tears of laughter. Three animated college chums hatch a plan to impress two young ladies. When one dresses as the aunt, a roaring roller coaster ride of “identity thievery” becomes not only complex, but uproariously funny.

Director August Staub
Ela Delahay Kathryn Barrong
Stephen Spettigue Scott DePoy
Charley Wyckham Cary Donaldson
Jack Chesney Christopher Ekholm
Lord Fancourt Babberly Chris Ensweiler
Sir Francis Chesney Mark Kincaid
Amy Spettigue Elizabeth Diane Wells
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And Now For Something Completely Different ...
by Dedalus
Wednesday, February 22, 2006
What is this world coming to? What is Cobb County coming to? What in the world are we to do with the decline in standards of behavior evidenced by the Moral Relativism exhibited by this piece of so-called entertainment, this elitist “theatre” that threatens to bring down the God-like foundations of this wonderful County and State? Already this year, we have seen plays which denigrate our Holy President, which enshrine bigamy, which celebrate the shallowness of British Families, which make fun of our sacred stories of Childhood. Don’t even get me started on that truly evil thing which should have no name, and which any decent person of Christian virtue would shun like a Quayle hunt.

And now this! A brand new play which depicts (shudder) a man in woman’s clothing. Which depicts two ladies visiting young gentlemen without a chaperone. Which even demonizes a gentleman for the very noble cause of matrimony for monetary gain.

It is plays like this that make me yearn for the more innocent yesterday of my childhood, that truly halcyon era where one could go to the theatre and witness truly American virtues -- virtues like Mom and Shoo-Fly Pie and Murdering Old Gentlemen with Elderberry Wine.

What kind of mind can conceive of a work like this? What kind of Theatre can choose to stage it? What kind of performer can prostitute himself to engage in these immoral antics?

Oh, sure, it may be funny, it may be fast-paced, it may be cleverly staged, it may actually breathe life into what may have once been a musty old classic, but what is all that when it may actually be seen by children? Oh, sure, the actors go so far over the top they can’t be connected with anything real, but what is that when our future is at stake? Oh, sure, there may have even been a time when I participated in a production of this play (if it weren’t so darn modern), but what is that when our very lives are threatened by enemies without and within?

Have we learned nothing from the lessons of history?

Have we learned nothing from the decline of civilizations past?

Have we learned nothing from the loss of innocence occasioned by the ill-conceived and truly demonic evil that was the Renaissance, the so-called “Age of Reason?”

Curse the evil that chooses to manifest itself so! Curse the liberal conspirators who undermine our Godlike civilization! Curse the manic talent of Chris Ensweiller that make my own efforts in the same role pale like the flailings of a Guffmanesque amateur! Curse the rest of the cast for their skilled support! Curse the theatre that can bring such happiness to so many people, when it is a truth self-evident that such happiness and pleasure are the only real harbingers of chaos!

Let us pray for us.

-- Brad Rudy (

Dear Brad by tylers
Dear Brad,

My shrink is taking new patients... just a thought.

Tyler Schaker
Thank You So Much by Dedalus

Thank you so much! That's very generous of you to offer. However, I soon plan some mental house-cleaning, and, once all the clutter has been re-arranged under the guidance of my Feng Shui Master, All will be Well.

Live Long and Prosper!



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