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Shirley Valentine

a Comedy/Drama
by Willy Russell

COMPANY : Offoffpeachtree Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Academy Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 1660

SHOWING : September 08, 2006 - September 23, 2006



Here's your chance to fall in love with the unstoppable Shirley Valentine. Lynne Jenson portrays this charming, quirky and humorous heroine as she breaks free from her life of domestic weariness and takes us on a romantic holiday to Greece, complete with a sexy Greek fisherman! So come fall in love with Shirley Valentine -- for the first time or just to rekindle an old spark. Either way, you're sure to leave enchanted! This show contains adult themes.

Co-Producer and Stage Manager Barbara Hawkins
Co-Producer Mark Perloe
Director Adriana Warner
Lighting Design Jessica Coale
Assistant Stage Manager Martha Ebener
Set Designer Jeroy Hannah
Shirley Valentine Lynne Jenson
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Clearly Amazing
by St. Genesius
Tuesday, September 19, 2006
Lynne Jenson commanded the stage in the one-woman show Shirley Valentine. I was worried that I might be bored with it only being one actor on stage, but I was awake and enthralled the entire time.

The direction was also amazing by Adriana Warner. The usage of the stage and actual working appliances tremedously helped the actress's believability.

The play itself has a great meaning to it- self discovery at any age. I could see how the play could plummet with the wrong actress and director, but this play soars.

Loved it!

Agreed, offoffpeachtree does super job by loislane
This play was a major collaborative effort with the input of cast and crew dedicated to making Shirley Valentine accessible to audiences.

That you loved this play means a lot to the folks at OOPT, considering their leader, Elisabeth Andre, is bravely facing three more months of chemotherapy. SV represents a rallying cry to support this theatre and the arts. The Mission of OOPT is to bring a taste of Britain to Atlanta through modern and classic plays and British actors.

Thank you for your kind comments.
The play has been extended, playing two additional weekends: October 5,6,7 and October 12,13,14.
"Greece" is the Word!
by line!
Sunday, September 17, 2006
Let me start off by simply saying you should go see Shirley Valentine.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll leave the theatre a better person. I’m a man; a totally macho “pull my finger” kind of guy, and it even affected me that way.

The context of the story is kind of “chick flick”, but the core message is universal. It’s a truly enjoyable evening at the theatre. The story is how a 42 year old English housewife transforms herself, and her life, by accepting an offer to go to Greece.

This production is solid! The acting is solid, the direction is solid, the writing is solid, the set and lighting designs were solid. (The only things not solid were the posts on the second act “Greece” set which caused the “Grecian” walls to look like they were going to come tumbling down when Shirley gleefully swung on them in an inspired bit of movement.)

This production is a perfect example of maximizing resources. The resources were minimal, but every single one is used to maximum effect. You have just one actor (Lynne Jenson), one director, two sets and a production budget that must have been in the tens of dollars.

That’s all there is. No music. No choreography. No special effects. No lavish production values. No camouflage.

Every aspect of this production is overflowing with craft, skill and a wonderful attention to detail. Details are what make this production so effective: from the set, to the writing, to the direction to the acting. There are nuances, texture and reality everywhere. It’s the details in any production that transform the audience’s experience from one of watching a performance; to one of feeling they have become a part of someone’s life.

Lynne Jenson brought an authenticity to her portrayal of Shirley’s “mid-life crisis" that allowed us to feel her pain, confusion and guilt, without belittling the character or making her a stereotype. I also compliment her on her “brass ovaries” for undertaking such a daunting project and pulling it off so well.

Director Adriana Warner applied her usual deft touch of focusing on what’s really important here: the character. Certain story points and dialogue could have been punched up for more laughs, or more pathos, but that would have detracted from the intimacy and effectiveness of the performance and lessened the quality of the audience’s experience. She has been known to call it being too “actor-y”, and it weakens shows. Her sense of what strengthens shows is legendary and is very evident here.

A special note to theater-goers: Be sure to eat before going to see this show. Shirley actually fries up some “Chips and Eggs” in the first act and the smell of the food cooking onstage will have you salivating in your seat if you haven’t eaten first!

It sounds corny, and the show may have just spiked my estrogen levels, but I left the theatre feeling like I had a new friend. Shirley, let’s get together and do lunch next week, OK?

Disclaimer: I have twice worked with Adriana Warner and I think she walks on water.

Bonus Track: Since I hate to waste an idea... The alternate title for this review was “The Valentine Monologues” (Get it? “The Vagina Monologues” – go see the show and you’ll see what I’m getting at.) I was also thinking of using “Grecian Formula: Not Just For Men!” I’ll stop now before Ryan pulls my reviews due to excessive pun-ditry.


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