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Reefer Madness: The "Hit" Musical

a Musical
by Kevin Murphy

COMPANY : Dad's Garage Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Dad's Garage Theater [WEBSITE]
ID# 1751

SHOWING : September 22, 2006 - November 04, 2006



Dad’s Garage is smokin’ up the stage with Reefer Madness! The “Hit” Musical. The Regional Premiere of this cult film classic turned Off-Broadway hit is guaranteed to heighten all of your senses...

So, get ready to bite into a brownie, sink back in your chair, and giggle the night away as you follow a group of plucky teens into a downward spiral of moral corruption and a group of tainted misfits into their reefer den… of evil! This evening of singing, dancing, and lung-filling pandemonium will have you laughing so hard your pupils will dilate.

Original Los Angeles production directed by ANDY FICKMAN and produced by STEPHANIE STEELE for DEAD OLD MAN PRODUCTIONS

Director Kate Warner
Props Designer Melisa A. DuBois
Stage Manager Leslye Kahn
Lighting Designer Karen Parsons
Costume Designer Liz Singleton
Mary Jessie Dougherty
Jack Marcus Durham
Mae Suehyla El-Attar
Jimmy Joey Ellington
Placard Girl Elizabeth Neidel
Lecturer Doyle Reynolds
Sally chris skinner
Ralph Geoff Uterhardt
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Campy yet Brilliant
by NYUgrad82
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
I saw the show last saturday and couldnt have had a better time. The show is non stop hilarity that truly pulls out all the stops! just when you think "they cant possibly top this"... they do!

The direction of course was brilliant! kudos kate! and the entire design of the show was phenomenal. Watching a black and white movie live was an experience i never thought id have, and couldnt have been more pleased with! Im sure all of the designers worked incredibly hard and i praise you.

The cast was terrific! they masterd this somewhat trivial script and nailed it! Honorable mention going to doyle reynolds for his amazing portrayal of the lecturer! His pacing and interaction with the "student body" made for many side splitting laughs.

Jessie Dean and Joey Ellington did a fantastic job with their not so typical romantic lead roles. and contrary to Dr. b's review i think that Joey couldnt have been more suited for the role. His squeaky, post pubescent characterization of jimmy had me rolling and never once did i think "gay" during his amazingly strenuous performance. His physical humor along with his outragoeous facial expressions and much improved vocal talent were dead on. I applaud him for carrying such a challenging show!

Chris skinner and Geoff Uterhardt were highlights in the show. They both made me nearly cry laughing so hard. I generally tend to think drag roles are tickets for easy laughs, but chris did an amazing job, and i never saw a drag queen. He really was that reefer slut! Great Job! And ralph was right on from the devouring of the apple... to your tie... to poor sally! The whole performance was HILARIOUS!

Suehyla El-Attar was perfectly cast in the role of mae. Her characterization of the truly torn reefer den mother was impecible. She stole moments without trying simply by being so dedicated and intense to the character. many times her subdued reactions and extremely conflicted decision making not only heightened the stakes but honestly made her the benevolent hero. As for those amazing songs... i heard a beautiful voice inside there. Dont be afraid to let it out!

The band was awesome! i always love the merging of rock and roll and musical theater. and these guys are all rockstars! Great job with a very stereotypical "musical" score! you were awesome and mastered this show! and kudos for giving those poor unmiced singers perfect volumes and an amazing opportunity to really jam! i loved it!

Congrats to all involved! you have done an amazing job! be proud! and for all of you who havent seen it! MAKE SURE YOU DO! You wont regret it and you'll go back for more! i know i'll be back! Thanks! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Really Great... sort of...
by Dr. B
Saturday, October 7, 2006
It's really quite interesting how shows will have a level of quality consistant with every aspect of the show. Example: If a show has mediocre dancing, it will usually have mediocre acting and singing. Or with exceptional Directing comes exceptional execution. This is not one of those shows. You could draw a figurative line in between the aspects that were fantastic... and those that were in grave trouble. I've honestly never seen anything like it.
To start with, the show, I must say is the most hilarious script with the most hilarious musical numbers I've ever encountered. The tabboo subject matter against the exagerated farce of 30's mellow-drama... Could not be more fantastic. And of course, with Dad's garage... who expected less? I rate the show a five for five. Unfortunately there were some complications.
To start with a praise, The band could very well be a perfectly syncronised accompaniment worthy of symphonic accuracy. They truely grasped the sound and mood and mix they were looking for and it payed off. And, in spite of what you may initially guess, they were not too loud. The singers were just quiet. But we'll get to that in a second. The choreography was amazing. The orgy was a brilliantly choreographed and costumed production. I could not have been more pleased.
However, there was a severe... yes severe, lack of singing in this musical. Brilliant choral numbers were solo'd by singers who had no diaphram to speak of, either singing in an octave they have no buisness being in or giving up and just speaking the song as if it were a line. Yes... we all noticed. How akward can you get? When the actor couldn't keep the song going, they simply said their lines. This is a technique used well by many actors and musical directors. It is not used well when you're only singing every fifth or sixth line. Sadly, in some songs, this is not an exageration. It's terrible. It seemed that it wasn't so much a musical as a play interspersed with dramatic poetry readings set to music... with good dancing.
The actors also seemed a far cry from on the level with the play and production value. Many had an (eh kind of) attitude towards the farce over the topness of their charachters. I'm sorry Jack... you're the villain... act like it... Jesus!!! It's an over the top show... you can't go too far with it. One kid's in his underwear next minute making out with the guy who's supposed to be his mother... Don't go for drama... be nuts. And of course the evening was hosted by none other than Bob Newheart in Dave Folly's body. It wasn't all bad... but it was overshadowed by what seemed to be a lack of effort on most of the casts part... but nice job Chris... well done, girl. Oh and Joey, Over the top doesn't mean flamingly gay... nice energy though.
Now to the direction and production staff... Well done... Bravo... well done... it was wonderfull. From the black and white everything to the stairs... to that one green light that signals something intense. Wow... just... wow. Great set. Great costumes. Great Lights. Great sound. Great Direction. If only the singing and acting matched. Shame...
In spite of how this sounded, I enjoyed my evening thuroughly. It was quite a show... I even liked the brownies at intermission. If you're up for a good time with silly people, Dad's garage is always the place to be. But If you're feeling just naughty and really wacky... Make sure not to miss Reefer Madness... But don't expect award winning singing... except from Jessie, Geoff and Chris... [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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