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Disney's ALADDIN

a Musical
by Jim Luigs, Howard Ashman, Tim Rice, and Alan Menken

COMPANY : Alliance Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Woodruff Art Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 1799

SHOWING : October 16, 2006 - November 12, 2006



Disney's Aladdin lands its Magic Carpet on the Alliance Stage, as A Whole New World opens for young and old alike.

Princess Jasmine Jeanette Illidge
Genie Jeff McKerley
Iago/Razoul Craig A Meyer
Aladdin Justin Tanner
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If I had Three Wishes ...
by Dedalus
Tuesday, November 7, 2006
Normally, I would have written this review in my daughter Julia’s “voice.” She helped Usher for this production and loved every minute of it. In fact, we had a major Disney week – Julia’s 6th birthday was last Sunday, and we took her to the Philips Arena for “Disney Princesses on Ice” (sooooooo many Princesses in a large room with each and every one of them being the center of attention); There’s no doubt the Disney folks put on extravagant productions – this one had fireworks inside the arena, a fire-breathing dragon, and some purty durn impressive skating (for the most part – Sleeping Beauty & her Prince just glided around the ring with no attempt at razzle dazzle. Ariel & her Prince, on the other hand, knocked my socks off with their routine).

But, to be honest, I haven’t really talked to her about it (yet), so I have no idea what her favorite parts were. Maybe I can add her comments to this later.

So, anyway, back to Alliance’s stab at Disney-topia …

If I had three wishes:

(1) Disney will rewrite the show so that the Genie and Jafar are the heroes. Jeff McKerley and Scott Warren are so much more alive than Aladdin and Jasmine, you wish the “love story” would just get the heck out of the way.

(2) Other theatres in Atlanta would get the same big budgets enjoyed by the Alliance, or at least the same bursts of creative inspiration. This show sparkled with detail and design, all of which dazzled, none of which “upstaged” the action.

(3) My third wish would be given to everyone who works in the Atlanta Theatre – Gene-Gabriel Moore can get his Lear and his Theatre Company, Synchronicity can get all their grants and talent, Actor’s Express can get a Tier-One Director WHO STICKS AROUND, Center Stage North can get their own venue – What’s your wish? All of you have a stake in my third!

Of course, you and I both know I’d wish for more wishes (the heck with the Genie’s “rule”) so Neener Neener!

All I can say is, the kids love this show, Julia loved this show, I thought it was okay, and my real wish is that Julia finds Theatre to be a Whole New World that she can explore as passionately as her Daddy and Mommy do! (She’s in her first play – she’ll be an Angel in CSN’s “Best Christmas Pageant Ever” next month.)


-- Brad Rudy (

Frolicking at the Alliance
by EKFricke
Tuesday, November 7, 2006
I was lucky enough to score some free tickets to Disney's Aladdin at the Alliance Theater. I had really no expectations going in, since it had been years since I last saw the movie (I'm more of a "Beauty & the Beast" girl, myself) - but hey - free theater is free theater, know what I am saying?

Truly - it was a very nicely done production. I was tickled to see Jeff McKerley as the genie (I volunteer at the Tavern). He had some big shoes to fill covering a role made so memorable by Robin Williams. I recognized many of the antics he employs on the Tavern stage here, but they worked well with creating his own flamboyant (slightly fey) character. Indeed, he stole every scene that he was in and had the audience rolling in the aisles.

My personal favorite was Jafar. It was a pleasure to watch him strut on and off stage and never drop character. His cloak flourishes were priceless. He also had the unenviable task of operating and interacting with a parrot puppet (Iago). This, by a lesser actor, could have gone so very very wrong - but he (and forgive me for not keeping the program so I don't have the actor's name) danced along the line of kitsch and humor and never crossed it.

I wasn't overwhelmed w/ Jasmine & Aladdin. Pleasant, bland leads - but not very much chemistry or palpable charisma. (oo, I feel so mean saying that) And my seat in second row, stage left diminished some of the magic for being able to clearly see behind the scenes. Luckily, I am no longer 5 years old and am quite as charmed by the mechanisms of theater as I am by the magic. So it was interesting to me to see the false bottoms, techies, strings & wires, etc.

All in all - the production, I think, would be slightly twee for an average adult outing - but for children and families - I would highly recommend it. The songs are classics - and once my memory was jogged about them - I was humming them all the way home. If you book your ticket and are up close to the stage - try to stay center. If you get seats in the wings, stay further back.

Your kids will LOVE LOVE LOVE IT, that much I can say for sure.


PS - "No rating" for me just means I don't like to use numbers to rate a show. I'm weird like that.



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