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A Christmas Carol

a Holiday Drama
by Charles Dickens, adapted by Wally Hinds

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 1833

SHOWING : November 24, 2006 - December 24, 2006



Charles Dickens shows us Ebenezer Scrooge as he falls asleep in his dingy, cold quarters on Christmas Eve. The old miser is visited by three ghosts, each revealing to Scrooge the wrong doings of his and what will happen if he continues in his evil ways. This traditional holiday classic for the whole family is filled with old English Christmas Carols guaranteed to fill you with the Christmas spirit and warm your heart. Featuring local favorite Brink Miller as Ebenezer Scrooge.

Director Wally Hinds
Director Judy Zuber
Stage Manager Hugh Chapman
Light & Sound Tech Jay Croft
Little Fan/Tiny Tim understudy Clee Alexander
Little Fan/ Tiny Tim Clee Anderson
Belinda Cratchit Lindsey Baker
Laundress Carrie Fedor
Fred Greg Fitzgerald
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come/ Daniel Richard Henry
Bob Cratchit Harold Henry
Dick Wilkins/ Benjamin Jackson Henry
Mimsi Sally Henry
Rowena Laura Henry
Carol Cratchit Ashley Higgins
Mr. Fezziwig/ Old Joe/ Beggar Wally Hinds
Narrator Kent Igleheart
Narrator Kent Ingleheart
Mrs. Fezziwig Ellen Keel
Chorus Morgan Keel
Chorus Katie Keel
Mary Cratchit Claudia Kelly
Alice Colleen Kilts
Martha Cratchit Lizzie Kraich
Bob Cratchit Rick Kraich
Young Ebenezer Mason Lewis
Martha Cratchit Alex Lewis
Solicitor #2 Barbara McFann
Ebenezer Scrooge Brink Miller
Mrs. Cratchit Sally Mrus
Mrs. Cratchit Sally Noonan
Ghost of Christmas Past, Elizabeth Lindsay Olson
Belle Karen Rooker
Young Scrooge Brian Rooney
Peter Cratchit Mark Rush
Tiny Tim Jack Rush
Topper Andrew Snider
Understudy Ariel K. Stewart
Charwoman Nicole Tay
Poulterer's Boy Bradley Washington
Beggar Desiree Wilkins
Ghost of Christmas Present/ Jacob Marley Brad Zuber
Undertaker/ Older Belle's Husband Brad Zuber
Solicitor #1 Judy Zuber
Older Belle Judy Zuber
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yey kudzu!
by feather
Monday, November 27, 2006
i like this kudzu christmas carol much better then past years. there are extra treats like extra jokes and arobatics and puppets and christmas carols that sound sooooo much much better then past years. and for an openning weekend, wow, lots pf energy and excitement! that doesnt happen much at kudzu. the set is real nice, and the costumes are classy as always. oh and no dr phil paceints this year! the only thingy i didnt like was the narator thatss kinda boring and mr zuber plays to many charactors. mr Zuber is a dad of a good friend and i like him alot but hes too much the same to do all that he does. but hes still fun to watch so no big problem here. oh, ok feather, get positive. what did you like? well what i really like is the fab brink miller as scrooge. OMG hes the best scrooge ever. i love brink so much i will carry his babys! and OMG! wally is sooooo funny this year as feziwig. LOL! go see him too! yey wally! yey brink! and yey, great job all! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Thanks for the nod... by JasonMeinhardt
Wow feather, I'm out of the loop for almost a year now and I still get mentioned in your reviews.
iLU jason! by feather
What happened by Richard Long
Feather, what ever happened to your entertaining reviews and comments? I miss reading your blunt honesty. It's as if you've taken a "polite" pill lately.
omg by feather
sorry to let down my fans! does telling like it is mean i should be negative always? omg! now ive ripped some shows recntly, juist read my revews. oh, ryan deletes some of them, maybe thats what it is. or maybe cause you think im nice to kudzu now. but rp, tylor, jason and snapper is all long gone now. with no old guard, the qualty is way up. but i still ripped that terible 'and then there was none' show. god that was real bad. so hey. what am i going to do, burn everygthing? omg! everywhere or just at kudzu? even if its real good? omg! let me know! lol
omg ... ? by mark
i'm getting too old. what is omg? wasn't that a band in the 80's?
by Okely Dokely
OMG means oh my God/gosh/goodness
Pretty good
by Deep Goat
Saturday, November 25, 2006
Kudzu pulled off a decent show, but it lacked pizazz. In other words, it just wasn't extraordinary. They do the same mediocre job every year. One thing that would make the show better is if they did Linda Uzelac's musical version like they did at Village Plyhouse of Roswell. Brink Miller(Scrooge) was absolutely outstanding, as always. He carried the show to its full extent. What an incredible actor. I truly believe he could have made it on Broadway if he'd attempted to. There were also some other great people like Brad Zuber(Marley/Present)and Wally Hinds(Fezziwig/Old Joe/Beggar). They were hilarious and super-talented. Brian Rooney(Young Scrooge) and Karen Rooker(Belle) were wonderful too, and they had very believable chemistry in their scene. Sally Noonan(Mrs.Cratchit) has a beautiful voice and I enjoyed listening to her. Those twin red-heads,Jackson and Richard Henry,were very entertaining with their flips, too. Everybody else was just, well, average. You really can't say much about them. I do want to note that the little kids were the weakest part of the show. They sang way too loud and obnoxiously during "Carol of the Bells" and should be pulled from that number. All in all, the show was very enjoyable and I recommend that everyone should go see it. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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