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Anything Goes
a Musical Comedy
by Cole Porter

COMPANY : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Theatre On Main [WEBSITE]
ID# 2140

SHOWING : February 16, 2007 - March 10, 2007



Set on a cruise ship sailing from NY to England, we have Hope engaged to Sir Evelyn but loves Billy, who by the way, stows away on the ship once he finds Hope there and then there's Reno Sweeney, Evangelist turned Nightclub singer who falls for Sir Evelyn and hilarity ensues from there!! Based on the 1934 Cole Porter Musical.

Director William Jury
Choreographer Jeremy McShan
Set Construction Tom Wall
Moonface Martin Jim Abert
Ling Billy Boyd
Angel Chasity Charon
Reporter/Sailer #1 Andrew Crigler
Girl #2 Christina DeCarlo
Ching Alexander Dillson
Angel Emily Dillson
Elisha J. Whitney Buddy Everhart
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh Chris Fail
Cameraman/ Sailor #2 Andy Houston Flynn
Drunk Roger Flynn
Bonnie LeTour Aliya Hutcheson
Billy Crocker Craig Jones
Girl #1 Liz Lanius
Captain Reginald Strong Andy Leach
Angel Becca Mattox
Steward Ashley Morris
Purser Scott Tyler
Bishop Henry T. Dobson Glenn Varnado
Reno Sweeney Camille Wall
Hope Harcourt Amanda Whittle
MuzicKal Zanny Leach Dillson
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Did You See the Same Production As Me?????????????
by Molly
Sunday, March 4, 2007
I was hesitant to review this show because I am so pulling for this theatre. However, after seeing reviews of this show being given a "5", I've got to speak my mind. I don't know what production these people who gave this show a "5" saw, but it certainly wasn't the one I saw. Maybe I see more theatre or they have kids in the show; I don't know, but I guess, each to his own. As I really want this theatre to do well, I hope that my comments will be taken as constructive because that is truly my intent.

First off, the good. The absolute standout of this show was without doubt Jim Abert as Moonface. He gave an absolutely perfect and enjoyable portrayal of his character. His singing was good as well (for the character). Other standouts were Buddy Everhart as Mr. Whitney, Andy Leach (in a small, but well acted role), as the Captain, and Ching and Ling, played by Billy Boyd & Alexander Dillson. What made the difference between these characters and all of the others was CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!

Now for the bad & ugly. Much of the problem just seemed to be really bad casting, but sometimes I guess you go with who turns out at the audition. Camille Wall, as Reno Sweeney, was extremely poorly cast. Reno's songs are written to be belted and/or mixed. Ms. Wall is clearly a head voice singer with little to no mixed range. Her songs were weak and pitchy at best. Although Reno should have alot of sexual energy, Ms. Wall seemed to oversex her character to make up for poor character development. The hair tossing and hip swiveling was annoying.

Craig Jones, as Billy definitely had some severe pitch problems, but yet there was an interesting quality in his voice. I really think that with some good vocal training he could turn out to be a decent singer. He was a great dancer in the "Anything Goes" number. I think his acting was way too over the top even for musical theatre. He needs to rein it in just a tad. I did enjoy his portrayal of Billy dressed as Mrs. George Bernard Shaw and the Chinese man.

Amanda Whittle as Hope perhaps belongs in the previous "good" part of the show. I enjoyed her. She just needed a little more character development, and her singing was good, but a little weak, closing off alot in her upper range. I do commend her though, since it is usually difficult to sing a duet with someone who is way off pitch.

Allya Hutcheson who played Bonnie really captured the speaking voice of Bonnie well; however, her stage presence was really lacking. Whenever she sang, both "Heaven Hop" and "Let's Step Out" she looked very awkward and unsure, often looking at the floor. Her singing voice was just alright. In musical theatre, you have to be able to sing, act, and dance, all at the same time (said with tongue in cheek)! One other thing that bothered me though was her posture. I struggled to keep myself from rushing the stage and pulling her shoulders back. Bonnie would have carried herself differently. Again, character development.

The characters of Sir Evelyn and Mrs. Harcourt, played by Chris Fall and Angela McCulloch was alright, but they just didn't stand out to me. The angels were cast way too young. A couple of them pulled it off better than others. If you're going to cast a 14 or 15 year old in this part, at least make them look age appropriate. The choreography was lackluster, at best. The group numbers had no energy and most of the cast looked stone-faced through them.

I really wanted to like this show. As I said previously, I really hope that this theatre will do well, but they will need to step it up from this production. To disassociate themselves from the previous theatre, they will have to find better quality actors to do better quality productions, which is sort of a "chicken or the egg" type of thing. Big Top had some difficulties with the same problem as they had moved into the previous space occupied by Cobb Playhouse, but very successfully overcame the stigma by really committing to quality. That's what will need to be done here.

One More Thing by Molly
One more thing that I wanted to make mention of: I was very impressed with the set. It looked very professionally done and used the space well. Also, new seats and lobby were good too.
Ditto!!!! by Open Yon
I agree with you on absolutely every count except for one. I thought that the show was choreographed well for the space, but not everyone danced well (ie. not the choreographer's fault but the cast's fault). Thus far, this is the most well thought out and thorough assessment of this play that has been submitted. I, too, am really pulling for this theatre but I think it's only fair that people read honest assessments by adult audience members who don't have friends or family in the show.
just so you know, Molly by thrillseeker
I do not have friends or family in the show, I don't know which night you were there but the night I was there, it was great. It just amazes me that people who see a show automatically think they are experts, maybe you are and just haven't had your big break yet..anyway, just wanted to let everyone know that this was not a biased review, I thought they did a great job! Molly, maybe you should come audition at this theatre and give them the talent you think they need. And I mean that seriously, bring your talent and maybe others will follow your lead.
response to Thrillseeker by Open Yon
No one here has stated that they are an "expert,"(although that doesn't mean that they aren't- it just may mean that they'd rather keep that annonymous). Molly's "opinion/review" just happens to be almost verbatim what I'd have written if I'd constructed a review of my own prior to reading hers (or perhaps his?). S/he just saved me a little typing.
Anything Goes....GREAT
by thrillseeker
Sunday, March 4, 2007
Sorry for the duplication...I just figured out that a comment was different from review!! I wanted to make sure I got to give you all a great "REVIEW".

WOW...I attended the show on Saturday evening and I was pleasantly surprised. After reading some other reviews, I wasn't sure what to expect and ladies and gentlemen..It was fabulous. The theatre itself was beautiful and all the new touches were duly noted but best of all the Play was GREAT!! I was laughing out loud (and so was everyone else in attendance)during almost the entire was soo funny!! A couple of songs seemed a little weak but not enough to take anything away from the show as a whole. Thanks for making me feel as though I got my money's worth and we will definitly be returning. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
The Good Stuff
by ADeighty8
Sunday, February 25, 2007
I found the play highly enjoyable! The acting and singing were great!

To everyone who worked on it: Awesome job! I would definitely recommend this to my friends to see.

Don't overlook the good!
by Squiggle
Saturday, February 24, 2007
In reading the other reviews I am amazed at how some wonderful things were overlooked about this production. I am aware that not all of the vocals are great, however, some of the acting IS. As Billy Crocker, Craig Jones is a wonderful blend of an over-the-top, slapstick comedian and lovesick broker. Jim Albert plays Moonie just as he was meant to be played-hilariously! And he is a great singer, even while singing in character voice! It is worth seeing just to hear his rendition of "Be Like The Bluebird." Camille Wall exudes sex appeal as Reno Sweeney. Her duet of "Let's Misbehave" with Sir Evelyn Oakleigh -played by Chris Fail, is delightful. Amanda Whittle was born to play "sweet" and her vocals on "All through the Night" are beautiful. So tender and ...well...sweet. Buddy Everhart does his role of Elisha J. Whitney perfectly. And although I may be a bit biased, Aliya Hutcheson is delightful as Bonnie LeTour! Tonight's performance was far superior to last Saturday night's. I think Bill Jury and the entire theatre should be commended. It may take a while to completely overcome the trials they have been thru...but I feel this production shows they are coming to life! Anything Goes may not be perfect, but it is very entertaining and has some talent that is very much worth seeing. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
New Cover does not change the book
by MuzicKal
Thursday, February 22, 2007
Okay, so Cobb Studio is now Theatre On Main. I was very excited to see this show. How soon we forget that the best Christmas Carol that I ever saw was at Cobb Playhouse, I refer to the one 2 years ago, not the last one which to be kind was sadly lacking. I saw a great production of Rome and Juliet (when they were in Marietta), a great production of Steel Magnolias (at the Acworth location), and a great outdoor show of Bye Bye Birdie. All of these very good shows were at Cobb Playhouse. I also sat through a very dismal(I am too kind) I Hate Hamlet (Acworth), the worst production of Guys and Dolls(Marietta, the worst production of Sound Of Music (Acworth), an okay production of Great Expectations (Acworth) and a uneven production of Footloose(Acworth). What am I saying? in the past, they have done great work all the way down to awful. So what makes them different now? I am sure that Bill Jury is a capable director (though I didn't see it here)and some of the performances were okay. But what director/artistic director spend a ton of money on renovations (though I do like them)but doesn't care that people can't sing in a musical? I have attended brilliant plays in what looked like a hovel, and awful plays in theatrical palaces! So I ask, what is the difference? Theatre has it's ups and downs. Theatre on Main will, just like Cobb Playhouse before it. But they won't be around long if they execute this type of judgement. I am sorry guys, I hope I love the next show that I see. I am giving it a one, because there were some nice performances. But alas, a new cover seems not to have changed the book. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Just keep reading by pleaseremainseated
For those reviewers that came to our Saturday performance, I apologize, we were definitly off our game...we are struggling a little bit with our vocals, however,Saturday was an off night all together. I am not sure why you think the lighting was horrible, I know a couple of places where the wrong button was hit but I didn't notice a huge problem with lighting. Anyway, we appreciate the feedback and just about everything that has been said we have also been addressing. What we do appreciate is that so far, everyone seems to be willing to come back and that is our goal. We are looking better inside and out but we truly want the focus to be the show and again, I apologize for the less than GREAT performance. Keep reading, I promise the next chapter will be magnificent!!
No one's perfect by MuzicKal
I will be back. I generally root for community theatre. Try to get the people who made the really good shows that I mentioned to direct or act again. They are obviously tried and true. Reach out and get new blood too. I wish you guys luck.
New leadership makes a great difference....
by Cindy
Thursday, February 22, 2007
The theatre looks significantly better than it did. It was great sitting in seats that weren't torn and squeaky! The paint job inside, new decorations and removal of the theatre concession stand box were well overdue. Having wine available, crackers, cheese and fruit were nice additions and make this theatre now seem more like a "real" theatre.

For the show, we saw it on the 2nd night - Saturday. The stage was much better than in prior presentations at this playhouse. The acting team did a nice job considering the amount of time they had to prepare for the show. The singing, however, was suboptimal and at times was as Simon Cowell would say "painful." Consideration should be given to perhaps lip synch to prerecorded music for the songs that the actors cannot sing in tune or just can't sing well on. Other songs sounded OK.

My husband & I look forward to attending upcoming shows there to see how things progress under the new management team. Hopefully they'll consider offering fewer shows but with having more time for the cast to prepare so that they can give the best performances possible. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Extra Time Won't Help by Allanna
All the rehearsal time in the world cannot change the fact that the three male leads cannot sing. It was just horribly miscast. If good singers do not show up at auditions, keep trying. Don’t settle for somebody who only has part of the requirements. But, having cast the show the music director should have either let the ensemble cover the songs or they should have been cut. It ran way too long. The lighting was pretty bad too. Too much attention, I fear, was paid to “outside” of the stage and not what is supposed to happen on the stage.
Allanna by Celess
Don't you think that was a little harsh? I thought that they did pretty well maybe they should have the benefit of the doubt. I've been in shows before and I know how fast at this time of year that people are very prone to sickness and passing it along to each other. They did very well with the time given. Just stating my opinion.
I agree with Celess by Flower
Celess I agree. Allanna was being way too harsh. I saw the show too and I thought they did a great job. All 3 had great voices and played their parts very well. And again with Celess, it's winter, people are getting sick, chances are someone in the show was.
Oh Please! by MuzicKal
Yes, there were some moments. BUT- Why should a review take into account sickness or anything else? They are stating their opinion on what they saw. Why it was that way is not important. If it wasn't a great show they saw, it wasn't a great show. Why should they take into consideration anything? If it was just bad circumstances, the future reviews will be more positive. Can anyone actually accept the blame? or do we have to make excuses for a show. If they didn't have enough time, they shouldn't have opened, if someone is sick-then hopefully the next shows will improve. Though I doubt anything except an almost complete recasting would help this show. I think some of you are tone def, because those men made my hair stand on end.
... by Celess
Well I'm aorry you felt that way. I was stating what I saw and my experiences as a performer not questioning her review or comment. I thought that they were fabulous so lets leave it at that.


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