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Steel Magnolias
a Drama
by Robert Harling

COMPANY : The Twilight Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Fayette YMCA Black Box Theatre
ID# 2230

SHOWING : April 12, 2007 - April 22, 2007



Clairee Tammy J Barton
Truvy Amanda Burger
Shelby Alison Chambers
M'Lynn Jeanne Chambers
Annelle Angie Hiltzheimer
Ouiser Beth Nicholson
Stage Manager Pauli Reep
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Good Show! Terrible audience!
by brent_615_davis
Saturday, May 5, 2007
I saw Steel Magnolias in its first weekend, and I saw the Saturday night performance! I must say that it was a great show, and it is a shame that the advertising wasn't good enough to bring a good size audience.

I will go from my most favorite to my least favorite, which is very hard to do because they were all so amazing! I loved the show!

Ouiser (Beth Nicholson) -
PROS:Delivered a very humorous performance, I especially loved the very first scene when everything is all serious, Ms. Nicholson proceeded to pick up the PLAYGIRL magazine sitting on the coffee table, and then when she left the Beauty Parlor she decided to just slip the magazine into her bag, and steel it.
CONS: Sometimes, I feel that Ms. Nicholson took away from some of the seriousness from some of the scenes, but other than that she was fabulous.

Truvy (Amanda Burger) -
PROS: Amanda Burger was very funny, and having never seen Dolly Parton do it, I'm sure she is in no comparison in any way, but I'm sure she made the part her own, and gave it something different.
CONS: None

Shelby (Alison Chambers) -
PROS: She can actually cry onstage. I love that. I also believe one of the things that help make her performance as Shelby so believable is the fact that she was playing the role of the daughter with her actual mother playing her mother. Another thing, she really did seem to mature as the show went on, she came out at the beginning all child-like, then in her final scene she was very mature about everything.
CONS: One thing I didn't like though was the fact that she was so sad throughout the entire show, I know in the movie that Julia Roberts.

Clairee (Tammy Barton) -
PROS: She seemed to grasp the fact that she was playing a woman in what appeard to be 50s or 60s.
CONS: None

M'Lynn (Jeanne Chambers) -
PROS: She was very motherly, but this is to be expected because she's playing mother to her daughter, and I loved her monologue in the final scene about how she was always ready to go first, and such. It was so sad.
CONS: None

Anelle (Angie Hiltzheimer) -
PROS: She grasped her changing behaviors from scared, and frightened, to party animal, to Jesus lover, to Jesus all the time. It was very cool. She acted the part so well.
CONS: She looked a little old to be just 18 and such like that, they could've changed the line a littlt to just 21, which would have been more believable, but overall she was good.

The set was amazing, Twilight always delivers a good set, and they didn't disappoint in this one, I loved it as usual. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Thanks Brent by bethnicholson
It was a lot of fun, a lot of work and an awesome group of ladies to work with. I would have loved to fill the audience too but many men I know (even theater goers) considered it a "chick" show and wouldn't come. The fact that you came and enjoyed it enough to write a very kind review is heartening.

I'm so glad you caught my little theft; I didn't think anyone did! Thanks for the kind words on the sets too.

I can't wait to see you in Little Shop and Les Mis!


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