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Miss Nelson is Missing

a Children's Theater
by Harry Allard and James Marshall

COMPANY : Synchronicity Performance Group [WEBSITE]
VENUE : 7 Stages [WEBSITE]
ID# 2265

SHOWING : April 20, 2007 - May 20, 2007



The kids of room 207 have become the WORST kids of all!

Sweet Miss Nelson has been replaced with the scary substitute Viola Swamp… who won’t even have a story hour! Your whole family will love this witty, wacky musical, which teaches a valuable lesson about kindness and respect. Based on the beloved children's book.
For kids 4 & up

Co-Producing Artistic Director Hope Mirlis
Co-Producing Artistic Director Michele Pearce
Music Director Bryan Mercer
Director Clint Thornton
Set Designer Rochelle Barker
Costume Designer Katherine Callahan
Lighting Designer/ Production Manager Jessica Coale
Stage Manager Laura Coates
Choreographer Kathleen Donahoe
Adam Drew Archer
Cheryl Taylor Driskill
Gregory Jimi Kocina
Allison Erin Lorette
Pop, Principal Blandsworth, Detective Mc Patrick McColery
Miss Nelson Rachel D. White
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Working With Others
by Dedalus
Monday, May 14, 2007
Hi again. This is Julia Rudy here and I want to start by saying my Daddy didn’t take me to see this play. He was going to, but all of sudden I found out that Radio Disney was going to be at Great Adventure at the same as time as Daddy was going to this play, and I wanted to see Radio Disney and go to Great Adventure because there’s nothing cooler than the rides there, so Daddy saw this himself and Mommy took me to the park. Radio Disney wasn’t too cool because it really wasn’t them, it was just some people with a big radio tuned to Radio Disney, but the rides were still cool and I didn’t make Mommy too cranky.

Anyway, the neat thing is that on the day after the Park, Daddy was seeing another play at the same place as “Miss Nelson,” so I went along and saw “Miss Nelson” with Mommy (it was Mother’s Day, after all). I liked the play a lot, because the kids in it were louder and badder than me and my classmates, and their teacher Miss Nelson was nice like my teacher Ms Laudermilk and I knew they were being bad, so I was kind of glad when Miss Nelson didn’t come to school. The substitute teacher was really mean and gave them a lot of homework and made them start working together and soon, when Miss Nelson came back, they turned into the best kids in school. It was really neat that (Daddy’s note – I have to edit this out because it has a plot spoiler here. Sorry Pumpkin-Nose!). The play was funny and I liked the songs and I liked the kids. I liked that it was about learning to work together and listening to your teacher. (Daddy says I never listen to him, but I do. Especially when he tells me to do something I was going to do anyway.) I really liked that I got to see it with Mommy on Mother’s Day, because sometimes when I see plays with Daddy, he falls asleep and embarrasses me.

-- Julia Rudy

Daddy’s note – this is one that (in my humble opinion) kids will like better than grown-ups. I found the songs bland, the McSmogg subplot pointless padding, and the kids interchangeable. Also, the kids’ turnaround seemed a bit too fast and too easy. That being said, I really liked the work of the energetic (and oh-so-young) cast, especially the multi-character performance of Patrick McColery who was a charming narrator, a smarmy principle, and a goofy Detective McSmogg. Clint Thornton provided his usual A-List direction, and MD Bryan Mercer kept the music lively and on-key. But, at least at the performance I say, the kids were having a super-duper wonderful time, and the grown-ups were sorta kinda checking their watches. In the final analysis, the play is for the kids, so my carping here should be taken with a grain of does-it-really-matter.

-- Brad Rudy (



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