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june groom

a Comedy
by rick abbott

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 2282

SHOWING : May 25, 2007 - June 23, 2007



to receive a large inheritence jordan benedict has agreed to remain a virgin until his 30th birthday. he gets married 3 days before and has to keep his uncle who is giving him the money from finding out.

Director Lane Teilhaber
Lights/Sound David Campion
stage manager Amy McGuire
sister susan Stacy Bowers
ginger lafarge angie caudill
uncle harvey Greg Fitzgerald
joanna amanda libbey
dinah benedict Jessica McGuire
jordan benedict James Northway
marty lafarge Sean Patrick O'Rourke
aunt bella Linda Place
aunt iris Tracy Wisniewski
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Going to the chapel and we’re gonna get funny!
by line!
Saturday, June 9, 2007
When you go to see a community theatre production, what do you expect?

I expect a good evening’s entertainment that is worth the price of the ticket, performed by people giving their best effort. “June Groom” at Kudzu meets, and at times exceeds, those expectations.

As is common in community theatre productions, the cast is composed of actors with different skill levels. Luckily in “June Groom” whenever there is less talent, there is more heart and a stronger effort! In community theatre I appreciate the effort as much as the talent. This cast works as a solid team and helps each other out to keep things moving along nicely.

James Northway plays Jordan Benedict, the naďve newlywed husband who has promised to maintain his virginity until his 30th birthday in order to win a sizable sum of money as a reward from his rich uncle. The plot twist is that his 30th birthday is 3 days after his wedding day! So he must stall his bride without seeming to be a money grubbing jerk. This is only James’s second show (ever). He puts forth a strong effort and projects a winning charisma onstage that fits his character well.

Jessica McGuire as Dinah Benedict is a talented actress stuck in a poorly written character. Jessica’s intelligence and maturity show through in her performance. Her character is a very young, very naďve, newlywed virgin and Jessica’s choices give the character a bit of different “vibe” for me. She has a strong stage presence but her vocal projection needs work (she was frequently hard to hear). I look forward to seeing her in a future role that better suits her talents.

Greg Fitzgerald, as rich Uncle Harvey Dawson, brings new meaning to the phrase “Pickle Sucker”! (Go see the show and you will understand.) He constantly contorts his face into a scowl that reminds me of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s old man dummy, Walter. Greg always has fun onstage and because of that, he is great fun to watch. He makes the most of the comedy (as written) but, because he was having so much fun, he left me wondering how much was written and how much was improv. I kept waiting for him to utter his famous adlib from “And Then There Were None”: “Flapjacks!”

Linda Marie Place as Bella Dawson, and Tracy Wisniewski as Iris Quayle are the backbone of this show. They are the solid core that carry this production. Their talent and timing keep things sailing smoothly!

Amanda Libbey and Stacy Bowers turn in solid performances in their supporting roles. They are both talented, smart actresses who know exactly what their roles required. Unfortunately they don’t get enough chances to show their stuff. When they do get a chance, they shine. I hope to see them again in the future in more prominent roles.

The true stars of this one are Sean Patrick O’Rourke and Angie Caudill.

These two make the show! They play the inevitable comedic device: the wacky neighbors, As actors, they are the engine that drives this production. They do a splendid job of pumping energy and vitality into both their characters and the show.

Sean leads with exceptional energy and timing! He and Angie have good chemistry onstage and it is a blast to watch them together. In fact, it is a blast to watch Sean with anybody onstage in this one!

Angie brings back the 80’s with a wonderful take on the dumb girl next door. With her striped leg warmers, striped off-the-shoulder top (with visible bra straps) and Punky Brewster hairdo, she reminded me of Tony Basil from the old video of “Hey Mickey!” (“Hey Mickey Your So Fine, Your So Fine You Blow My Mind. Hey Mickey! (clap clap) Hey Mickey!”) She does a remarkable job of portraying “cute” and “dumb” without coming across as “stupid”. Way to go girl!

One of the things I enjoy most about seeing a show Lane Teilhaber has directed is that I know I will not be seeing a lazy or sloppy production. Lane is a worker and he doesn’t accept “good enough” from those he works with. I can count on him to get the best out of the resources he has to work with. He’s the kind of director who consistently delivers a solid effort, dependable entertainment and enjoyable productions. “June Groom” is no exception.

The story is from the pen of Rick Abbott, who also wrote “Play On”, a riotous comedy which was a hit for both director Lane Teilhaber and Kudzu last year. Unfortunately lightning didn’t strike twice with this script. It is based on a pretty weak premise which boils down to the entire show being a set-up for a single punch line. While the punch line is funny, it’s not worth what it took to get there. The script has some humorous bits and characters, but nothing exceptional or unique.

Kudzu is cursed with a wide and shallow performance area featuring a large cement column center stage. This limitation forces the set for “June Groom” to be very wide to accommodate all the furniture and doors required by the script. The set functions OK, but forces the actors to take a few extra “beats” to make some of the crosses. Perhaps some blocking changes could have been made to avoid the penalty to the pacing? (Wally tells me that they have begun moving into their new space and the days of the “Kudzu Kolumn” and the stage limitations will soon be over!).

The effort put forth by the cast, crew and production team overcomes the somewhat weak script. “June Groom” is an enjoyable evening of light comedy at a good community theatre. If you want to see a show that you can count on, go see “June Groom” at Kudzu. They run through June 23rd.
Threes compeny by Michael
What could be funner than Sean Playing anything.With his energy and getting in on the scoop right up front as Marty laFarge,the best friend,he was seeing to it that he was going to be the bestfriend of a rich man.Explotions second half with Ginger LaFarge(Angie Caudill)kudos to her.My complements to the cast,great job.One of Lanes best.James you got...charisma.


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