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A Few Good Men
a Play
by Aaron Sorkin

COMPANY : New Dawn Theater [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Red Clay Theatre
ID# 2290

SHOWING : May 24, 2007 - June 10, 2007



Can You Handle The Truth?

In A Few Good Men a rookie Navy lawyer is assigned to defend two Marines on trial for the murder of one of their platoon members. He expects a plea-bargain, and a cover-up of what really happened. But, prodded by a female member of his defense team, the lawyer eventually makes a valiant effort to defend his clients and, in doing so, the play raises the questions of what it means to have honor, dignity and humanity in an increasingly complex world.

Pfc. William T. Santiago Carson Cerney
Captain Jack Ross Martin Gravely
Lt. Kendrick Mike Yow
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A Few Good Things
by beezneez
Friday, June 8, 2007
This was a nicely attempted production, with a few good spots. Unfortunately, the many technical aspects hurt this show.

First off, the theater space was very dirty. When I walked in, I was greeted by peeling paint, dirty, dusty floors and a garish painting decor. Upon using the restroom, I found dead bugs on the floor. It made it hard for me to enjoy the play when it felt like I might be getting germs all over me.

The set seemed well constructed, but I didn't understand why every single set piece of heavy furniture was crammed on the stage. It was very distracting to watch a scene going on at the back of the stage with a bed, table and chairs in front of the actors. I think less would have been way more in this production, and a minimal set could have been used.

The lighting was atrocious for this show. The lights were poorly hung, there were glaring shadows on the walls, the actors looked washed out, and in some scenes, one actor could be in full light, while the person they were talking to was shrouded in shadows. The cues were also very slow up and down.

The most distracting thing, however, was the fact that even tough I was sitting not 10 feet from the action, it was hard to hear the actors over a rumblling air condition unit (which didn't seem to be cooling the space, anyway). The majority of the actors seemed aware of this noise and were trying to project over the noise, but it just made their characters seemed forced and unnatural. There was also noise coming from behind the audience, whispering, paper rattling and cars from the street passing by.

So what did I like? Well, the costumes were excellent. And I was very impressed by the young men playing marines. They were for the most part high schoolers, and judging from the photos in the program, all cut a considerable amount of hair off for this show, so I was impressed by the committment.

The acting jobs by Jessup, Galloway, Kendrick, Sam, and Dawson were all very good, but at times, they seemed unmatched by their acting partner on the stage with them. I also felt that some of the blocking had the actors upstaging themselves at times. The director could have done with a bit more, again, with a more open set, but the actors were confined to the small spaces dictated by the heavy set pieces. Also, with the actor's fighting over the noise, I again felt that some of the moments that should have been more nuanced were forced.

It was, though, a good effort of a theater for their first time out in this space. I hope that they learn from the mistakes of this play and move forward with the good actors that they have and only improve from there. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
in fairness by tgillesp
Yes, the lighting was atrocious, but that was not the fault of the LD. The venue (the old home of the Aurora) *used* to have a full grid and circuitry in the air. Even with that, it was one of the most challenging spaces to light I have ever worked in... without that infrastructure, the space simply is not suitable for a production. Blame the landlord.
Do NOT miss "A Few Good Men"
by TStrick
Tuesday, June 5, 2007
I had the opportunity to go see New Dawn Theater Company's production of "A Few Good Men" and I must say it was very well done!

From a military standpoint the production required many different types of Marine and Navy uniforms depending on rank, job function or specific duty and each one was "spot on". AND worn correctly. This may not be a big deal if you have no knowledge of the military, but for those who do, it would have ruined the show had it not been done correctly. Fortunately with Martin Gravely (who also played a very strong and confident Capt Jack Ross) serving as military consultant, the military aspect of the production was about as realistic as you can get without using ACTUAL military personnel. The haircuts were all "high and tight" and all of the troops postured themselves with the military bearing of real service men and women. Kudos Martin !!

The part of Col. Nathan Jessup was played by Bill Miller. Miller did a great job of portraying the hardcore Jessup and the court room scene was chilling to say the least.

LtJG's Daniel Kaffee and Sam Weinberg were played by Rick Thompson and Jake Cullens respectively. I found Thompson's delivery style to be a good fit with the sarcastic wit of Cullens. Their comedic chemistry was good and each style complimented the other. Cullens (Weinberg) had some of the funniest lines in the show. His timing was great!

Kristie Krabe did an excellent job playing Lt. Cmdr Joanne Galloway. She was very convincing as the defense lawyer whose passion for justice was second only to her appreciation for the brave Marines who put their lives on the line every day. Kristie....Demi Moore's got nothing on you sister!

I guess the most notable performance has to go to Matthew Carter who portrayed Lance Cpl. Harold Dawson..(one of the Marines accused of murder). Carter's Dawson was the very personification of the GUNG HO Marine. You can always hear a little murmuring in the audience about various things ...but with every line Matthew Carter delivered you could hear a pin drop. He was "all frikkin business" and you walked out of that theater with "Unit, Corps, God, Country" resounding in your head.

This cast was quite large so I can't possible name everyone…but to ALL of the cast I say GREAT JOB !!!

...and as for Sherry Ingbritsen, Director.
From the the the venue...this was an overall "top notch" production. You pulled strong performances out of all of your actors and put on one heck of a show. CONGRATULATIONS Sherry !!!

A Few Good Performances Make A Few Good Men Good
by Duke
Monday, June 4, 2007
I went to see this show to support a friend and give my mother a much needed night out. Not being a big fan of the movie, I didn't have very high expectations. This production pleasantly surprised me. Although the play is a little long, the performances captivate and make the time fly by.

There are many in the cast that absolutely shine. Most notable is Matthew Carter's chilling portrayal of accused Marine, Cpl. Dawson. Bill Miller played the arrogant Col. Jessup excellently with his own panache and not even a hint of mimicking Nicholson. Kristie Krabe was charmingly captivating as Lt. Cmdr. Galloway, displaying that her extensive acting experience is not wasted. Rick Thompson's Lt. JG Kaffee was played deadpan with a dry wit and it works, especially played next to Jake Cullen's hilarious comic relief as sarcastic Lt. JG Weinberg. Martin Gravely, as Capt. Ross, exuded effortless confidence. So many were wonderful, I could remark on them all, but with a cast this size I'd better not.

Do yourself a favor. Go see this show. It's an entertaining escape you won't forget. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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