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Robin Hood

a Family Play
by Gay H. Hammond

COMPANY : Georgia Shakespeare [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Conant Performing Arts Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 2307

SHOWING : July 11, 2007 - July 28, 2007



Tuesday - Friday at 10am
Saturday at 10am and 1pm

Join Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men for a swashbuckling adventure! Perfect for kids ages 4 and above.

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Maid Marian Kristen Burke
Robin Hood Alex Cole
Nurse Ellen Amelia Hammond
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Into The Woods
by Dedalus
Friday, July 27, 2007
For a second year, Georgia Shakespeare offers a Family-Friendly production, and for a second year, they score a solid hit. Last year’s collection of pirates and scalawags have yielded to this year’s collection of thieves and scalawags – I’m sorry, that should read insurgents and scalawags – um, that’s pretty non-PC, so let’s just make it men in tights and ladies all a-quiver. By “Ladies All A-Quiver,” I of course, am referring to the modern “No one better mess with me when I’m playing with my quiver full of arrows!” rather than the traditional “(Gasp!) You Villain! When is my Prince going to come and save me!” version. Which is good, since the former is a better role model for my daughter.

In short, Sherwood Forest has moved to Oglethorpe and Robin Hood and his band of insurgents (I mean Merry Men) are going through their paces in a nicely edited, face-paced frolic that left my daughter unfidgety (and wanting to see a Robin Hood movie), and, to be honest, gave me a good time too. All the elements are here – A gallant hero loyal to the missing King Richard, a hissable villain with his nefarious eyes on Maid Marian’s goodies, a frolicsome group of friends pursuing justice in the woods, a lute melody or two, a gluttonous friar, and the classic stick fight over a stream (nicely done using some of the same techniques used in the “Pericles” tempest).

If I have a quibble (and when don’t I?), it’s that the first two “Family Shows” at Oglethorpe seem more centered on boys’ fantasies. Granted, my daughter loved them both, and, granted they use non-traditional go-get-‘em heroines. Still, I can’t help but worry that they are pigeonholing themselves into a corner. As a suggestion, maybe a more traditional girls’ story next year (with non-traditional heroes) may strike a balance. Or maybe my old baby-boomer role model paradigms are just reading more into the shows than are actually there. The fact is, there is (or should be) nothing wrong with a girl fantasizing about being Robin Hood or other traditional “boy” heroes, and the Georgia Shakespeare shows are taking great strides in breaking these paradigms.

In any case, kudos need to go out to Alex Cole for a dashing and gallant Robin Hood, Kristen Burke for a lively Maid Marian, and Amelia Hammond for a particularly spunky and dynamic “Nurse Ellen” (Marian’s Lady-in-Waiting). Fight Director Chris Ensweiller is (as usual) to be commended for some swashbuckling swordplay, and Scenic Designer Derek Kinsler gets points for making an intentionally cheesy forest grow from the bones of the “Pericles” set. Co-Directors Tim Conley and Allen O’Reilly have staged and coached their young cast well, and the whole thing is a delight for kids and grown-ups alike.

Now, if someone will just point the way out of the woods I built for myself with all my politically-correct paradigm quibbles …

-- Brad Rudy (

Let's face it... by Iamawesome
Georgia Shakes does a lot of Shakespeare... therefore hiring a lot of men. When they do their annual "family series" made up primarily of the 6 interns they've hired for the summer, what they have to cast from is a lot of men. It would be nice for them to go for a female heroine next time but they still probably won't be giving any extra work to female actors.


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