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Lettice and Lovage

a Comedy
by Peter Schaffer

COMPANY : The New American Shakespeare Tavern [WEBSITE]
VENUE : The New American Shakespeare Tavern [WEBSITE]
ID# 2483

SHOWING : September 08, 2007 - September 30, 2007



Now Playing : Peter Shaffer's brilliant comedy Lettice and Lovage - A Suzi Bass Awards Recommended Show!

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by Okely Dokely
Monday, October 1, 2007
I said QUAFF, meaning: to knock a drink back or shoot it. Get your mind out of the gutter.

I am involved with the Tavern, and I don't want to bite the hand that feeds me, so I'm giving this a NR, and I'm only going to say the positive things. Not that I thought everything about this show was positive, but it mostly was.

I loved L&L. I found it captivating, funny, and even a little moving. I saw this show on its closing night, and stuck around to help strike the set, and even though I wasn't in the cast, doggone it if I didn't get that sad, heavy heart feeling that an actor gets when his/her own show has just closed.

If Joanna Daniel doesn't get a Suzi Bass nomination next year for this performance, then all the Suzi judges need portals into their heads, a la Being John Malkovich. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
That's different... by BenAround
We have never known you to be shy to say what's on your mind, OD. I think the Tavern can take it. What did you really think?
The Tavern can take it. Can my employment take it? by Okely Dokely
Not that I don't think the Tavern can take it, I just didn't think it would be appropriate for me to diss something I didn't like at a theater that I am employed at. I wasn't planning on even reviewing this show, but was compelled to say at least something after seeing it. I was blown away by Joanna Daniel's performance and the overall show itself.
British Comedy at its Best!
by line!
Sunday, September 16, 2007
Although the title sounds like a recipe for a good healthy diet, this show is a recipe for a great evening of entertaining theatre! It’s a British comedy featuring two very strong actors in well written roles performed with confidence, clarity and exquisite skill. While the show is not really a farce per se, the situations and characters are most definitely eccentric, odd and incredibly interesting. It is three acts of delightful entertainment, during which my attention never wavered and their energy never flagged. A truly joyful theatrical experience!

I hold different theatres to different standards. And as such, I hold professional theatres to the highest standards. If you are using equity actors and charging more than $20 per ticket, I expect to see a professional quality production well worth the price of the ticket. I may have differences of opinion artistically, but I do expect to be “shown the money”. After seeing quite a number of underwhelming productions from our local “professional” theatre groups lately, The Shakespeare Tavern’s “Lettice and Lovage” has restored my faith in Atlanta’s live professional theatre scene!

I saw “L&L” on a Sunday night on opening weekend with a less-than-packed house. If they wanted to “coast” during a performance, this one would have been a good candidate to do just that. But they didn’t. They worked and they worked hard. The actors put forth wonderful energy and demonstrated great comedic timing and delivery, giving this somewhat meager audience (compared to my other visits to “The Tavern”) a first rate performance. I have a great deal of respect for those that work hard. Aside from that respect, it just happened to also be a wonderful show. Well written, well staged, well directed, well cast, well designed and well lighted. The "money" was being shown!

The sets are sparse (and rightly so in my opinion) because that is all that is required. This show is about the characters; and anything else, visual or otherwise, that distracts the audience from the performances would only hurt the overall effect of the show.

The performances by Janet Metzger and Joanna Daniel are exquisite. These are two very talented actors who have great chemistry together on stage. Their timing and interplay was spot on and playful. I do not wish to praise one above the other because, although Joanna Daniels carries the bulk of the show (and does so wonderfully), it is the two of them together that make the show!

While I always try very hard to be kind in my comments about every production I see, I am not usually this effusive. Go see “Lettice and Lovage”! I hope it will restore your faith in Atlanta’s live theatre like it did mine. It is a rare production that is this solid from top to bottom.

Caveats: I do not know anyone associated with this production. I paid full price for tickets for my wife and myself (dumbass that I am, I forgot about my ACPA discount). To put it very simply, I really enjoyed this show. I think you will also.

by EKFricke
And being of the gentler sex, I appreciate that the Tavern selected a female-centric show for its foray into non-Shakesland. Props on that.


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