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Disney's High School Musical
a Musical

COMPANY : Christian Youth Theatre -Atlanta [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Chattahoochee High School
ID# 2816

SHOWING : October 00, 2008 - October 00, 2008



CYT Proudly Presents Disney's High School Musical! Join Troy, Gabriella, and the gang on a musical journey of High School! Directed by the wonder pair of Michelle Evans and Pat Valleroy. The Show is a big hit and will leave you knowing that in life, we are all in this together! Will Troy make the lead in the high school musical? Will Gabriella and Troy go out? Will Ryan and Sharpay sabotage Troy and Gabriella's experience at high school? Find out at CYT's production of High School Musical!

Choreographer Sharon Druzbanski
Musical Director Denise Lortz
Director Michelle Janien Evans
Director Pat Valleroy
Troy Shane Lloyd Watson Bizzell
Cheerleader/ Auditioner Nicole Carpenter
Ms.Tenny/Cheerleader/Preformance Arts Ki Brooke D
Zeke Jared Allen Dangar
Martha Cox Lauren Brooke Overton
Taylor Hope Roberts
Coach Bolton Morgan Alexander Roth
Karaoke Moderator/Jock Alex Thomas
Ryan Jacob V.
Chad Zach Williams
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by dancerblondi92
Sunday, October 26, 2008
Wow guys... there is really no need to fight over this... i agree it wasnt the best show in the world but it was pretty darn good yes i am in the cast and let me just say we worked hard to put the show on this show was definetly not aimed to atract adult viewers its was really trying to reach out to the younger ones...the ones that arent going to care about the mic problems, technical difficulties, and lack of acting skill (even though i think the acting was pretty good) Gabriella played her role very well in that every little girl in the audience worshipped her in fact all the little kids fell in love with all the leads so basically our goal was accomplished we sold out almost every show and for those who are bashing cyt and the artistic team u have no right to u can critcize the show but not the directors they worked harder than alot of you can imagine they do not deserve to be trashed like that i will admit that i feel like the artistic team did not colaborate but there was so much going on that it was hard to and just so you all know cyt is not some horrible theater company full of a bunch of pushy stage moms and rumor spreading brats i have made sooo many great friends at cyt and i feel like we are all a big family so dont trash cyt [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by TheaterColin
I agree with you...for the most part. this show WAS aimed at little kids, and they are the target audience. The adults coming to see the show, like JWild, shouldn't have expected to love it. Most adults I know hate the show anyways, just because its HSM. As Richard Long said, HSM is a show that most adults hate and it doesnt matter what theater does it: its going to be extremely unrealistic and cheesy (at some points). HSM is the exact opposite of what High School really is, so people who have already been through high school watch it and hate how it is trying to give younger kids a fake glimpse of what High School is actually like.

And from what i've been reading from these reviews, CYT has not been trashed. Nothing has been trashed. But it has been criticized. However, this is a free country. People are paying the $12 to see the show, and they are allowed to criticize it all they want! After all, this is theaterREVIEW! Shows get criticized all the time, and the theaters/actors need to take the criticism to heart. Also, the only thing that really was trashed in these reviews was ME in this. I was blamed by TheaterDude120 (and JohnStamos123) for writing all the reviews, and I was called a "homeschooler who has no life." It just so happens I didnt write ONE review on here. So they decide to come on here and blame me for all the negative stuff. They also have NO PROOF at all to back themselves up...well, to them they did.. and they backed it up with Rumors and Gossip that wasn't even true (YES, this is coming from CHRISTIAN Youth Theatre. Isnt that delightful?) So I was personally attacked by TheaterDude120 and JohnStamosFan 123 for something I did not even do.... Does that seem fair? Not to me.

Just my 2 cents.. Sorry if it offended anybody

East High at its Worst
by J_Wild
Saturday, October 25, 2008
I regret not forfeiting my tickets. I also took my 10 year old niece who is obsessed with the HSM trilogy, and even she was disappointed and fell asleep during Act 2. Every other review has said what needs to be said, so I'll just maintain my review to a minimum. Long story short, the acting was dry; dancing was messy; singing was the only redemptive quality.

Troy- Not in touch with his character and needed to be more bold. This kid also really needs to take it down a notch with the over the top facial distortions, because they took away from his pretty good singing voice (especially in "When There was Me and You"). His singing was alright. Not Great, not terrible. It was just ok. He went painfully flat on some of the higher notes. His dancing was nothing special, but he didn't come across as a natural dancer.

Gabriella- One of the the weak links of the show. As pretty much every other review said, her acting was all one color and it aggravated me how she only had 1 emotion throughout the entire course of the production. Her singing was her strongest suit. However, the voice was there; the emotion was not. I don't recall her dancing that much, but from what I saw it was decent.

Ryan- One of the stronger cast members. He played the part more as a geek than a dancer, and it didn't come across that well. His singing seemed forced and a few notes had to be changed before him. But an A# (his highest note) is difficult to find in teenage boys now-a-days. His dancing was very poor, as he made odd hand gestures throughout the dances.

Sharpay- Once again (as other reviewers said), too mean. She needed to be a little bit more "suckup" than "brat diva of the world." Her little bit of singing was good. She does have a very good singing voice. Her dancing with Ryan was very awkward, but in general she was an OK dancer.

Mrs. Darbus- The role was double cast, and I saw the girl who had darker hair. She was one of the strong points of the show! She added a nice comedic touch, and she was a breath of fresh air to the show.

Taylor- Probably the strongest cast member. Every time she came onstage, she was fully in character and commanded the stage. She also had a nice singing voice from what I heard. Even with a small role, it really stood out to the audience as my niece and I liked her the best out of all the cast.

The Velvet Fog- One of the weak links. He was very hard to understand and was not believable at all. He was way too young to have a supporting role, but it seems as if he was the only boy that could've played the part. He was probably my least favorite, as he had low energy and was boring to watch.

Chad- Very hard to understand, but he had a good deal of emotion and subtext behind his lines. Singing was very rough. It seems as if he has a pitch problem. His dancing was definitely the strongest out of the guys, on the other hand.

Ensemble- Most of the older ensemble members were good and had good reactions and singing. But their dancing was all very messy and sloppy. They were "Not in this together"! The JV ensemble was a poor choice on the directors behalf, as it left the audience thinking "Did they change the setting to a middle school"? If they weren't in the show, I would've at least given it a 2 or 2.5.

Sets- I saw Oliver also, and I think this was the same exact set. It was nothing special, but it wasn't terrible. They should've added a door right below the bridge so cast members could've exited and entered through there.

So overall, this was such a disappointment to both my niece and I. It's pace was slow, its dialogue was often tough to understand, and the acting/dancing needed major work! I wouldn't recommend this production, unless you have a 4-7 year old child who is beyond obsessed with the movie. But trust me, make sure they don't get their hopes up! Compared to the other 2 CYT Shows I've seen, B&TB and Charlie Brown, this was definitely the weakest. I probably won't return to see another CYT show again after being very disappointed by this production

Get'cha Head in the Game, CYT Atlanta...
by thisisme25
Friday, October 24, 2008
This show not only didn't live up to the great CYT shows in the past years, but didn't even follow all of what the show of High School Musical is about. First of all, highschoolers. Where were they? I saw maybe 7. All the rest were made up of middleschoolers and below. I have no opposition in having middleschoolers audition, but 8 year olds? Come on people! It's a no brainer. You raise the audition age level. Even with a smaller cast, it would've been even more effective.

Someone else said on here that the shows have gotten worse since "Beauty and the Beast" and "Seussical". I didn't get to see "Seussical", but "Beauty and the Beast" was a spectacle. --I think whoever said that "it has gone downhill from there" nailed it on the head. I'm not particularly involved within CYT, but this is exactly what I have noticed. Either the directors have gotten lazy or the actors went onstage and did exactly what the directors said not to do. It is clear that the choice of direction for the last couple shows has been amiss. I hope some person in charge reads these reviews and takes action in the quality of their shows. Boy, would it be refreshing to see children in Alpharetta perform another "Beauty and the Beast" quality show.

Now onto specific parts of the show. This is going to be very similar to other reviews, so I'll try to make this concise. Troy could stay on pitch, but there was nothing else incredible about his voice, although it was probably the easiest to listen to. His acting was so awkward. Just the way he moved tried to make him look like he was "Troy-ish", but failed miserably. His dancing...well...good thing Troy didn't have to dance that much. Oh wait...he did. My mistake. Gabriella was one-dimensional, as everyone else has stated and her voice wasn't one to go crazy over either. Sharpay didn't play the part like it was written. She was more angry, than a "theater", drama queen girl. Her singing was few and far between. From what I heard it wasn't horrible. Ryan's acting wasn't necessarily of the character's, but it didn't bother me as much as the other leads. His singing and dancing, however, made his overall performance drop. Chad couldn't sing and definitely needed to annunciate his lines and lyrics. But for a caucasian playing a smooth, afro-wearing African American, it didn't bother me as much as I thought it would. It was definitely different, but not bad. The girl who played Taylor also played the part very realistically, as much as High School Musical can be realistic. She made the cheesy dialogue work, which is exactly what you need in the performance. Her singing wasn't bad either. One big thing I noticed in the show was that, since there were younger kids in the cast, they had to change some music, one coming to mind in "Stick to the Status Quo". Each soloist's part had to be altered to fit their range, mostly because they were not of the high school age. This show was written for highschoolers.

I believe the one person or people to blame are the directors. They cast the show.They directed the show. They are responsible for what goes onstage. They can't blame anyone else.

I apologize if I hurt anyone's feelings and if I did, I recommend you don't come onto TheaterReview. Actors from a show are allowed to come on here to get critiques and talk to their director about it, not type an explanation or say how the reviewers are rude. This is a review site.

I desperately hope CYT Atlanta can get its act together, because their shows from last year were magical.

the show (obviously)
by johnstamosfan123
Thursday, October 23, 2008

I saw this show and i thought it was a pretty decent show. theater colin, and all these other people saying how BAD it was. i think you all are wrong. sure it wasn't the best CYT show there has been. but they put alot of work in to this show and i thought it was a very well done show. ALOT better than any middle school or even high school shows i have seen lately. i thought the leads were pretty good as well. troy played his part very well. sang well. acted well. danced well. sharpay and ryan were also good at singing acting and dancing. gabriella to. she was a very good gabriella compared to what i have seen before. the leads were good. so don't you dare try to say they weren't.

over all like i said the show was good. not the best CYT show. but definitely NOT the worst. i liked it. and i am looking forward to seeing their next show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Sir, Are you Blind!? by TheaterColin
I NEVER said this was a bad show! I never even made a review on it... Think before speaking next time!
by theatersmylife*12
Wednesday, October 22, 2008
i have seen many CYT shows in the past, and High School Musical did not live up to its standards. I was very disappointed in just about the entire show. Troy had a decent voice but made very awkward facial expressions when he sang. the boy could not act, or dance. Gabriella needed alot of acting work (i blame the director for that) a character needs to be developed with help of the director, and either this girl is a terrible (which i can tell she is not) or she just needs character work which i could tell. Sharpay and Ryan....oh boy lets start with sharpay. sharpray had a good singing voice, but i felt like she was angry playing the part of sharpay. sharpray is my dream role and noticed how ashley tisdale plays the part more cocky and all around "i think im better than you" not angry. Ryan, he struggled in singing, acting wasnt GREAT but probably the best of the main leads. one more thing about ryan he strained alot while he sang. you could tell he coulnt hit those high notes. Chad had an ok voice not the best so he should stick to acting, he played his part pretty well i though. Taylor. i thought also did a pretty good job, i felt like she wasnt in character enough but shes still go it.

ENSEMBLE! what was with all these little kids?!?! ive personally seen (as said above) alot of CYT shows in the past. what happened to all these kids from Narnia, Oliver, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!. the singing wasnt very good with ensemble..dancing was not good it had potential but the dancers messed it up completely. ive seen alot better HSM ensemble dancing and singing before.

over all the show was NOT very good. i wouldnt tell alot of people to come pay 12 dollars or however much it was to come see this show when HSM 3 comes out on friday.

all said and done this is coming from a 16 year old girl so if you choose to see the show be my guest. but i have a very funny feeling CYT shows are not going to get better from here.. i have a sad feeling they are going to get worse and worse. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
by coocaracha12
Friday, October 17, 2008
This show utterly disapointed me. CYT, to me, has gone downhill since they did Seussical and Beauty and the Beast. B&TB especially. The acting was so-so, and singing was...well...ok. The choreography was good, but the dancers were not together at all. I felt that the only true high schoolers were the leads, and other than that it was mostly middle/elementary schoolers. I personally think the show, altogether, was ok. I may come see it again, to see if it has progressed, but not because it was mind-blowing. Some kids were very tense onstage, and did not seem to be enjoying themselves. Troy and Gabriella had absolutely no chemestry.

Character by character:

Troy: probably most experienced, but acting was too BIG and fake. He was not convincing in his conflict between singing and basketball. dancing skills are so/so. singing was ok, he hit a few good notes, but also a few sour ones as well.

Gabriella: acting skills...are just not there. i think she could make progress if she was worked with more, but she seemed tense and the audience saw only one side of the character. dancing, she does well. singing, she was good, but her voice was not very strong, but i think she would excell at that if she took some consistent voice lessons.

Sharpay: her character was too mean. i think of sharpay as cocky in and funny and sort of cute way. she portrayed her in an almost angry way. singing, her mike was turned up too loud, and i felt like she forced most of her sound, as well as her vebrato. dancing, she was good, but awkward with Ryan.

Ryan: i think he thought he was way better than he actually is. acting...was ok, yet again. dancing was very awkward. his singing was forced and extremely nasely.

Chad: voice was ok, but he tried really hard. you could tell someone worked with him and he listened and practiced. his acting was good, he needs to enunciate his words more, and work on varying his tone. his dancing was great.

Taylor: one of my favorites. It was obvious that she, too, really listened to the directors and tried her hardest. acting was good, singing was good also (a few slightly off-pitch notes but good otherwise) and her dancing was good as well.

well...that's it.
by hey93
Thursday, October 16, 2008
goood show talented kids

acting highlights- Ryan,chad,taylor,Darbus,kelsi. Theese actors were funny whitty and got into there character

standout singers- ryan,taylor,troy (ok singer) sharpay(not the best actress) Gabriela (ok), chad, martha

overall most of the leads were very talented. The ensamble did a great good they had good timeing and did an overall good job. The dancing was good, some people were talented dancers

the best show iev ever seeen
by HgSinger
Monday, October 13, 2008
this was the best show ive ever sen. evrything was pirfect. nothing was bad in the hole show. the ather reveiw is rong they probly saw a difrent show. the acting was not bad it was good. i will see every CYT show from now on.

if oyu miss this show you will regrat it [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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