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13th of Paris

a Romantic Comedy
by Mat Smart

COMPANY : Horizon Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Horizon Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
ID# 3312

SHOWING : February 13, 2009 - March 15, 2009



Three couples in search of their perfect love! In this charming and theatrical romantic comedy, 28-year old Vincent is in love with his girlfriend, Annie. They’re committed and comfortable and Vincent can’t imagine spending his life with anyone else. And yet ... his worry sends him on an impulsive visit to his late grandparents’ apartment in the 13th Arrondissement of Paris, carrying only a suitcase of their surprising love letters in hopes of discovering something about his own love.

Director Lisa Adler
Sound Designer Brad Bergeron
William Robin Bloodworth
Chloe Carolyn Cook
Jacques Mark Kincaid
Vincent Chad Martin
Annie Bari Newport
Cast Shaneque Varhalak
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Mots de L'Amour
by Dedalus
Wednesday, March 4, 2009
Mon Sucre Babboo:

Once again, I am at a blissfully romantic play without you, and it picks at the heart-scars that ten years with you have healed. Maybe by sharing some of the play with you, those old aches will once more heal over.

Mat Smart’s “13th of Paris” is an endearing valentine of a play, a celebration of words of love, a post card from Paris, and a lyrical ballad that won’t leave my heart. Vincent, an aggravating and charming twenty-something (Chad Martin), has reached something of a crossroads with his Annie (Bari Newport, lovely and vibrant) – he can’t live without her, but the silences over dinner frighten him more than he can say (though he doesn’t stop talking about it). He doesn’t want them to become one of those middle-age couples who grunt incoherently through their rare dinners out.

So, he flees to his grandfather Jacques’ apartment in Paris, armed with all of Jacques’ letters to his beloved Chloe. While there, Grandfather Jacques (a charmingly Gallic Mark Kincaid – as good as he’s ever been) gives Vincent advice on love and keeping love alive for a lifetime. The fact that both Jacques and Chloe died long before Vincent was born is no deterrent to their late night conversation.

While there, Vincent is also visited by Annie’s randy friend Jessica with her exhausted husband, William (Robin Bloodworth) in tow. Can there be such a thing as too much love? If, at a certain moment, you hear me shout “God Save the Queen,” please forebear.

Throughout all, we see scenes of Jacques and Chloe’s first meeting, providing another “Aspect of Love” to the story. Director Lisa Adler has painted dozens of scenes of rhythmic contrast – Jacques and Chloe dancing slowly on a café table while Jessica and William writhe in uncontrollable lust, Vincent visualizing Jacques and Chloe’s final moments as Annie soaks him with a watering can, Cell Phone messages lost in the air but finding their targets just as Jacques’ own letters are cast to the winds of Paris. The set perfectly evokes a Paris apartment, even with its conceptual triangle edges that let us know the entire play is comfortably enclosed in its own perfume-drenched envelope.

There is so much about this play that reminds me of us, my Sweet! Jacques and Chloe marry late because they were “picky” and wanted to get it right. Chloe saves Jacques’ letters and savors them over and over, while Jacques “lets the moment go” and casts them to the winds of the 13th District from their balcony (you, mon Amour, would throw out holiday cards before December is even over, while I have Birthday Cards in the attic older than you).

And all the character cherish those words of love – just as you cherish the poems I leave in your “In Box” and I love your “Pick-Me-Up” calls every afternoon. And, like Annie, you smile in your sleep when I kiss you good-bye every morning at 0-Dark-Hundred.

We have lasted ten years, and it still feels like our Honeymoon. Indeed, I love you more than I love seeing plays and writing about them, all evidence to the contrary. You are my morning, my afternoon, my evening, my night, and my life began the day I met you.

Now, for heaven’s sake, will you come with me the next time I go to Paris? Or a play?


-- Bradley

A romantic review for a charming play. by Lady Pilot
Brad, your review was almost as lovely as the play and I was charmed by both. I think that your review says all that needs to be said.


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