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Murder is a Game
a Comedy Mystery
by Fred Carmichael

COMPANY : The New Depot Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Center Street Arts [WEBSITE]
ID# 3313

SHOWING : March 27, 2009 - April 04, 2009



Fred Carmichael's Murder is a Game opens March 27th on the CRCA Center Stret stage in Conyers. A murder mystery comedy in two acts, Murder is a Game leads audience members through hilarious plot twists and turns as they attempt to figure out who's playing a game and who's actually plotting a murder.

Director Cyndi Evans
Cora Leech Connie Davis
June Ripley Katie Durham
Nick Ranelli Tom Johnson
Lois Dunsten Maridel Reynolds
Sloan Bigelow Robbi Scruggs
Toby Bigelow Ernie Smith
BB Mink Miranda Tamaska
Stephen Leech Pat Telley
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"Game" murdered
by Rockdale Writer
Sunday, April 5, 2009
This is where we left off after director Cyndi Evans’ production of “A Curious Savage” last season.
“Call me crazy, but I think Ms. Evans should round up her best actors— [including] Parker Beck, Patrick Telley, Robbi Scruggs whose dead-pan delivery made demented-mom Florence all the more disturbing, the Toms Harrison and Johnson, maybe Amber McCullough from this season’s ‘Crimes of the Heart’—and then look for the right script.
“Only a fool could resist.”
Cyndi did most of what I asked for – she reunited Telley, Scruggs and Johnson.
In her new show, Telley and Johnson were standouts from their very entrances. It is a pleasure to watch these natural-born actors at work.
Scruggs, however, disappointed me from Line One of her starring role. It was as if she was trying too hard to play comedy. She ham-handed punch lines and read her dialogue in a curiously la-di-da vocal pitch disconnected from any physical presence.
New Depot Players newcomer Ernie Smith, her leading man, presented a well-defined character, but think of what heights he could have hit with Amber McCullough as his leading lady!
And how delicious Parker Beck would have been in the triple role of actress/mistress/daughter!
Instead, Katy Durham seemed lost in that pivotal role, as Maridel Reynolds (I know, Cyndi’s sister) did in hers. Perhaps it is not yet time for either actress to have so much stage time, and I say this as delicately as possible in the hopes of nurturing their progress toward more substantial performances.
Two actresses do not require improvement. The rubber-faced NDP veteran Connie Davis was as entertaining as her award-winning Twink Futrelle role two seasons ago.
And we’ll always remember when big-eyed Miranda Tamaska stopped by Conyers on her way to small or silver screen work, hopefully under a director who does not saddle her with an overdone “Noo Yawk” accent.
Overall, although Scruggs broke my heart by not being as fabulous as I remember her, the most disheartening aspect of the show was clicking on this Web site and finding no other reviews.
Does no one recall my critique of “Daddy’s Dyin'” and its attendant hullabaloo? I thought for sure we had birthed some new theatre critics. Now Rockdale Writer has to do all the heavy lifting—again. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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