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a Comedy/Drama
by Patrick Marber

COMPANY : Rogue Planet
VENUE : Art Farm
ID# 337

SHOWING : September 20, 2001 - October 14, 2001



Director Montica Pes
Alice Jen Apgar
Dan David Kronnawitter
Anna Stacy Melich
Larry Jayson Smith
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The Experts Say...

Atlanta Journal Constitution
by Wendell Brock
Wendell calls this company "one of the city's most exciting and provocative underground theaters." He states "With their pitch-perfect, class-conscious British accents, all four actors deliver thoughtful, incisive and technically superb performances."


get a little closer, dont be...ok
by satur91
Wednesday, October 17, 2001
first off... great show.
as a complete contradiction to a previous review... i felt the pacing of the show was solid, the rhythms between characters within scenes as well as the pacing of the show and transitions (my favorite parts sometimes) had a flow that kept the production moving through an obviously long script. any problems i had were inherent in the script... scene after scene hits the audence with the viciousness and truthful brutality of the four chararcters and their sexual trapezoid in the pursuit of finding the closer match... the lesser of an inevitable evil in every relationship. the first act ends with a punch in the gut that left me dreading to try to hang on to the pain through a way too pregnant 15 minute intermission. it was too powerful to be left alone for that long of a time. the second act is dramactically less impressive and seems to pound relentlessly with more of the same bouncings from heart to heart and genital to genital... but leaves room for much exploration into character--- which let me say--- the quartet of actors were quite well chosen for this project and all should be celebrated for their efforts into finding multiple levels of character and making what i felt were many bold choices, sometimes more reserved than i would have liked to have seen... there were moments in this script where the characters can not only step over the edge but rather obscure it completely... however, they are actors who are ready to work and their dedication to the process was apparent... creating moments painful enough to pull nervous laughter... touching and tender moments welling tears in the eyes... and a few moments when things were just so damned intense, i don't think anyone truly knew how to respond... that is where theatre lives. when you can't and wouldn't possibly move in your chair... that's when it is really happening for me... and this show got me a lot closer than most ive seen in Atlanta. congrats Rogue Planet and Art Farm... good show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Close, But No Cigar
by JHodge
Sunday, October 7, 2001
So, I went to see "Closer", as part of a busy little theatre weekend that also included "Lost in Yonkers". Let me tell you, it is odd seeing those two together. But I'm digressing.
"Closer" is one of those plays that reviewers call 'realistic' because everyone is bland and depressed, and seek anonymous sexual encounters to be bitter about later.
This is not an original concept, and "Closer" does not contribute much new to the dialouge.
I'm not certain if the director or the playwright is to blame for the fact that all four actors appear to be playing variations on the same character. More specifically, they all appear to be playing variations on Stacy Melich's character. The imitation does not flatter the rest of the cast, and makes you appreciate what a fine performer Melich is. This is not to say that the cast as a whole is not wonderfully talented. They indeed are, and I've seen most to fantastic work elsewhere. Listening to the text, the problems appear to arise from the script. Frankly, I was a little bored.
"Closer" is a marginal work uncertain of its purpose. Not funny enough to make you laugh, not emotional enough to make you care, not sexy enough to turn you on. The script itself appears jaded. There are probably many people who connect with the themes presented in this play. The problem, however, is that these people should be spending their free time in therapy, not theatre. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Strong Show
by Jonathan
Monday, October 1, 2001
As usual, Montica Pes' direction is strong--good use of space--her use of photographic images during scene changes is effective and she uses killer pre-show and scene change music. The cast is also extremely strong, espeically Jen Apgar and Jayson Smith, although they all could stand to lose the hit or miss English accents. The script left me disappointed. The first act is intriguing, sexy and bold. The end of the first act took my breath away. However, the second act contains more of the same, and you're left with four unlikable characters and a feeling of "what's the point?" But, overall, a very good production and one that should be supported! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Great Script, Good Effort
by HeddaGabler
Sunday, September 30, 2001
Thank you Rogue Planet for finally bringing this show to Atlanta audiences! The script is very interesting and has a lot to say. Unfortunatly, this production did not seem to have deceided what it wanted to say. A little more attention to creating 4 distinct, individual (as opposed to almost interchangable) characters would have helped, as would the choice of a stronger thru line from the director. That aside, I would still recommend the show on the strength of the script and the obvious efforts of the cast and crew. I look forward to future work from Rogue Planet. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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