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a Musical
by Lionel Bart

COMPANY : The Twilight Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Frederick Brown, Jr. Amphitheater [WEBSITE]
ID# 3411

SHOWING : July 24, 2009 - August 01, 2009



Director Alison Chambers
Music Director Barbara Zellner
Crew Allison Balkovetz
Crew Bill Balkovetz
Crew Rebecca Bankey
Spotlights Kevin Barton
Crew Sherry Blackmon
Set Construction Andy Chambers
Crew Jeanne Chambers
Stage Manager Corey Couch
Crew Carol Couch
Crew Wendy Darling
Crew Leisa Dawson
Set Design Bob Dotson
Set Construction Director Matt Elliott
Producer Lori Grillo
Set Construction Philip Hu
Crew Julie Jackson
Crew Leah Larson
Crew Sandy Macke
Crew Kim Mathews
Crew Chuck Mathews
Graphic Design/Program Carleen McCarty
Crew Cathy Nelmes
Asst. Stage Manager Grace Nelmes
Crew Shelley Paluch
Photographer Phillip Spears
Makeup Denise Sullivan
Lighting Designer/Director Chase Thomaston
Asst. Stage Manager Shannon Wade
Crew Sandy Whittle
Dance Captain Nora Wilfong
Horn Becky Adams
Trumpet Steve Cornelius
Conductor Mike Daniel
Trombone Craig Davis
Violin Kelly Gallman
Cello Justin Gallman
Trombone Neal Gray
Percussion Dave Homan
Violin Daniel Jenkins
Asst. Conductor/Piano LeeAura Marcum
Trombone TIm Mariner
Bassoon Mike Maxwell
Flute/Piccolo Kelly McKinney
Trumpet John Miller
Bass Bill Nelmes
Bass Clarinet Dianna Newton
Horn Ginnie Plunkett
Clarinet Kara Post
Oboe John Robertson
Percussion Lisa Wagner
Violin Sarah York
Fagin Frankie Asher
Charlie Bates David Balkovetz
Strawberry Seller Carolyn Balkovetz
Adult's Ensemble Amy Balkovetz
Children/Adult Ensembles Kathleen Balmes
Children's Ensemble Schuylar Bankey
Widow Corney/Mrs. Bumble Tammy J Barton
Rose Seller Amy Beaucham
Children/Adult Ensembles Kelly Blackmon
Maid Kristina Clark
Chairman Trevor Comeau
Children's Ensemble Spencer Dawson
Oliver Alexa Echevarria
Mr. Bumble Mike Echevarria
Children's Ensemble Madelyn Echevarria
Children's Ensemble Kamryn Gibson
Oliver Avery Grillo
Mrs. Bedwin Lori Grillo
Dr. Grimwig Bob Grillo
Children/Adult Ensembles Regan Grillo
Children's Ensemble/ Boy Solo 4 Chris Gritti
Children's Ensemble/ Boy Solo 2 Mallory Hu
Adult's Ensemble Bailee Hull
Children's Ensemble Susannah Jordshaugen
Children's Ensemble Ricky Macke
Children's Ensemble Daniel Marcum
Children's Ensemble Bobby Marcum
Children's Ensemble Brittany Mathews
Children's Ensemble/ Boy Solo 1 Kelly McCarty
Adult's Ensemble Maria McCranie
Bill Sykes Gary Morgan
Children's Ensemble/ Boy Solo 3 Sara Nelmes
Children/Adult Ensembles Nicole Nipper
Noah Claypole Jesse Norman
Adult's Ensemble Aarin Palomares
Matron Joan Perry
Adult's Ensemble Andrew Perry
Knife Grinder Rick Ricker
Children's Ensemble Emily Ricker
Children's Ensemble Olivia Ricker
Children's Ensemble Jacob Rynne
Children's Ensemble Cressie Rynne
Children's Ensemble Rafe Rynne
Charlotte Sowerberry Lauren Sandwich
Children's Ensemble Catherine Sandwich
Children's Ensemble Kimberly Sandwich
Adult's Ensemble Thom Sandwich
Adult's Ensemble Marissa Shenkle
Adult's Ensemble Cheryl Shenkle
Artful Dodger Benjamin Spears
Mrs. Sowerberry Dana Spears
Milkmaid Anna Kate Spears
Children (Boy Solo)/ Adult Ensemble Maggie Spears
Mr. Sowerberry Doug Stewart
Nancy Sarah Stitt
Mr. Brownlow Evan Stitt
Bet Celia Sullivan
Old Sally Gayann Truelove
Artful Dodger Connor Whittle
Adult's Ensemble Greg Whittle
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Rewiew from the Southside Arts Agenda- "Totally Delightful"
by Durnesque
Monday, July 27, 2009
As the work is not mine, I have not posted the review here, but instead hope you will check out this link to the original souce available here:

This is review is by Andre DeLorenzo of the Southside Arts Agenda. He was came to the show this past Friday and so saw the cast with Alexa Echevarria and Benjamin Spears in the roles of Oliver and the Artful Dodger.

The review is on pages 11 and 39 of the Agenda!

This is a link to a preview of the show- please check it out and then come and see us closing weekend! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
wrut wro wraggy by g8grrl


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