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Big River

a Musical
by Roger Miller

COMPANY : Aurora Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Aurora Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 348

SHOWING : September 28, 2001 - October 28, 2001



Mark Twain's novel, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" is adapted for the musical stage.

Director Brenda Porter
Choreographer Robert Egizio
Musical Director Ann-Carol Pence
Cast Dolph Amick
Cast Aimee Ariel
Cast Sandra Benton
Cast Melanie Hoover
Cast Dion Jackson
Cast David Kleist
Cast MaryEllen McCall
Huck Finn Andy Meeks
Cast Donna Newsome
Cast Brandon Odell
Cast Chuck Pettis
Cast Scott Poythress
Cast J. Keith Riley
Cast Eugene Russell IV
Cast Jack Sawyer
Cast Frederick Sheldon
Cast Spencer G. Stephens
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The Experts Say...

Atlanta Journal Constitution
by Wendell Brock
Sounds like Wendell had a great time at "Big River." "Directed by Brenda Porter and starring Andy Meeks as Huck and Eugene Russell IV as the runaway slave Jim, this wise and funny account comforts the soul like a glimpse of Old Glory or a slice of warm pie on a crisp autumn night."


Aurora Shines in Big River Production
by Shawnstein
Monday, October 15, 2001
The Aurora Theatre in Duluth is living up to its claim of being a rising force in North Georgia Regional Theatre. Their latest production , Big River, is something no one should miss.They set the mood by having a preshow musician which gets everyone involved in the moment and the minute the band begins you know you are in for a treat. Ann Carol Pence ,the Aurora's Musical Director, Brenda Porter ,Director, and Robert Egizio,Choreographer, have put together a toe tapping, knee slapping, rip roaring group of musicians and singers. There are moments of delight and time for tears and when this group of talented artists all come together on stage the roof is lifted with pure music and harmony.There are many faces you know and love involved in this cast and some wonderful surprises you may not but don't miss this chance to dip your feet in the "muddy water". [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Really Big River Show
by Mama Alma
Wednesday, October 3, 2001
In a word, WOW! In this musical based on the Mark Twain tale of Huck Finn, everyone is a standout, including the guys in the band! Andy Meeks ("Baby") maintains a level of energy unmatched by any I've seen, projecting both the sweetness and the humor that are the hallmark of Huck. Eugene Russell IV ("Hambone," "Sweat") as Jim fills the stage with his presence and power, giving us a portrayal of an authentically modern man trapped in a different time, and he does not coddle us with the comfort of distance. Donna Maddox Newsome has one of those time-stopping song moments in "How Blest We Are": made me want to stand up and testify! And Melanie Hoover and Sandra Benton have a beautiful trio with Kristen Funk in "You Oughta Be Here With Me". [Melanie has one of those voices that should be on a Nashville recording contract somewhere.]

Of course, the favorites are always the clowns. Keith Riley as Tom Sawyer has several good moments with a pig. The antics of Scott Poythress ("Clue: The Musical," "Christmas Canteen") as The King and David Kleist as The Duke are belly-laughing good, and Dolph Amick as Pap Finn gives an absolutely show-stopping performance of "Gov'ment," which he manages to sing quite perfectly while appearing to be, at the same time, falling down drunk. My husband marveled at it all the way home.

"Big River" is a very funny play with great songs, but it also carries a serious message, about friendship, loyalty, human dignity and standing up for what's right. One of the most riveting moments is "The Crossing." Perhaps the events of the past several weeks have sensitized us to human courage in the face of cruelty, but there weren't many dry eyes after that.

Go now. Grab a raft and ride the big river. Or climb into your SUV and skeedaddle. But get to the Aurora and see this one. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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