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Moments of Love in Ancient Egypt - Episode 2
a Drama
by Nichel Anderson

COMPANY : Prestige Creative Mgmt. LLC [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Roswell Cultural Arts Center
ID# 4032

SHOWING : October 22, 2011 - October 22, 2011



Moments of Love in Ancient Egypt (MOLIAE) Episode 2: "Salma and Nahor Transformation" - represents the love of culture, tradition, honor, as well as the spiritual power of human beings on the consensus of choices - that defines our reality as we struggle to define and demonstrate love to ourselves and others in a healthy capacity.

Princess Aamina's (Protagonist) is dedicated to her parents by following royal obligations, cultural tradition, and the family expectations of taking over rulership of Egypt (Kemet). She has the spiritual powers of the third-eye; telepathic, clairvoyance, initution, and psychometric by being a descendant from the Ancient Gods of Sumer and was taught to manage 9th ethereal-energies at the Mystery School of Thought in Egypt. However, Princess Aamina is very confused and afraid to make a needed choice when she only wants peace between her parents, King Dumah and King Daniy'el.

As in Ms. Anderson's book… Chapter 17: Choices are Made to Secure One’s Future

Princess Aamina feelings of uncertainty prevent her to spiritually grow and take charge of her life by making a choice that will define her future. She must learn that love is honor to others when you love yourself enough - to doing what is right by reconciling your heart with your mind. That is the foundation of a healthy representation of what love is.

King Dumah’s (Antagonist) in which his heart and mind is filled with entitlement, greed, and desire to control his life experiences by choices - that demonstrates an unhealthy way to express love to his-self and others. With King Dumah inheriting his throne, in South Africa, earlier than Princess Aamina, he has been living beyond his means and is in severe debt and desperately needs this deal (arranged marriage) since they were children to come to fruition; by any means necessary. No other outcome is acceptable – not even if his half-brother King Daniy’el gets in the way towards obtaining Princess Aamina’s wealth and joint terrorities once Princess Aamina becomes Queen of Egypt.

As in Ms. Anderson's book... Chapter 21: Choose Your Own Destiny

King Dumah loves power and wealth. He has spiritual powers of the third eye; telepathic, clairvoyance, intuition, and psychometric by being a descendant from the Ancient Gods of Sumer and was taught to manage 9th ethereal-energies at the Mystery School of Thought in Egypt. When King Dumah finds out about his older brother and Aamina courtship, King Dumah is beyond furious at their disrespect of "The Deal" and plots to take matters into his own hands.

King Dumah’s choice of action will change many lives forever, in the pursuit to guarantee his marriage to Princess Aamina. For, King Dumah stands to lose a kingdom and the only way of life he has known if they do not marry, so he declares to take the ultimate sacrifice by seizing the moment - that he feels represents itself in the name of love.

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