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42nd Street
a Musical Comedy
by Michael Stewart & Mark Bramble

COMPANY : BK Productions [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Cumming Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 4146

SHOWING : October 14, 2011 - November 06, 2011



“Come on along and listen to the lullaby of Broadway” a famous lyrical invitation to an iconic Broadway musical that has made its way to the Cumming Playhouse this October.
BK Productions presents “42nd Street”, a joyous musical comedy that travels the path of a starry eyed chorus girl from Allentown, who dreams of making it big in in New York. The play within a play is filled with hits such as, “We’re In the Money” “You’re Getting to Be a Habit with Me”, “Shuffle Off to Buffalo”,” Lullaby of Broadway” and of course “42nd Street”. The gritty reality of New York in 1932 juxtaposed with the brilliance of a Ziegfeld production makes this a favorite for audiences.

Producer Kathy Russell
Director Honey Larsen
Musical Director Bob Russell
Choreography Buddy Stotts
Drums Geoff Gill
Bass Hoyt Jordan
Musical Director/Keyboard Bob Russell
Trombone Dave Strandgren
Musician Steve Weikle
Bert Barry Roger Albelo
Pat Dening Marty Baker
Abner Dillon John Carpenter
Waiter/Thug/Bartender Clint Colclasure
Mac Justin Collins
Ethel Tina Farnham
Gladys Hanna Friedman
Wardrobe Mistress Brenda Friedman
Diane Lorimer Laurie Gerstein
Oscar/Thug/Doctor Mike Gerstein
Lorraine Fleming Ginny Gregory
Robin Arianna Head
Maggie Jones Kathy Kuczka
Andy Lee Autumn Morgenstern
Ann Reily Katie O'Neill
Peggy Sawyer Amanda Leigh Pickard
Dorothy Brock Kathy Russell
Phyllis Dale Tina Shaw
Millie/Script Girl/Elite Lady/Dancer Tanya Stroman
Billy Lawler J.D. Touchton
Winnie Kaleigh Winter
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Sadly disappointing
by g8grrl
Wednesday, November 9, 2011
There are bad nights at the theater, and then once in a blue moon comes a show like the Cumming Playhouse's "42nd Street" ... three hours of quicksand from which you begin to fear you will never, ever escape.

Dancer, comedian and first time-director Honey Larsen takes the helm of this production, and the result is as if it was directed by a dancer, comedian and first-time director. Ms. Marsh's cast is utterly at sea, their limitations cruelly exposed. In particular, the dance numbers, which include senior citizens in roles intended for younger performers, are slow, outdated and uninspired.

A staggeringly miscast Kathy Russell is featured as the one-time star Dorothy Brock. And an equally gifted and ill-used John Provence stars as the notorious stage director Julian Marsh. There are exceptions; Amanda Leigh Pickard as Peggy Sawyer has an appealing stage presence, but her girlish, sometimes squeaky voice cannot do justice to the range of feeling belonging to Peggy.

But in truth the performances in all the roles ... lead, supporting or chorus ... are either inadequate or worse, with the possible exception of Kathy Kuczka as Maggie, who at least provides much needed energy and wit.

The evening truly grinds to a halt in "Lullaby of Broadway", the most famous song in the musical. We are two hours in, and the second act should be as exciting and memorable as it comes, yet here an already tediously paced performance becomes unbearable to watch. As the curtain call finally arrives, it is welcomed by all simply due to the fact that the end has finally come. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
How could the perfornance have been so bad when it sold out? by anna1951
Could this assessment be an anomale? Are you a professional performer? Just wondering.
By that same token, I have a question by Okely Dokely
Do you believe that small houses automatically mean it's a bad show?
Those tappin' feet
by dancingqueen
Monday, November 7, 2011
Thoroughly enjoyed this production of 42nd Street. Lots of energy and the choreography was fantastic. It was easy to see that this was a cast who enjoyed working with each other as they all blended well together. I really enjoyed the tapping since it really has almost become a lost art and to see so many good tappers on stage is a sight you do not see very often. Kathy Russell as Dorothy Brock was fabulous and the role of Julian Marsh was almost written for John Provence. Amanda Leigh Picard has been seen in several productions around the Atlanta area and I believe this is my 7th time seeing her in a production and she continues to charm the audiences. The scene where the girls were at the dressing tables was my favorite and very cleverly done with the lights going on the mirrors as each girl sang. I have seen some of the other actors in other productions as well and enjoyed them. Roger Albelo did a fun job as Bert (I saw him last in the Producers) and Tina Shaw I have seen in a few productions including the Producers and as Little Red in Into the Woods and continues to delight. All and all an outstanding production with the entire cast and look forward to more productions by this new theatre company. They also produce the Senior Follies which always a delight. Grand Grand job to everyone Congrats [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Not Cumming Back
by fanatic
Monday, October 24, 2011
42nd Street is the lullaby of Broadway musicals, sweet, soothing and catchy. When done right, the dancing amazes and the music sticks in your head for days. But when done wrong, the overly simplistic and cliché script comes to light, and watching it can be more an annoyance then a pleasure. The Cumming Playhouse's production unfortunately rests in the annoyance category, although I commend this small play company for taking on such an ambitious show. Although there are a few standouts--the actresses playing Maggie and Andy Lee come to mind--most of the cast disappoints with low energy and wooden delivery. The dancing is hit or miss--a crucial aspect of this show--and here its mostly miss. The orchestra is somewhat good, but easily gets sidetracked with missed cues and at times goes off tempo. The energy of the show drags, due to a mostly lethargic cast, which is made worse by the small stage area as the actors and dancers have no real space to move around. I have heard good things about the Cumming Playhouse, but this show disappoints, and I don’t see myself ever "Cumming" back. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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