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My Way: A Musical Tribute to Frank Sinatra
a Musical Revue
by David Grapes and Todd Olson

COMPANY : Stage Door Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Stage Door Players [WEBSITE]
ID# 4202

SHOWING : January 20, 2012 - February 12, 2012



This smart and classy musical revue pays tribute to one of America’s most beloved entertainers. Taking you on a sentimental musical journey, spanning almost 50 years, an amazing cast of four captures the essence of "Ol’ Blue Eyes." Featuring all your swinging Sinatra favorites: "Strangers in the Night," "The Lady is a Tramp," "New York, New York," "That’s Life," and "Young At Heart."

Musical Director Linda Uzelac
Costume Design Jim Alford
Sound Design Dan Bauman
Wig Design George Deavours
Stage Manager Renee Jamieson
Production Manager Courtney Loner
Lighting Design Michael Magursky
Scenic Design Chuck Welcome
Bass Dan Bauman
Percussion John David Williams
Man #2 Drew Archer
Woman #2 Courtney Godwin
Woman #1 Marcie Millard
Man #1 Bryant Smith
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...Or the Highway
by playgoer
Sunday, January 29, 2012
Stage Door Players' "My Way" is an uninspired tribute to some of the 1300 songs recorded by Frank Sinatra during his lifetime. A bit of continuity ties the evening together, giving anecdotes about Mr. Sinatra's life and career, but it's the songs that make the performance. No one in the cast attempts to impersonate Sinatra's song stylings, so it's a bit of a hollow tribute.

Having the musical ensemble of Linda Uzelac (piano), Dan Bauman (electric bass), and JD Williams (percussion) center stage is a bit of a fatal flaw in this production. They are busy reading their music and playing it to near-perfection, but their expressionless faces make them appear unengaged by the activity going on before them. If the band can't appear entertained, why should the audience?

The set, by Chuck Welcome, is as well-constructed as usual, showing a cocktail bar with a staircase and booth at one side and three doors ("Employees Only," "Ladies," and "Men") upstage. The neon "Cocktails" sign behind the bar is reflected in a mirror, making it appear fuzzy and unfocused. That, and a pay phone placed impossibly high on the wall, detract from the setting.

Costumes (by Jim Alford) and hairstyles (wigs by George Devours) reflect the 1960's, although the men's suits are pretty timeless. Courtney Godwin is given a lovely black gown and a hideous platinum blonde wig. Marcie Millard is given a dowdy, elegant gown and a complicated up-do. Her blue eyeshadow fits the period, but does nothing to improve her appearance.

Most of the songs are solos, which is probably just as well. Some of the harmonies sound a bit unbalanced and off. By the finale, though, the blend is better. Even so, the voices are not equal in power. Marcie Millard and Bryant Smith can blast away with their voices, while Courtney Godwin and particularly Drew Archer have smaller voices. The cast are all personable and professional, but there's not a lot of excitement going on. Director Robert Egizio's choreography is minimal, which is probably a necessity, given that the cast has to sing non-stop, but a few tap steps traded by Bryant Smith and Drew Archer give a hint that fancy footwork might have really sparked this show.

As it is, the vocals have to provide the interest. Most of the songs are familiar ones, but a few are unfamiliar, still fitting the action well. For me, the highlights are Marcie Millard's renditions of "My Funny Valentine" and "Guess I'll Hang My Tears Out to Dry." But then, I love hearing her sing. If nothing else, "My Way" gives us the opportunity to enjoy Ms. Millard's wonderful set of pipes. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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