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Outside In (part of Summer Harvest 2015)

a 10-Minute Plays
by Onion Man Productions

COMPANY : Onion Man Productions [WEBSITE]
VENUE : College Street Playhouse
ID# 4706

SHOWING : May 30, 2015 - June 06, 2015



Onion Man Productions presents "Outside In." This second show of Summer Harvest 2015 includes four 10-minute plays that explore outside on rooftops and inside attics.

Lionheart Theatre 10 College St Norcross, GA 30071
Saturday, May 30th at 4:30
Saturday, June 6th at 4:30

In Memory by Justin Beaudrot
Jewish Santa on the Roof by Lynnda Harris
To Hell and Back by Emmy Dixon
In Boxes by Daniel Carter Brown

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by playgoer
Sunday, June 7, 2015
Onion Man’s "Outside In" collection of ten-minute plays is a microcosm of what makes ten-minute play festivals good and/or bad: interesting concepts, stilted writing, fine acting, amateur acting, fluid direction, static direction, and inconsistent production values. Onion Man has attempted to quash some of the variability by imposing a single set for the action (here, an attic fronted by a roof), but the heavy prop demands of the shows chosen still requires scene-setting between each two plays.

First is Justin Beaudrot’s "In Memory." It’s an interesting concept, but the actors (Scott Gassman, Stacy Bowers, Carmen Hijar, and Anna Fontaine) can’t make the somewhat florid, descriptive dialogue sound natural. Director Greg Fitzgerald has done a nice job of blocking two different entrance locations in a way that seems inconsistent at first, but becomes clear when the twist in the plot is revealed. Overall, it’s of okay community theatre quality in production values.

Second is Emmy Dixon’s "To Hell and Back," which starts with an expletive-filled rant. The description of the play indicates that it takes place "on the rooftop of an abandoned mental asylum," but this reference tends to confuse matters. The interplay between the actors (Jamar Rivers and Adelle Drahos) concerns the childhood friend of one, who is the brother of the other, and the mental asylum location tends to make one question who resided at the asylum, and when. The character played by Jamar Rivers suffers from PTSD following an overseas attack in which his friend was killed, and the sister wants clarification of how the death occurred. How this relates to an abandoned mental asylum is unclear. Of course, Mr. Rivers’ rushed delivery and imperfect diction made me miss 50% of his words, so I might have missed some nuance in the script. Ms. Drahos gives a nice performance, and director Greg Fitzgerald keeps the action fluid.

"Jewish Santa on the Roof," by Lynnda Harris, is completely summed up in the program description: "A teenager challenges the family’s belief in their Jewish faith while Dad is on the roof decorating for Christmas." There’s really nothing to it other than that. Untangling strings of lights makes for most of the visual variety of the piece. Director Linda Place has the daughter (played by Carmen Hijar) directly face her father (played by Greg Fitzgerald) for much of her dialogue, cheating half the audience of her performance (and of some of her less loudly projected lines). It’s the comic relief of the four-play selection.

Last (and best) is Daniel Carter Brown’s "In Boxes." This is another prop-heavy show, with multiple boxes containing specific items, plus a musical instrument. The situation is that of a woman (Anna Fontaine) clearing belongings from the attic of her ex-husband (Rick Perera) with the help of a friend (Emily Sams). The action is nicely staged by the playwright/director, with the words of the husband delivered in a way that makes it evident that they are echoing inside the head of his ex-wife. Splendid performances by Ms. Fontaine and Ms. Sams spark the play into true life. Would that all ten-minute playwrights had their work placed in such able hands as possessed by these two actresses. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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