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Blackpool and Parrish

a Comedy
by David Belke

COMPANY : Out of Box Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Out of Box Theatre at Artisan Resource Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 4731

SHOWING : July 17, 2015 - August 01, 2015



Blackpool and Parrish by David Belke
Directed by Zip Rampy July 17- Aug 1

Show Dates
July 17-18 at 8PM, Matinee July 19 at 3PM
July 23-25 at 8PM, Matinee July 26 at 3PM
July 30-31 and Aug 1 at 8PM

Armageddon has never been so funny. For five millennia Harry Blackpool has been the agent for all Evil on Earth, while Rachel Parrish has represented Good. These implacable foes meet in a private club every twenty five years. With the end of the world scheduled for tomorrow at teatime, they must pass their duties to their oblivious heirs: a mild mannered physical education teacher and an aggressively Bohemian artist. Caught in the middle of their cosmic gamesmanship is an anxious club manager. As the sole representative of humanity, he may be the key to Armageddon’s outcome in this fast paced comedy of apocalyptic proportions.

Director Zip Rampy
Adam Stephen DeVillers
Page Patrick Hill
Rachel Parrish Kristin R. Kalbli
Harry Blackpool Bob Smith
Tiff Suzanne Zoller
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Apocalypse Not Quite Now
by playgoer
Sunday, July 19, 2015
"Blackpool & Parrish" introduces us to the corporal conception in human form of Evil (Harry Blackpool, played by Bob Smith) and Good (Rachel Parrish, played by Kristin Kalbli), along with their children/wards (played by Stephen DeVillers and Suzanne Zoller) and the human manager of their private club (played by Patrick Hill). The Apocalypse is scheduled for 3 PM the next day, and Harry and Rachel are retiring at midnight, letting their children/wards actually carry out the battle of Good and Evil. Only thing is, prolonged exposure to humanity has contaminated both Rachel and Harry with certain human tendencies.

Once the situation is laid out to the audience, it’s a long slog waiting for the Apocalypse to arrive. For me, it didn’t help that a "big" plot twist revealed in the last five minutes was something that I had foreseen five minutes into the show. There’s a lot of talking back and forth and not much going on. It’s mildly interesting, but it seems to be more style than substance, starting each act, for instance, with ruminations by one of the two main characters concerning Pompeii, and throwing in a Christian parallel to salvation. It’s an intriguing concept, but not much beyond that.

Morgan Brooks’ scenic design creates an elegant private club room with taxidermy, wallpaper, and wainscoting on the walls. It’s a nice design, but a little sloppy in execution. Brad Rudy’s lighting design is about the same, with rather too obvious dimming and brightening of lights to highlight certain sections of the script. Costumes, apparently furnished by the cast, work well, and Zip Rampy’s sound design chooses clever musical selections.

Director Zip Rampy has kept the action moving and has blocked group scenes so there’s not too much obstruction of one person by another. The performances achieved by the actors under his direction have a nice variety of levels. It’s a thoroughly competent job of mounting a morally ambiguous play, but it can do only so much to create excitement in a script that keeps delaying the inevitable. There are good performances all around, but the play itself did not hold my interest throughout.


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