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Sally and Glen at the Palace

a Comedy/Drama
by Peter Hardy

COMPANY : Out of Box Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Artisan Resource Center
ID# 4739

SHOWING : June 12, 2015 - June 27, 2015



Featuring Ashley Anderson and Chaz Duffy, this delightful tale is a movie trivia buff’s dream and a sweet, coming-of-age story about friendships made in unlikely places.

Assistant Director Matthew Busch
Director Carolyn Choe
Scenic Designer Joel Coady
Lighting Designer Brad Rudy
Stage Manager Alessa Walle
Sally Ashley Anderson
Glen Chaz Duffy
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A Palace Befits Royalty
by playgoer
Sunday, June 14, 2015
Out of Box Theatre is presenting a production of "Sally and Glen at the Palace" that is about all one could hope it would be. Lovingly directed by Carolyn Choe and brilliantly acted by Chaz Duffy and Ashley Anderson, Peter Hardy’s play takes place in a movie lobby designed by Joel Coady that contains art deco elements and a lit poster that changes frequently to match the movies mentioned in the script as currently playing at the Palace Theatre in 1973. Brad Rudy’s lighting design provides many atmospheric moments (although perhaps more than can be justified by a script that largely takes place on afternoons).

This two-hander pairs a movie geek ticket taker with a conservatively raised college girl newly hired to sell tickets. Since the theatre shows X-rated movies upon occasion, the girl has some moral difficulties with the job. This mismatched, but well-suited pair talk during their work shifts, and we get to know about their lives and dreams. It’s light and entertaining to start, but gets darker and more contemplative in the second act, with the script overstaying its welcome just a little bit as the book-ended narration from the future wraps things up.

Ms. Choe’s direction is sparkling, providing a lot of movement in the lobby, with spinning in chairs, mimed washing of windows, and occasional forays into the doors of the movie theatre, behind the concession stand, or up the stairs to the projection booth. For a talky, two-person show, there’s a lot of action. Of course, it’s not the physical movements of the actors that provide the bulk of the entertainment; it’s their acting and the words they speak. Two people better suited to the roles could hardly be imagined. Chaz Duffy’s eager, naive, open-hearted manner shows through in every expression. Ashley Anderson plays a more guarded character, and her tiny, delicate frame suits the storyline of her character, as does her heartfelt emotions and bursts of inner strength.

Chalk one up to the folks at Out of Box Theatre for providing yet another example of the most exciting theatre happening in metro Atlanta. From Carolyn Choe’s sound design that delights with movie soundtrack themes to Joel Coady and Brad Rudy’s visual design that truly captures the feel of a college town’s second-run movie theatre lobby, to the charmingly believable acting of Ashley Anderson and Chaz Duffy, "Sally and Glen at the Palace" is a treat for the ears, eyes, and minds of Marietta audiences. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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